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20 December, 2023

Why Social Responsibility is Vital for Student Development

NAISM Shoebox Appeal Project

At Nord Anglia International School (NAIS) Manila, education extends far beyond textbooks and classrooms. It blends empathy, compassion, and a commitment to community care, shaping students into socially responsible individuals who understand the impact of their actions.

The Shoebox Appeal Project at NAIS Manila represents this ethos. It wasn't just about gathering 300 boxes; it was about creating 300 moments of joy for underprivileged children. These shoeboxes, filled with essentials like hygiene kits, school supplies, and toys, became vessels of hope, delivering smiles to the faces of those who needed them most.

The beneficiaries? The brave children are fighting battles at the cancer ward of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). With the unwavering support of Ms. Louisa Padernilla, NAIS Manila's students poured their hearts into ensuring these young warriors felt the warmth of the holiday season. Led by the Student Parliament, student volunteers, and Mr. Hickman, the distribution of these heartfelt shoeboxes at PGH was more than just a gesture; it was a testament to the school's commitment to making a difference.

Importance of Social Responsibility

But the impact extended further. The NAIS Manila community came together in Term 1 for a baking sale and World Children's Day, generating Php 27,960 for the Child Foundation Inc. at PGH. This generous sum is a lifeline for healthcare support and a testament to the caring and supportive community that we have.

 “At NAISM, we firmly believe that our role extends beyond academic excellence to making a meaningful difference in our society. This term alone has seen remarkable social impact initiatives. The enthusiasm surrounding the events of World Children's Day and the success of our Shoebox Appeal Project are testaments to our dedication.” said Mr. Jeremy Hickman, Year 5 teacher and our community champion.


NAISM Shoebox Appeal

Beyond the immediate impact on beneficiaries, community care shapes students in profound ways. It nurtures empathy, teaching them to walk in another's shoes and understand the world beyond their own experiences. Engaging in such initiatives ignites a sense of purpose and fulfillment, fostering a deeper connection to the world around them.

“It's not just about giving; it's about learning and growing. Participating in projects like the Shoebox Appeal empowers students, showing them the influence they possess to brighten lives and make a difference. These experiences cultivate a sense of responsibility and compassion that transcends school years, shaping them into empathetic global citizens.” said Chris Pooley, principal.

The NAIS Manila community stands as a beacon for the transformative power of community care. Their dedication goes beyond charity; it's about fostering a generation of students who recognise their ability to create positive change in the world.

NAIS Manila's Shoebox Appeal Project was more than a charity initiative; it's an integral part of education, shaping students into compassionate, socially conscious individuals who understand the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need. With the help and support of our parents, students, and staff, we could make the world a brighter place, one shoebox at a time.