Learn more about the cost of attending our premier boarding school in Florida.
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Application Process

Interested in joining our boarding community? As part of our Boarding Admissions Process, our admissions committee carefully reviews each application with the requested additional information for boarding, which includes scheduling an interview with our Boarding Admission Manager.

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Boarding Tuition Fees for North Broward Prep School 

We understand the value you place on an academic investment and that it is one of the most important and rewarding decisions you will ever make. With our unique, integrated learning model and personalized learning approach, our students graduate with a distinct advantage.

Our simplified tuition structure includes:


Tuition & Fees 2024–25

Boarding 2024-2025                   Fee Amount
Tuition & Boarding                  $79,850        
Student fee $5,500
Total cost $85,350
Fall or Spring Semester only Fee Amount
Tuition & Boarding $47,910
Student fee $5,500
Total cost $53,410
5-day Boarding                             Fee Amount
Tuition & Boarding                $75,955        
Student fee $5,500
Total cost $81,455


Lighthouse Point Academy is additional. Please contact us for details.