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Key Facts
Grades 6- 12
Average class size


North Broward Preparatory School is an unrivaled co-ed private day and boarding school in Florida. Our boarding program creates the perfect home away from home for our middle and high school students, from grades 6th through 12th. Boarding students live right on campus in our bright, sleek, and modern International Village in a welcoming and safe environment with top-quality care.

The International Village is the proud daily home of our fun and academically motivated community where we all come together to make a comfortable, transformative boarding experience for your child. With many lively social opportunities, international students can master their English skills and make incredible friends from different parts of the globe, allowing all our students to have ideal preparation for college life ahead.
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At our private boarding school in Coconut Creek, Florida, your child will receive the best care, resources, and services in our first-rate, international learning environment. You’ll gain an immediate sense of our close-knit community when you enter our bright lobby, filled with students’ bubbling conversations, music, and seasonal decorations, such as many nations' flags.
We offer
  • Nine on-site adult staff members, accessible 24/7
  • 14 full-time Dorm Parents and one-on-one pastoral care meetings
  • Large, modern double- and single-bedrooms
  • Subject area support during nightly study time
  • Activities and social experiences planned each weekend, plus Fall and Spring Break vacation trips
  • On-site medical care at our clinic
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Every day, our welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment at the International Village gives each student the ideal space to develop their personal goals and reach their full potential.
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Good morning! Our residential students begin every day with a full breakfast in the Dining Hall, where they sit down for their morning meal by 8:00 am. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of dietary choices.
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Early mornings
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Daily Classes
Classes begin at 8:25 am each day with a period schedule ending at 3:35 pm or 2:35 pm each day. Each student’s personal class schedule will take them around campus for different classes held across seven buildings around a beautiful pond in the campus center.
Mornings and afternoons
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Back to the dining hall to check in with friends and refuel for midday break! Flik Dining Services provides the entire school community with lunch, including several warm entrees, a full salad bar, and a full deli bar providing amazing variety. Students can enjoy the spacious indoor dining hall or take their lunch at their favorite spot on campus, including our covered outdoor areas.
Early afternoon
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Clubs, Arts, and Sports
With over 60 student club organizations, 25 arts activities, and interscholastic competitions in 15 different sports, our students are very active. Our boarding students can find friends that share their interests or passions in a service club, special interest club, in our many arts groups, or among our solo athletes or on our sports teams, which include both developmental teams and competitive Varsity teams.
Late afternoons
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Prep Time
No matter how busy our students are, academics always take a front row seat. We build time into our boarding students’ schedule to accomplish their homework and study goals. From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, for instance, the International Village observes “Prep Time” for studying together or taking advantage of extra help and tutorials. 
Early evening
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Night-time Activities
Our students have many opportunities to make their own choices, but the day ends by returning to the dorm by 10:00 pm and preparing for “lights out” (at 10:30 pm for middle schoolers or 11:00 pm for high schoolers). Students can make a snack in the kitchen, straighten up their room, and get their uniform ready for tomorrow.


At North Broward Preparatory School, we understand the importance of nutrition and health as part of each student’s overall well-being. Our Dining Hall is of collegiate standards and we accommodate a wide range of dietary needs with global cuisine options. We’ve partnered with Flik Dining Services — one of the world’s leading food service providers, who make nutritious meals from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. 
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Boarding | North Broward Preparatory School - Feature Quote - US schools
The NBPS residential life program provides much more than just room and board. When you’re here, you’re part of a caring community that will enable you to make lifelong friends, participate in a diverse assortment of activities outside of the classroom, and learn independent living skills."
Jonathan Volpi
Director of Residential Life
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Interested in joining our boarding community? As part of our Boarding Admissions Process, our admissions committee carefully reviews each application with the requested additional information for boarding, which includes scheduling an interview with our Boarding Admission Manager. 

As part of your decision to apply, we also understand the value you place on academic investment—one of the most important and rewarding decisions you’ll ever make! Our simplified tuition structure includes fees for tuition, room, board, meals, health insurance, transportation to and from the airport, uniforms, e-books, an iPad, after-school activities, and weekend activities.

Ready to apply?
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Get a sense of what it’s like to live on North Broward Prep’s campus! Tour our International Village and see first-hand how your child will immediately connect with peers, staff, and faculty in our warm and friendly community. Get in touch with us today to learn more.



  • Do I need a computer during school or in the residence hall?
    Yes, as a technology school, North Broward Prep requires all students to have a laptop.
  • What happens to boarding students during the various breaks?
    During Thanksgiving and Spring Break, students have the option to go on a school-organized trip or make other independent travel arrangements (permissions required). These school trips are included in the extra boarding fees and offer a chance to see more of the US. 

    During the winter and summer breaks, our school completely closes down, so students must vacate the residence hall and make other arrangements during these breaks.
  • Am I allowed to “check out” to a day student’s house for the weekend?
    Yes, as long as the proper permissions are received, and you’re in good academic and disciplinary standing, we encourage students to spend time off campus with friends who are day students.
  • Who will help students with college applications, SAT/TOEFL testing, and other such activities?
    Working closely with our College Advising Office, Dorm Parents, and the Residential Life Administration Team, we ensure that boarding students do not miss any opportunities. There are often special presentations and meetings designed for boarding students to address their unique concerns. Furthermore, we help coordinate transportation service and registration for any major test needed by a boarding student.
  • Do I need to visit North Broward Prep to apply?
    No, the requirements for application are located on our Admissions page — students may use Skype or other teleconferencing tools to speak virtually with an admissions officer, as needed, to complete the application process.