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28 March, 2022

British Science Week at ISM Rosinka 2022

British Science Week at ISM Rosinka 2022 ISM Rosinka recently hosted British Science Week, an international celebration of Science, where students can showcase their curiosity, exploration, and investigation of Scientific ideas. Science 5000  1831 px

The main theme of British Science Week was 'Growth'.

Students were able to have a hands-on experience designing their own experiments, conducting investigations in class, making their own observations and conclusions. Students were encouraged to take control of their own scientific journey and consider: What questions do I want to ask? How can I best explore these? What conclusions can I draw from these observations? Students were encouraged to develop the skills that will turn them into the scientists of the future.


There were several highlights through the week. EYFS got hands-on, investigating how different solutions can cause the growth of gummy bears. They took measurements and observed amazing reactions between different materials, creating a hurricane in a jar. They also read engaging non-fiction stories about the natural world. Years 1 and 2 focused on growth in nature, looking at growing seeds and vegetables. They measured the heights of students in class and used data to draw comparisons. 


Year 3-4 investigated growing vegetables and focused on building things with a range of materials. They considered questions about how the world will respond to population growth in the future. Year 5 and 6 looked at growing a range of organic materials in class, from salt formations to mould! They explored how different solutions interact with each other and considered how animal species adapt and grow over time. Through P.E. the whole school considered how to maintain a healthy body and grow. 

Well done on a successful British Science Week and keep investigating into the future!