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Did you know it only takes about 8 minutes to get to our school from the MTR?
Want to know more about Principal Brian Cooklin?
Dover Court Preparatory School, Singapore joins Nord Anglia Education family of schools
Campus renovation is progressing quickly now!
New Parent Update - 29th May 2014
New Parent Update - 13th June 2014
New Parent Update - 4th July 2014
New Parent Update - 18th July 2014
Summer workbooks
Orientation Days
New Parent Update - 15th August 2014
Orientation Day
Successful First Week for NAIS!
NAIS Parent Workshop: The House System
Parent Update - 30th September 2014
Parent Update - 10 October 2014
Parent Update - 31 October 2014
Star of the Week
NAIS Parent Workshop: How to read with your child (Year 3 - 6)
Parent Update - 14 November 2014
Parent Update - 21 November 2014
Congratulations to our NAIS House Captains!
NAIS Parent Workshop: Additional Support Needs
Parent Update - 28 November 2014
Stars of the Week - Nov 2014
Christmas Countdown!
Christmas Card Inter House Competition
Global Classroom Update!
Parent Update - 5 December 2014
Stars of the Week - December 2014
NAIS Parent Workshop: Phonics - How to support your child at home
Global Classroom Student Voice Leaders
Stars of the Week and Language Awards
The NAIS Friendship Christmas Tree
Parent Update - 18 December 2014
The Great Sleigh Debate
Windsor wins the Inter House Singing Competition!
Helping children settle overseas
Stars of the Week - Art
Panda Playground opens!
NAIS Parent Workshop: Supporting different learning styles at home
Global Classroom Update
Parent Update - 16 Jan 2015
Stars of the Week - ICT
Mr Clive Leach leads an inspirational parent workshop!
The Global Classroom: Interview with Mr Robinson
Parent Update - 23 January 2015
NAIS Parent Workshop: Learning through play in Key Stage 1
The COBIS Team
Burns Celebration
Parent Update - 30 January 2015
Stars of the Week - Spanish & Mandarin
An Interview with Mr Bishop
NAIS Parent Workshop: Assessment - Understanding how your child is performing
Stars of the Week - PSHCE
NAIS Parent Workshop: Supporting your child with the Mandarin Matrix online reading scheme at home
Celebrating "100 days of learning"
Playground Play & Activities
Residential Trip Presentations
Can you hit the right note? Introducing the Global Orchestra…
Global Classroom Update - Feb 2017
Star of the Week - for "Thinking"
Coins for Kids
The Global Orchestra - March 2015
Welcome to our Parent Portal (PP)
British International Schools Group, Vietnam Joins Nord Anglia Education
Stars of the Week - Practising
NAIS Parent Workshop: Mandarin - how do we teach your child (Years 1 & 2)
Inter-House Football results
Stars of the Week - for "Creating"
NAIS Parent Workshop: Mandarin - how do we teach your child (Years 3 & 4)
Stars of the Week - "Linking"
The Year 7 Scavenger Hunt
The Canterbury Tales - March 2015
Easter Bonnet Competition Winners
International Day
Coins for Kids - who has the longest line and highest value?
Global Classroom Creative Writing Competition
Parent Update - 27 March 2015
Superb watercolour sketches from our Year 7s
Parent Update - 17 April 2015
Star of the Week - English
The Uniqueness of NAIS - An Interview with Mr. Cooklin
Parent Update - 24 April 2015
Shakespeare's Birthday Assembly
Star of the Week - Maths
Dress as your favourite book character on Book Day!
Book Day
Parent Workshop: Sex & Relationships Education: How to talk to your child at home about sex
Battle of the Books 2015
Star of the Week - Manners & Behaviour
Parent Update - 8 May 2015
COBIS Games Update!
Star of the Week - Music
Star of the Week - Geography
Parent Update - 22 May 2015
Parent Workshop: How to avoid power struggles and use positive language
Food Drive by Caernarfon House
Star of the Week and Global Classroom Awards
Residential Trip Update
Parent Update - 19 June 2015
PTA Gala Dinner
Star of the Week - Topic Work
Prize Giving
Star of the Week - Theme
Summer Camps in July
Star of the Week: Art
Parent Update - 4 September 2015
Secondary School Open Evening - Welcome all!
