Finding a great university is about finding the one that’s right for you. We guide our students on a personal journey to engage with their coursework and their life beyond the classroom.
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As an extension of this personalized approach, our college advising team facilitates the thoughtful selection, application, and admission to the best-fitting university for your child.


Why Colleges Love Our Students

Our students are prepared for college academics. At NBPS, our prestigious academic program allows students to demonstrate strengths in specific academic areas, as well as an impressive breadth of knowledge across a wide range of college-level competencies. 

Our students are enriched beyond the classroom. Our students participate in a wide breadth of activities, from athletics to fine arts, making an impact on our campus and in the community, which helps to enrich the academic learning that takes place in the classroom. Our college advisors help students engage in self-discovery and develop life skills, guiding them toward success at the collegiate level.


Success For Each Student

In the same spirit that drives our personalized learning approach, our college advising is customized for each unique student at North Broward Preparatory School. 

Regularly scheduled meetings with the students as well as their parents serve to initiate the right conversation with critically important questions that help determine the colleges that are right for each student.

College Advising hosts informational meetings for parents  throughout the school year, and offers students the opportunity to meet college admission representatives on our campus.

College Acceptances Map

The North Broward College Advising Office is thrilled to congratulate the Class of 2024 on all of their success and share their achievements on our new virtual map! The map features their most up-to-date college acceptances earned at universities across the United States and around the world.



View NBPS Class of 2024 College Acceptances in a full screen map

*All acceptance data is self-reported by students and confirmed by College Advising. Please contact your college advisor to share any new or updated decision and scholarship information.


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Meet Our College Advising Team

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Brian Johnson
Director of College Advising

Contact email:

Phone Number: 954 247 0011 E: 218

Director of College Advising

Brian joined NBPS in 2020 after more than a decade in college admissions at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has worked with diverse groups of students from around the world, including student-athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and academically gifted students at a broad range of colleges and universities. 

Brian served as the Director of Admissions Marketing and Recruitment at Emmanuel College in Boston and Director of Admissions at the New York Film Academy, where he oversaw enrollment and evaluation for new and traditional programs. He has also consulted for higher education as a marketing and communications strategist and previously taught economics and finance at an independent high school. 

Brian earned a Bachelor of Arts and, later, a Masters of Business Administration with an Advanced Certificate in sports & entertainment studies from Iona University in New Rochelle, NY. He is a student-centered educator with a passion for partnering with families to facilitate student discovery, create opportunities, and find the best fit in the college selection journey, a process he enjoys making exciting and rewarding for everyone involved.

Brian enjoys spending time on the water and at the beach with his wife Meagan and two children.

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Eve Eriss
Administrative Assistant of College Advising

Contact email:

Phone Number: 954 247 0011 E: 308

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Ana Farrand
Associate Director of College Advising

Contact email:

Phone Number: 954 247 0011 E: 394

Associate Director of College Advising

Ana has had the pleasure of working as a College and Career Advisor for Broward County Public Schools before starting at North Broward Preparatory. The ability to work with a diverse group of students from gifted students to students with special needs has allowed her to have tremendous knowledge of higher education admissions and a deep understanding of post-secondary options in Florida and beyond.

Ana earned her Bachelor of Arts from Florida International University, a Master's degree from Keller Graduate School of Management, a US Army Reserve veteran and currently a member of the College Advisory Board for the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Before working with high school age students, she worked for ten years in college admissions, where she managed departmental operations and advised both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as mentored community college transfer students.


She enjoys working with families and providing specialized student focused advice, informed by each individual’s unique talents, skills, and aspirations.  Ana always encourage students to have a plan for everything they do in life because she believes that “A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream!”  She look forward to meeting you and working together through the college journey.


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Karen Siegel
Associate Director of College Advising

Contact email:

Phone Number: 954 247 0011 E: 212

Associate Director of College Advising

Originally from New Jersey, Karen lived with her family in Aruba for over 12 years, where she was in the hotel business and a newscaster, before getting back into education 20 years ago. A global thinker, her daughter lives in Dubai and her son, Oregon. She is delighted to be a member of the international learning community of North Broward Prep serving for 17 years in the College Advising Office. She is our Miami Herald Silver Knight Coordinator and has served as our ACT/SAT Testing Coordinator during her time at NBP.


Working with high school age students and guiding them through the college search and application process, is very rewarding, as she watches their personal growth and development!  Many North Broward alumni, keep in touch with us throughout their lifetimes, in fact, four of Karen's, are now teaching or working at NBP!  

Karen is a graduate of Ithaca College and was married at Cornell University. She has visited over 150 colleges and universities, served on several college admission advisory boards, and been named a Broward County Ford Salute Education Mentor of the Year. Building relationships with our students and families, as well as the college admissions offices, helps our students find best fit colleges!



