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Joining us at North Broward Prep means becoming immersed in our international, globally minded community that truly cares about seeing your child’s success.


When you visit North Broward Prep for the first time, you’ll notice it.

You’ll witness an inspirational teacher helping a student after class. You’ll hear the buzz of eager conversations in our hallways, where the languages of a multi-cultural student body resonate throughout the day. You’ll feel it, and you’ll experience it all around you.

At North Broward Prep, curiosity is unleashed and fueled by the confidence acquired through our students’ individual growth. The energy of success and innovation within a safe and globally minded community makes us unique. 

Interested in learning more?

Register for our Lower School Open House on December 5 from 9 am to 10:30 am here. 

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To ensure our world-class educational experience is mutually a good match for you and your child, we personalize our admissions process at North Broward Prep, so you can make the best decision for your family about boarding or day school.

Please review our application requirements — including the required documents, so you’ll be prioritized for consideration. 

By checking that you fulfill our requirements, our Admissions Team will be able to answer all your important questions in a timely and thorough manner.


For your child to join us, here are a few steps on what you can do next:
Request information
Submit an inquiry form, shoot us an email, or give us a call.
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Step 1
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Tour our school
You’re welcome to come for a morning campus tour where we begin with a short information session. You can also join us for a virtual tour.
Step 2
Once you’re ready, you’ll submit your online application and supporting documents. 
Step 3
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These are the most important application dates for your upcoming school year calendar.

Our boarding school also accepts rolling admissions: Families seeking day or boarding school admission for the 2024–25 school year should apply immediately. We review based on the space available in the grade.

Families seeking boarding admission for 2024–25 should also apply immediately. We review based on the space available within the grade and our residential facility.
Priority application deadline for day admission
Monday, Jan 15, 2024
Priority admission decision sent
Thursday, Feb 15, 2024


After you’ve reviewed our application requirements, our Admissions Team is available to help you with any questions about the application process or required documents.
Remember to submit:
  • Online application
  • Supplement form (Lower School or Upper School)
  • Required recommendation(s)
  • Academic records
  • Standardized test scores
  • Birth certificate or passport
  • Applicant student statement form (for Upper School)
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North Broward Prep is truly a special place where students learn to pursue their passions and build confidence within themselves."
Carmen Johnson
Director of Admissions and Marketing


Students may apply to our world-class Arts Academy before 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. 

The Arts Academy application process allows each student to display their readiness to the admissions committee through their application and audition. The committee assesses whether the student will be successful within the program.
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Our tuition fees reflect the premium education your child will receive at North Broward Prep. 

We understand the value you place on academic investment, so we provide clarity on all the fees required to enroll your child — from pre-K through high school.

We also inform you about matriculation fees and the cost of boarding.
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We have limited financial aid available to those who qualify. 

For families applying for financial aid, your aid award is based on several factors, including your family’s demonstrated financial need, your academic profile, and the availability of funding. 

Families are not required to complete the financial aid application to be considered for a merit-based scholarship. Learn more about our prestigious Academic Honors Scholarship and Fine Arts Scholarship.


Our Admissions Team embodies great wisdom and experience when working with interested families to discover more about North Broward Prep’s special qualifies. 

Within our international learning community, we’ll help you and your child make the best decisions every step of the way.
Carmen Johnson
Carmen Johnson
Director of Marketing and Admissions
Carmen Johnson joined North Broward Prep as Director of Marketing and Admissions after working in higher education admissions for colleges and universities for 14 years.
Director of Marketing and Admissions
I’m originally from New York City and earned a bachelor’s in Business Administration and master’s in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University. For 14 years, I worked in higher education admissions at Northeastern University, Providence College, Georgia State University, and most recently, the University of Miami. 

I had the honor of reviewing college applications from North Broward Prep students while working at Northeastern and UM, and I can say that NBPS is truly a special place, where students learn to pursue their passions and build confidence within themselves.
Bettina Knoblauch
Bettina Knoblauch
Assistant Director of Admissions
Bettina Knoblauch joined North Broward Prep as Assistant Director of Admissions after teaching as an early childhood educator and working in admissions directorships with two other specialty independent schools, in the DC metro area and in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Assistant Director of Admissions
I describe myself as a global citizen, as I was born into a multicultural family and grew up overseas in Grand Cayman, Curaçao and Venezuela.  I attended college and lived in Miami for over 10 years.

As an early childhood educator, I understand the value of a strong educational foundation, rich in experiences that develop the successful habits of life-long learners. My teaching career brought me to the competitive DC metro area for 5 years, where I served as Director of Lower School Admission for a K–12 college prep independent school.  