Star of the Week - Drama and Class 6A Assembly
Parent Update - 11 September 2015
Roald Dahl's Birthday Celebration
Star of the Week and Class 4B's performance
The Global Orchestra
Parent workshop on Sports
Our Knights in action!
Parent Update - 25 September 2015
Star of the Week - Primary
Guide to Key Stage Three
Awards for Modern Foreign Languages
Parent Update - 2 October 2015
Welcome to Global Campus
Year 5 Poetry Performance - October 2015
Year 7 Scavenger Hunt
Stars of the Week and Highly Commendation Award
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!
What are Social Thinking Skills?
World Maths Day
Stars of the Week - Primary
Highly Commended Award - for Computing
Parent Update - 16 October 2015
Awards for the Week
Parent Update - 30 October 2015
2B Assembly and Awards
NAIS Knights in Phuket
Secondary Year 8 Camping trip
Stars of the Week and Class 3E Assembly
Parent Update - 20 November 2015
Secondary Awards and Assembly
6C Assembly on Racial Discrimination
Mr. Ben Walden to speak at Parent Workshop
Ancient Greeks in Lam Tin!
Sports Day Photos and Results
A Living Museum
A Celebration of Seamus Heaney
Inter House Christmas Card Competition Winners
Congratulations to our Stars!
Our Weekly Stars and Class 3C's Assembly
Parent Update - 15 January 2016
Great team work from Basketball Knights!
Great achievements in Art!
Parent Update - 22 January 2016
Well done Knights!
Parent Update - 29 January 2016
Stars of the Week - Jan 2016
Thank you Class 5B!
Harry Potter Day!
Gong Xi Gong Xi!
Parent Workshops for Term 2 - updated!
Our Primary Language Stars!
Parent Update - 19 February 2016
A letter from Buckingham Palace!
Creative Writing results @NAIS
Learning about respect
Mandarin Matrix workshop
Our Music Stars!
Parent Update - 26 March 2016
The First Meeting for the Pupil Council
The Great Spelling Bee is coming!
Global Games Update - Day 1
Global Games Asia - Day 2
Global Games Update - Day 3
Primary and Secondary Awards
Parent Update - 7 March 2016
5C were #Amazing!
Learning from Walls!
Robin Hood - a fantastic Year 4 production
Stars of the Week - March 2016
"Bee Ambitious" Inter House Spelling Bee Competition
The Rube Goldberg Global Challenge starts....
Last Assembly for Spring Term!
Principal's Blog - 5 April 2016
Assemblies and Awards
International Day - 15 April
Parent Update - 8 April 2016
NAIS hosts Cambridge IGCSE training for 70 teachers
Principal for the Day - Nathan Pang
Awards and Class 5A's Performance
Inspiring our young leaders to push the boundaries…
NAIS wins Battle of the Books (Mandarin)!
Global Campus Special Report
Summer Camps at Lam Tin!
The Canterbury Tales
Parent Update - 29 April 2016
Battle of the Books - Primary & Secondary
Parent Update - 6 May 2016
Twelfth Night
Spanish Football / Fubol Week with Kitchee FC
Books and Buns!
NAIS Awards in Art
Parent Update - 20 May 2016
Ancient Rome from 3D
Primary Stars and Secondary High Commendations for Maths
Stars of the Week - June 2016
Ahoy Pirates!
Meet the Teacher: Mrs. K. Malone (Year 1)
Our Knights @COBIS16 Games in Kazakhstan
A day in 4D!
Parent Update - 10 June 2016
Primary Stars and Secondary High Commendations
PTA Primary Disco
Awards and assemblies
Launching The Juilliard - Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme
Parent Update - 24 June 2016
Primary & Secondary Stars of the Week
Principal's Blog - 28 June 2016
Summer Reading for your child
Year 6 graduation and performance
Our End of Year Video!
Prize Giving - what a spectacular ceremony!
Unveiling an innovative approach to teaching science and technology!
