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At the heart of our first through fifth grade in our Broward County private elementary school — referred to as “Lower School” at North Broward Prep — is our nurturing environment and “be ambitious” approach to education.

Here, in Coconut Creek, Florida, our students develop higher-level thinking and have outstanding learning experiences through our elementary school curriculum with enrichment activities including our dedicated STEAM lab, weekly art and music classes, dance, tennis, speech and debate, cooking, and science exploration. 
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An Intro to Our First through Fifth Grade

Located in Coconut Creek, Florida, our private elementary school is a place of magical discovery and the development of unquenchable curiosity. 

What makes our Lower School Grades 1–5 special:

Our Approach and Environment

At North Broward Prep Lower School, our teachers create an environment that engages every student, guides them in discovering their interests, and celebrates each child's learning styles. 

Our world-class educators incorporate hands-on learning, encourage cooperation, create learning experiences outside of the classroom, and foster a desire for lifelong learning. In this way, they engage students in classroom lessons that are relevant to their lives.

We create an environment where students feel safe and are surrounded by caring educators. As a result, students feel comfortable to engage with their peers, blossom, and grow.


Using “Thinking Maps” to Make Thinking Visible

A core teaching strategy at North Broward Prep is making learning visible among students through design-based projects that excite and engage students. Our students use Thinking Maps to ask questions and explore different approaches to problem solving. 

Through thinking maps, our students will create a dynamic visual design and connect it with a specific thought process to create a mental visual pattern for thinking based on one of eight cognitive skills. These skills include:


We know every child is unique and has their own goals, interests, talents, and areas of development. Our passionate teachers care about establishing a great relationship with your child, building up their strengths, and creating projects that help them grow more than they ever imagined possible. 

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