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Kristen Stephenson
Associate Director of College Advising

Contact email:

Phone Number: 954 247 0011 E: 320

Associate Director of College Advising

Joining our team at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, Kristen brings seventeen years working in education to the team. 

Originally from Rochester, NY, Kristen’s family moved to Coral Springs when she was thirteen years old, and she is a proud graduate of Stoneman Douglas High School and Florida State University.

After graduating Cum Laude from FSU with a Bachelor’s in Secondary English Education, she began her seventeen year (and counting) career in Education teaching both here in Broward County and in North Carolina. While teaching full time, she supplemented her income by tutoring everything from SAT and ACT prep to study skills to anything reading and writing related. She received her Master’s in Counseling from Wake Forest University in 2016, and chose to stay in education to use her advanced degree in High School Counseling. 

It was her position as a counselor that allowed her to feel like she was making the lives of students and families a little easier as they worked their way through the ever changing world of adolescence: academics, social and emotional expectations, mental health, and college admissions. She thrives on guiding students as they make plans that will allow them to achieve their individualized versions of success, create the strongest possible applications and essays needed for their best fit schools, and just journey through the sometimes overwhelming world of college admissions. 

Outside of work hours, Kristen enjoys spending time in nature, whether on walking trails or at the beach. She is also an avid reader and writer, and is typically found with a book or notebook in hand as she consumes copious amounts of caffeine.

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Bernadette Baxley
Associate Director of College Advising

Contact email:

Phone Number: 954 247 0011 E: 205

Associate Director of College Advising

Bernadette Baxley has been a member of the North Broward Preparatory College Advising Department  since 2014. Prior to joining the Eagle family, Bernadette work for over a decade in undergraduate admissions at various colleges and universities in the Carolina region. While in admissions, she also served as an active committee member and conference presenter for the Carolinas Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers (CACRAO) and the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (SACAC). During that time, she had ample opportunity to network and work with other universities from all over the country.


In addition to travel and student recruitment, Bernadette has also worked with international applications, organized university recruitment events, and organized and planned county wide college fairs. She has always enjoyed the opportunity to build lasting relationships with families and students, which lead her to the decision to work on the  high school side of college admissions. In addition to guiding students on their journey to finding their right post-secondary path, Bernadette is an active member of the International Association of College Admissions Counselors and had the opportunity to serve on their committee, She also acquired professional certificates in International Counseling and International College Counseling.

Bernadette received her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology with a Biology minor from Belmont Abbey College. In her personal time, Bernadette enjoys spending time with her husband and two young boys, usually out on the beach or on their family boat. On the rare occasion she is not by or on the water, Bernadette is an avid reader and is always open to great book recommendations.

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Carla Torres
Associate Director of College Advising

Contact email:

Phone Number: 954 247 0011 E: 373

Associate Director of College Advising

Having worked in education for the last 13 years, Carla came to North Broward in 2023 with 4 years of college advising experience at a South Florida private high school where she Developed and implemented innovative academic and college advising plans to maximize results for her students.  Every student has their own voice & Carla wants to make sure every student she works with has that chance.


Prior to becoming a college advisor, Carla was a bilingual school counselor and classroom teacher for over 9 years, where she served as the Social Emotional Counselor, ESOL Coordinator, 504 Liaison, for a school of over 600 students. These experiences have allowed her to become exceedingly knowledgeable in building rapport with students of all backgrounds and academic levels.


She is an alumni of Florida International University in Miami, FL. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in Education in 2011 and a Masters of Education in School Counseling in 2015. She has been a member of: Southern Association of College Admission Counseling, National Association for College Admission Counseling, and the American School Counseling Association.  


When Carla isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her son Luciano as well as teaching dance fitness classes & listening to a good fiction novel on Audible.


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  • Academic Course Guidance
  • Resume Development
  • Information on Summer Enrichment Opportunities
  • Curating a List of Individual Best of Fit Colleges 
  • Essay Writing Workshops and Personal Review
  • College Application Workshops - step-by-step guidance to complete actual college applications
  • Standardized Test Schedule Planning
  • Special Interest Counseling (e.g. college-athletes, gap years, military, performance, etc.)
  • Exploration of Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Interview Preparation and College Visit Etiquette
  • Admission process planning, from application to enrollment
Grade 9
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12

College advising timeline by grade 

Grade 9

Although the college admission process begins to unfold in the spring of Grade 11, the North Broward college advising team, offers guidance throughout our students entire high school career. 