Parent Update - 26 August 2016
Parent Update - 2 September 2016
Parent Update - 9 September 2016
Parent Update - 15 September 2016
Parent Update - 23 September 2016
Experience 3D Printing
Jurassic Garage Visit
Parent Update - 7 October 2016
Year 5 Poetry Performance
Parent Update - 14 October 2016
Parent Update - 28 October 2016
RAF Red Arrows visit NAIS
Students Recognised by the Global Campus Photographer of the Year
Halloween Party 2016.
Parent Update - 4 November 2016
Protect the ocean with artwork
Parent Update - 11 November 2016
Parent Update - 18 November 2016
MIT Curiosity Challenge
Nick Cope visits NAIS
Greek Day
U11 Football Tournament
Parent Update - 2 December 2016
Equestrian ‘Mini’ Inter-school competition
Year 1 Performance
Inter-house Christmas Card Competition
Inter-House Singing Competition
Great Sleigh Debate 2016
Parent Update - 13 January 2017
Parent Update - 20 January 2017
Parent Update - 27 January 2017
Students team up with UNICEF to promote Sustainable Development Goals
Parent Update - 10 February 2017
Parent Update - 17 February 2017
Juilliard alumni and world-class flautist, Jasmine Choi visits NAIS
Parent Update - 26 February 2017
Year 3 Crime Scene Activity
Parent Update - 3 March 2017
Parent Update - 10 March 2017
Parent Update - 17 March 2017
NAIS Announces Artist-in-Residence project with Cornelia Erdmann
Parent Update - 24 March 2017
Swimming at NAIS
App Jamming Summit - What the participants thought about it all
Global Campus Competitions & Global Challenge
NAIS After School Arts Programme
NAIS Books and Buns 2017
NAIS Students Showcase Their STEAM Skills at MIT
Juilliard Curriculum Specialist Erin Wight visits NAIS
Parent Update - 19 May 2017
Global Campus Update
Parent Update - 26 May 2017
Parent Update - 2 June 2017
Parent Update - 9 June 2017
Parent Update - 16 June 2017
Parent Update - 23 June 2017
Parent Update - 30 June 2017
Discovering the Sustainable Development Goals
Live from the Global Goals Student Summit
New Campus Update
How my students inspired my master’s dissertation
Parent Update - 25 August 2017
Nord Anglia Education students' I/GCSE scores exceed UK averages
Parent Update - 1 September 2017
Parent Update - 8 September 2017
Third Culture Kids: A difficult journey but a great destination
Parent Update - 22 September 2017
Parent Update - 29 September 2017
Parent Update - 6 October 2017
Parent Update - 13 October 2017
Parent Update - 17 October 2017
Parent Update - 31 October 2017
Parent Update - 3 November 2017
Parent Update - 13 November 2017
Parent Update - 17 November 2017
Parent Update - 24 November 2017
Parent Update - 3 December 2017
Parent Update - 10 December 2017
Parent Update - 15 December 2017
Parent Update - 12 January 2018
Parent Update - 20 January 2018
Parent Update - 26 January 2018
Parent Update - 3 February 2018
Parent Update - 9 February 2018
Parent Update - 5 March 2018
Parent Update - 16 March 2018
Parent Update - 23 March 2018
Training the teachers of tomorrow at NAIS, HK
Parent Update - 22 April 2018
Parent Update - 24 April 2018
Parent Update - 28 April 2018
Parent Update - 6 May 2018
Parent Update - 12 May 2018
Parent Update - 18 May 2018
Parent Update - 10 June 2018
How to establish good study habits for life
What is a bilingual education?
This year MIT challenges YOU to be a STEAM Superhero!
Student Safeguarding and Cyber Awareness at Nord Anglia Education
Personalised learning and world-leading collaborations are key to a transformational education
Can studying the performing arts create successful students?
Start the year on the right page with our Global Library recommendations!
