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Located between Parkland and Boca Raton in Coconut Creek, Florida, North Broward Preparatory School is a college-style campus of 21 buildings spread across nearly 80 acres. 

Our modern, state-of-the-art facilities are woven into carefully manicured grounds, with sculpted palms, walkways, fountains, and ponds — creating a supportive and inspiring environment that’s bustling with students’ curiosity and teachers’ energy.


Our campus has been thoughtfully designed to optimize outstanding learning experiences that our students carry with them way beyond tests and exams — these experiences at NBPS become meshed into their lives, college or university pathways, and future careers. 

Notably, our facilities are thoughtfully designed to bolster our students’ creativity and collaboration through designated teamwork spaces, flexible classrooms, a state-of-the-art wellness center, newly renovated athletic fields, and our Learning Commons, among other spaces.
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North Broward Prep has excellent robotics, maker, design, and ecological spaces that allow our students to apply creative “design thinking” principles to any project and activity, as they continually expand their personal toolboxes with new skills and technical capabilities. 

As an Apple Distinguished School, we’re proud to have a very strong technical infrastructure, allowing for the seamless integration of everything from iPads to 3D printers and beyond. We’re also home to award-winning environment facilities of a hydroponic garden and apiary.
Our STEAM facilities include
  • Hydroponic garden and apiary
  • STEAM room (Lower School)
  • Fabrication lab (Upper School)
  • Robotics classroom (Upper School)
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Our premier athletics facilities make up an attractive portion of our campus, encouraging our students to get involved and stay active — no matter their ability or interest level. 

With numerous elite sports on campus, our athletes have everything they need to academically excel while competing at very high standards. To this end, we ensure our students have an ideal balance between their studies and their physical activity for their overall wellness. We even accommodate students with specialized sport interests, such as equestrian or fencing activities.
Our state-of-the-art facilities include
  • Three swimming pools, inclusive of an outdoor swim center with a competition pool
  • Two Varsity athletic gymnasiums with a full-size collegiate regulation main court, one high school-level regulation cross-court 
  • Global Wellness Center with academic spaces, locker rooms, and fitness and training spaces
  • Weight room and fitness studios
  • Five tennis courts and baseball and softball fields
  • Multipurpose turf field for football, soccer, and lacrosse, surrounded by a six-lane tartan track
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Our professional-grade facilities are designed to prepare your child for the world stage. We’re bolstered by our collaboration with The Juilliard School, setting high standards for our students to excel in their artistic activities. 

Equipped with everything to ensure the best creative practices across music, drama, dance, visual arts, media arts, and more, our facilities enable our students to release their imagination and flow within their dynamic, captivating expression.
Our outstanding arts facilities include
  • Ten private music lesson studios
  • Multiple music ensemble rehearsal rooms
  • Two piano labs
  • Three dance studios
  • Four visual art studios
  • Three media arts labs
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Our Learning Commons features a large central atrium with a lofted ceiling that lets bright, natural light fill the space —illuminating the study and research nooks that help stimulate our students’ thinking. Displayed on the commons’ walls, student artworks and presentations also create an inspiring environment, as students can share and learn from each other’s work.

Our library includes an impressive range of 20,000 physical books, over 100,000 eBooks and audiobooks, and 24/7 virtual access —preparing our students with the research tools and literacy they'll use in college or at university. Our students can also utilize collaborative workspace, individual quiet spaces, and small group study rooms to complete their projects and assignments.
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Speak to our Admissions Team about what makes us unique or arrange a visit to our campus to experience North Broward Prep first-hand.

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