NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023-Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
02 June, 2023

NAIS Manila Biweekly Highlights - June 2, 2023

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023-NAISM Biweekly Highlights
NAIS Manila Biweekly Highlights - June 2, 2023


NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023-NAIS Manila Principal

Mr. Chris Pooley, Principal

Greetings from the principal: As we approach the end of the academic year, it's incredible to think how time has flown by. Together, we have achieved so much and grown in countless ways. The last two weeks have been a combination of celebrating our progress this year and looking toward the future.

NAIS Manila Welcomes Leaders for Collaborative Site Visits

Last week, we had the immense pleasure of hosting our Regional Managing Director, Shaun Williams, here at our school. Shaun's visit was a momentous occasion as he met with our exceptional staff and talented students, witnessing firsthand the remarkable achievements we've accomplished this year. Quick to comment on the culture created at NAISM, he noted the warm, welcoming and caring feeling the school has. Shaun also shared his invaluable insights and provided updates on the magnificent journey of Nord Anglia Education. From our past accomplishments to the bright future ahead.

We were also honored to welcome the incoming Head of Secondary (August 2023), Ms. Wendy Spence, to our school this week. Wendy's visit formed a key part of the handover process that started way back in January. Whilst Wendy transfers from another Nord Anglia Education school, we understand that each one is unique.  Wendy engaged in conversations with our incredible staff and met with parents and our talented students, immersing herself in the heartbeat of our vibrant community. We are looking forward to Wendy and her family joining us in August.

 NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023-NAIS Manila Wendy Spence

Calendar of Events: June 2023

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023-Calendar_of_Events_June2023
Event details:

Lower Secondary presents "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
June 9 | Friday | 10AM | NAIS Manila Theatre
Registration: Please reach out to Mr. Fazakerley

Year 6 Exhibit and Graduation Day
June 15 | Thursday | 9AM | NAIS Manila Theatre

EYFS Awards and Graduation Day
June 21 | Wednesday | 10AM | NAIS Manila Theatre

Student Awards and Year 13 Graduation Day (Year 1 to Year 13)
June 22 | Thursday | 9AM | SM Aura, 6F Samsung Hall

Contact School

If you need support, help, or advice regarding the school or any aspect of your child’s education, please do not hesitate to contact the school using the information below.

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023-NAISM_Contact_Us

Updates from the Primary School

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023
Mr. Greg Wilde, Head of Primary (E:

GL Assessments

During last week (and possibly some of this week), Year 2 to Year 6 completed our usual, annual GL (Testwise) assessments. These help to support the ongoing teacher assessments we make throughout the year. They are one-off assessments and are conducted online – one set of assessments for English and one for Maths (Note: Year 6 also do a Science GL to help inform Secondary of a skills profile for the class as they head into Year 7). 

These tests cover a variety of skills that are expected from each year group. We never want these to be arduous or stressful, so we approach them in a gentle manner, supporting them before and during the tests to try and make the students feel as comfortable and confident as possible. 

The GL assessments are used by our Nord Anglia (NA) schools across the world and help with consistency and sharing of information (especially useful if/when students move between NA schools).

If you have any further questions then please ask your child’s class teacher.

Example question from an English GL:

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023-GL Assessment

Our First-ever Year 6 Exhibition

This year on Thursday 15th June we are delighted to present the Year 6 Exhibit. Our Year 6 students will present some of their favourite pieces of work from across the year, as well as their group ‘Climate Change’ STEAM projects. An enormous amount of work has gone into these projects, enabling the students to develop a wealth of skills and help prepare them for secondary school. Completing their primary education is a monumental milestone, and we are thrilled to celebrate that with the Year 6 Graduation. 

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023

Facts to keep in mind:

  • Thu 22nd June – Awards Morning
    You should have received information about this already via our marketing team. I know that some parents have been asking about the dress code if their child does not have a school uniform yet. Please dress them as smartly as possible:
    o polo shirt matching the school teal colour if possible (if not – light blue or white)
    o smart shoes
    o smart, tailored shorts or trousers (grey or black) 

Primary Students of the Week

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023

Updates from Secondary School

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023-NAIS Manila Head of Secondary

Mr. Sam Gipson, Head of Secondary (E:

Lower Secondary Brings “A Midsummer Night's Dream” to Life  

The Secondary Global Campus Newsroom

We are thrilled to announce that the students of our lower secondary school have been diligently preparing for a stunning performance of Shakespeare's timeless classic, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' After months of dedication and hard work, the culmination of their efforts will be showcased on June 9th at 10 AM. This eagerly awaited event marks a significant milestone as it will be the first dramatic performance open to parents in over three years.

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023
Under the expert guidance of Mrs. Formento, our students have delved into the magical world of Shakespearean comedy. They have honed their acting skills, memorized lines, and brought to life the whimsical characters from the play. The audience can expect an immersive experience filled with romance, mistaken identities, and mischievous fairies.

This performance promises to be a delightful showcase of the student's creativity, teamwork, and dedication to the arts. We extend a warm invitation to all parents and community members to join us on this momentous occasion and witness the remarkable talents of our young thespians. Don't miss this rare opportunity to witness the magic of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' come alive on stage.

Market Stall Days

The lower secondary students have been doing an exceptional job as they prepare for the eagerly anticipated 2023 Market Stall Day, scheduled for June 16th. This event serves as the culmination of a year's worth of commitment and creativity by these students in the subject of Enterprise, which focuses on teaching business and entrepreneurial skills.

Under the guidance and leadership of Ms. Abubaker, the students have displayed commendable efforts and enthusiasm throughout their journey. They have been meticulously planning and executing their business ideas, putting their knowledge and creativity into action.
The students have been working diligently on a wide range of projects, showcasing their entrepreneurial prowess. From crafting unique handmade goods to developing exciting food and beverage business, the market is sure to have something for everyone.

The preparations for Market Stall Day have allowed the students to experience the intricacies of running a business. They have learned valuable lessons in areas such as marketing and finance, and they have been thinking hard about their approach’s customer service and teamwork. These skills will undoubtedly prove invaluable in their future endeavors.
We encourage all secondary students to get involved on June 16th. 

Secondary Student of the Week

Congratulations to Bianca, Year 10 Romans for winning the Secondary Student of the Week Award! Bianca has demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning, actively engaging with all tasks set and maintaining a proactive approach to her studies. Well done, Bianca!

NAIS Manila Weekly Highlights - June 2-Weekly Highlights 06-02-2023