Upon my return to Florida, I took on the role of Director of Admission for an independent school serving gifted learners in Palm Beach County. In 2016, I joined the North Broward Prep community, where I’ve enjoyed sharing my passion for education and the North Broward Prep story with families. As the proud parent of two Eagles, NBPS is truly an integral part of my family!
Peter Kravchuk
Assistant Director of Admissions
Peter Kravchuk joined North Broward Prep as Assistant Director of Admissions, coming with 26 years’ experience in independent schools’ admissions. He spent 16 years at two New England boarding schools, and then moved to Florida, where he worked in a PK–12 school for the 10 years prior to joining NBPS.
Assistant Director of Admissions
I came to NBP with 26 years’ experience in independent schools’ admissions. I spent 16 years at two New England boarding schools and then moved to Florida, where I worked in a PK-12 school for the 10 years prior to joining NBPS. In addition to my duties in admissions, I have also served as a teacher, coach, dorm parent, and advisor. 

Originally from Massachusetts, I graduated from Bowdoin College (ME) and played two years of professional hockey before beginning my career in education. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many outstanding students and colleagues, and I’m incredibly excited to join this professional admission team and wonderful school, where the ideals of curiosity, individual growth, innovation, and global mindedness are embraced by all.
Sandy Goodman
Assistant Director of Admissions

Sandy Goodman has been at North Broward Prep for the past 15 years, serving as Assistant Director of Admissions for the past 8 years and in teaching positions prior to that.

Sandy Goodman

I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan. I’ve been at North Broward Preparatory School for 15 years. I have a bachelor’s in Psychology and Child Development. I began my career here as a “Mommy and Me” Teacher for children ages 21 months through age 3. I have also been a PK4 teacher. 

I’ve been working as an Assistant Director of Admissions for the past 8 years. During my tenure at North Broward Prep, I have enjoyed observing students’ progress in their educational journeys from circle time to receiving their diplomas and heading off to their first-choice colleges!

During this time, I’ve also watched my own son along his journey from first grade through graduation. North Broward Prep is a wonderful community that embraces students and their families.


  • What makes North Broward Prep a top private school?
    North Broward Preparatory School is an extraordinary community of learners and has been educating, empowering, and inspiring day and residential students since 1957. As a top private and boarding school in South Florida, North Broward Prep is well known for offering the International Baccalaureate Program, which develops students who seek an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge — students who flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically for college life and beyond.
  • Does North Broward Prep offer the International Baccalaureate Program?
    Yes, North Broward Prep offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. Known as the gold standard in education, the IB program is ideal for high achieving students who are independent thinkers, knowledgeable, and open minded.
  • Does North Broward Prep offer personalized learning?
    Yes, our teachers strive to support the personal needs of every student and create a personalized learning environment that ensures their success. Our faculty members themselves are committed to life-long learning and professional development and frequently bring new, innovative methods to the classroom. Our teachers will nurture the passions and interests of your child.
  • Does North Broward Prep offer the Advanced Placement Program?
    Yes, North Broward Prep offers Advanced Placement, Honors, and International Baccalaureate classes in addition to a variety of electives, so students can pursue their passions and interests.
  • Does North Broward Prep School offer any special or unique programs?
    In addition to several electives, North Broward Prep offers special activities, challenges, and programs through our collaborations with The Juilliard School, MIT, and UNICEF. 

    Our Lighthouse Point Academy also offers specialized classes to students with mild specific learning differences.    
  • Does North Broward Prep have a STEM program?
    Yes, North Broward Prep has a STEM program that utilizes the “STEAM model” in incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. 
  • Are North Broward Preparatory School students accepted to top colleges and Ivy League universities?
    Yes, each year, North Broward Prep’s students are accepted to top colleges and universities in the US, and this includes Ivy League universities. For example, in 2022, some of our college acceptances included Brown University, Florida State University, Harvard College, Emory University, Princeton University, and the University of Florida.
  • Does North Broward Prep have strong athletics programs?
    Yes, North Broward Prep’s athletics and sports programs compete in over 14 sports at multiple levels. 

    In addition, we take a holistic approach to wellness and give our students the tools and knowledge they need to make healthy, personal choices for a lifetime.
  • Does North Broward Preparatory School have a good Fine Arts program?
    Yes, North Broward Prep has an award-winning Fine Arts program. In collaboration with the renowned Juilliard School, our performing arts curriculum sparks creativity and develops confidence in our students — setting them up for success in college and beyond.
  • Does North Broward Prep have any programs for students with learning challenges?
    Yes, our Lighthouse Point Academy supports students with learning differences. We recognize that each child learns differently and has their own unique strengths. 

    Students blossom in this program because of the very small class sizes and highly qualified staff who teach specifically to the student’s needs. Lighthouse Point Academy students learn to advocate for themselves and become confident learners, successful in college and beyond.
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Join us for an in-person campus tour or arrange a virtual meeting to take the first step in your child’s most exciting academic experience. We look forward to meeting you to discuss what makes North Broward Prep special and how we can add value to your family.