Nurturing global awareness and an international mindset
How partnerships with world-leading organisations transform learning
Schools to celebrate World Children’s Day with #NAEKidsTakeOver events
In a digital age experiential learning is more important than ever, says head of expeditions
RoboSnail and furry wetsuit inventor wants students to look to the animal world for engineering inspiration
STEAM Festival Hong Kong
Announcing Nord Anglia Education Share A Dream, a new platform to help social change take flight in our schools
Making it personal
NAIS Hong Kong shortlisted for two International School Awards 2019
Step up and take action! Inspiring students to move from awareness to action in their communities
Moving into mobile learning
A passage to adulthood
Does it matter which university you choose?
Announcing the IBDP at NAIS Hong Kong
Back to the classics
Teacher Talk - April 2019
How personalised learning helped Jack
Our engaging learning environments
Winner of Best Primary School Award 2019
The reward of well-rounded study
Teacher Talk
Student ambassadors heading to New York for UNICEF Summit
Designing a successful future
Nord Anglia Education students achieve 10 per cent higher than global average in International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
Our Students Celebrate Success with IGCSE Results
Nord Anglia Education welcomes Colegio Menor to its global family of schools
Nord Anglia Education celebrates opening of four bilingual schools in China
Delivering a global education for tomorrow, today
Construction on Tanzania schools continues thanks to students on expeditions
NAIS HK welcomes the year of the Rat
Feedback Is The Key To Effective Learning
Learning Through Play
Screen Free Learning with Podcasts
A Little Bit of Genius
New York Times Writing Competition Secondary Category Runner-up
Sharing Resources From Our Virtual School
Answering Big Questions with help from UNICEF
Students at NAIS Hong Kong celebrate success with IGCSE results
Of Mice and Androids: Year 10s interview Hollywood Screenwriter Simon Stephenson
School Calendar 2021
Being Safe Online
The International School Awards 2021
Global Campus Certified Teacher Awards
NAE Virtual Young Musician of the Year 2021
IB art exhibition
100% First Choice University
Focus on CORE attitudes to learning shows impressive progress in years 7, 8 and 9
Class of 2021 IBDP Graduation
NAISHK Class of 2021 celebrate excellent IBDP results
Congratulations to all our IGCSE students!
Welcome to our new teachers
Year 11 Science Lesson
Mid-Autumn Festival Mandarin Assembly
Social Impact Across Nord Anglia's Schools
Exploring extreme weather creates a whole lot of STEAM at NAISHK!
Year 6 ‘DNA DAY’
IGCSE/IB Recital Evening
Box of Hope Campaign - November 2021
NAISHK celebrates World Children’s Day
Team NAIS HK won the Caissa Chess Schools Championship
Year 12 Drama Performance
Great Achievements in the UK Mathematics Trust
Primary Choir Performance at The Hari
Winter Concert & A Christmas Carol 2021
Year 2 Creature Comforts Topic
Early Years Christmas performances
Virtual Visit from Dr Valentina Giannella
Primary Virtual School Experience (VSE)
International Schools Festival Podcast
Latest Professional Development from Juilliard Performing Arts specialists
IBDP cohort featured in The Standard
University Offers and Interviews Update
Model United Nations Conference
Upcoming Global education events
Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?
NAE Virtual Young Musician of The Year
NAIS Has Talent
World Education Summit
Neurodiversity Week
Year 5 Trashion Show
SCMP Secondary Education Forum
Welcome Back
40th COBIS Annual Conference
Battle of the Books - May 2022
Student Achievement in IGCSE Exam 2021
Lunchtime Concert
Year 5 & Year 6 Maths Competition
NAIS International Day 2022
Year 6 Peace Badges
Winner of the Global Games - NAIS Hong Kong
Harry Potter Day
NAISHK Class of 2022
End of 2021-2022 Academic Year
Greengates School in Mexico joins Nord Anglia Education’s global family of schools
Results Day 2022: How can I help my child feel less anxious?