Here we have a timeline of college advising activities for Grade 9 students. 
College Advising | North Broward Preparatory School - Curricula Overview - US schools

Fall: Develop Academic Strengths and Skill, Explore Extracurricular Interests at Club Fair

Winter: Start a Resume, Turn in Service Hours, Attend CAO Events

Spring: Take the PSAT9, Set Academic Plan, Engage in Meaningful Activities


College advising timeline by grade

Grade 10

Here we have a timeline of college advising activities for Grade 10 students. 
College Advising | North Broward Preparatory School - Curricula Overview - US schools
Focusing In
Fall: Add Rigor Where Appropriate, Take PSAT/NMSQT

Winter: Complete Career and Skills Assessment, Identify Passionate Pursuits

Spring: Attend Sunshine College Fair and CAO Events, Begin ACT / SAT Prep, Enjoy Summer Enrichment Opportunities

College advising timeline by grade

Grade 11

Here we have a timeline of college advising activities for Grade 11 students. 
College Advising | North Broward Preparatory School - Curricula Overview - US schools
Bringing It Together
Fall: Demonstrate Progress Improvement, Find Opportunities for Leadership, Develop a Testing Plan

Winter: Meet with your College Advisor, Attend Campus Tours, Update Resume, Create Search Profile in Naviance

Spring: Attend Sunshine College Fair, Individual College Visits, Refine “Best-fit” List, Participate in Essay writing workshops, Meet regularly with College Advisor, Take ACT/SAT

College advising timeline by grade

Grade 12

Here we have a timeline of college advising activities for Grade 12 students. 
College Advising | North Broward Preparatory School - Curricula Overview - US schools
Aligning Priorities and Goals
Fall: College Application Bootcamp, Complete Senior Update, Finalize Application List, Meet regularly with College Advisor, Take ACT/SAT, Submit college applications and FAFSA and CSS Profile

Winter: Apply for Independent Scholarships, Apply for FL Bright Futures, Notify CAO of Decisions

Spring: Accept one admission offer, Submit one deposit by May 1, Prepare for Transition to College
NBPS Students at College Advising Event


  • Grade-level parent information meetings
  • Sunshine Invitational College Fair –host a premier college fair in South Florida with 200 attending colleges
  • Over 150 Individual College Visits Throughout the Year
  • On-campus PSAT/NMSQ testing for grades 9-11
  • On-campus ACT and SAT exams for Juniors and Seniors
  • ACT and SAT Test Preparation Courses
  • 4-year College Planning Class with grade specific content and guidance
  • Informational College Nights with Leading Experts in College Admissions
  • Monthly College Advising Coffee Chats for Parents
College Advising | North Broward Preparatory School - Feature quote - US schools
"Our philosophy is rooted in caring for our students as individuals and understanding their unique interests, backgrounds, and aspirations. In doing so we can help them find the best-fit universities that will provide them with opportunities and experiences that foster academic and personal development, ultimately leading them to success in life and careers."
Brian Johnson
Director of College Advising 

Bright Futures Scholarship Program

The State of Florida offers scholarships to Florida residents who do well in high school and who choose to study in Florida. All state scholarships, eligibility requirements, and award amounts are subject to change pending legislative actions.

Requirements to Enter the State University System in Florida

The State University System (SUS) consists of eleven institutions providing limited access to postsecondary education. These universities will only accept students who complete the minimum requirements, listed on the table below. NBPS graduation requirements meet or exceed these minimum requirements, with the exception of “Academic Electives.” Course descriptions in this catalog indicate which of our courses qualify as “academic electives.”

Discipline Credits

Total Academic Credits - 18


NCAA Academic Eligibility

Student-athletes who want to play intercollegiate sports in their first year of college must meet the requirements of the NCAA for the athletic division of their university. All students interested in playing sports at the university level should consult with their college advisors.

In order to be eligible to participate in NCAA athletics as a college freshman, all students must be deemed eligible by the NCAA Eligibility Center. To be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center, students must:



Naviance is a research and management tool that connects and supports students, parents, and advisors throughout the college planning process. The platform is used to build a list of prospective colleges and request transcripts and recommendation letters to be submitted with a student’s applications.

Communications and Events

For students, Naviance will be used as the primary method of communicating college-related reminders and where they can register to attend visits with college admissions representatives (virtual and on campus).


There are several important forms that students and parents must complete during junior and senior year. These forms are located in the “My Surveys” section that can be found using the following instructions from the homepage: About Me >> My Surveys >> Surveys Not Started. Instructions and deadlines (if applicable) for a form are on given each one. Previously submitted forms can be found by selecting Surveys Completed.

Training and Credentials

Students receive their Naviance login and are trained on the platform in the spring of sophomore year. Click here to watch an instructional video to get started or refamiliarize yourself with the platform. If you have any questions about Naviance, please contact

Logging In

Please click here to log in to Naviance.



College Advising Links


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In our high school, students enjoy the academically stimulating environment where they can explore their interests, learn to collaborate, think critically, and prepare for the rigors of college and beyond. Your child will be able to build their own impressive schedule around honor classes, AP and IB classes, and other enrichment programs.

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