NAISHK Class of 2022 celebrate excellent IBDP results
Hamelin-Laie International School in Barcelona joins Nord Anglia Education’s global family of premium schools
2022 NAE-UNICEF Global Student Summit
6A Assembly
Alumni Profile - Gem
Exploring our Early Years Campus in Sai Kung
NAIS Knights U9 Swimming Competition
Early Years Music
U11 PASS Swimming
Author Visit - Valentina Gianella
Year 1 Role-play Activities
Year 3 Ancient Civilisations
Secondary Drama Production
STEAM Challenge
Year 5 Redress Talk
Year 6 Inter-House Mathematics Challenge
Year 3 Roman Day
Sir Michael Barber appointed Chair of Nord Anglia University
Diwali Assembly
Halloween 2022
Model United Nations 🇺🇳
Year 1 House Captains
Year 8 Assembly with Jordan Hattar
Year 4 Maths
Remembrance Day Service
Box Of Hope Campaign
World Children’s Day
Year 2 / Year 5 Brilliant Buddies
The Art of Chocolate Museum Field Trip
Inter House Long Distance Swimming Competition 2022
Welcome back to school!
Year 4 Drama
Ping Shek Dinosaur Trip
Year 3 - Hong Kong Tour Guides
Year 11 & 13 Mock Examinations
Chinese New Year Assemblies
Year 6 Parent Showcase
Year 2 Juilliard Showcase Drama lesson
IGCSE Pathways
U12 Basketball Finals
Year 1 Writing
Year 1 Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Sai Kung Nursery and Reception Sports Day
Say cheese, students!
World Book Day
Therapy Dog Visit
Year 1 Science Lesson
Nursery School Trip
Drama Production - The Addams Family
Enrichment Week
Year 3 Parent Showcase
Brilliant Buddies
Fairtrade shop
Year 4 Shang Showcase
Battle of the Books
Coronation Celebration
Brilliant Buddies - May 2023
Year 5 Chinese
Secondary Lunchtime Recital
International Day celebrations
Year 12 Maths Visit
Year 8 Lino carvings
Sai Kung Pirate Day
Year 6 Help4Refugees
Year 6 Transition
Summer Concert
Year 6 drama production
NAISHK Class Of 2023 IBDP Results
Back-to-School Vibes
Congratulations to all our IGCSE students
Primary School Life
Exploring a Plastic-Free Future
Year 4 Science
Brilliant Buddies
Year 7 Open House
Year 5 English
Primary Assembly
4C Assembly
Early Years Highlight
NAISHKMUN Conference
Happy Mid-Autumn day
Year 6 DNA Day
Year 2 MIT Extreme Weather Challenge
Year 1 Parents Phonics Workshop
Year 11 Residential Trip
Nord Anglia Education family of international schools
Our teachers enjoyed a highly productive experience at the Juilliard Professional Development Training.
Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication
Celebrating the Festival of Lights
Remembrance Day 2023
CEO and COO visit
MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM experience trip
Battle of the Bands
Early Years Chinese and PE lesson
75th birthday of King Charles III
Primary Trashion Show
Year 6 residential trip 2023
Year 6 residential trip 2023 day two and three
The Jazz Composers Academy
Year 1 Christmas Pen Pals
Tanzania service expedition trip
Celebrating Academic Excellence
Primary Winter Concert
Year 8 Science Class
Christmas Pantomime
Early Years Christmas Performances
Christmas Greetings
Back To School
Year 1 School Trip
The Year 6 Peace Convention 2024
Juilliard Dance Curriculum Specialist
Model United Nation Conference 2024
Year 1 Stay and Learn
Global Campus Writing Competition 2023-24
Primary School of the Year
CIS Swimming Competition
Music Lunchtime Showcase
Why Mattering Matters
Year of the Dragon festive decoration
Year 4 Residential Trip
Chinese New Year Assembly 2024
Primary School Sports Day
Happy Chinese New Year
Exlporing Medieval England and Feudal Japan
Early Years Campus Weekly Update - 15 Apr 2024
Message from the Principal
Primary Campus Weekly Update - 15 Apr 2024
Secondary Campus Weekly Update - 15 April 2024
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the Principal
Message from the PTA
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the Principal
Message from the PTA
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the Principal
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the Principal
Message from the PTA
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update
Congratulations to Year 13 outstanding University's offers
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the Principal
Message from the PTA
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the Principal
Message from the PTA
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the PTA
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the Principal
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update
Parent Satisfaction Survey 2024
Early Years Campus Weekly Update
Message from the Principal
Primary Campus Weekly Update
Secondary Campus Weekly Update