North Broward Prep students are empowered to make positive changes at school and in the communities beyond, because our teachers and curriculum proactively support them in their development as creative and resilient global citizens. At NBPS, we strive to inspire every child to learn without limits and go beyond any barrier to make an impact in the world.
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We equip our students with the tools, agency, and confidence to make positive changes in our community. This culture of change is prominently cultivated by our Safe Promise Club, an immense student organization with over 150 members founded by student leaders who wanted to ensure the entire school community feels welcomed, with a voice that’s heard, and part of our social fabric. 

Students are encouraged to get involved and take an active hand in shaping what happens at school and beyond. The leaders of our Student Government further ensure all feel equipped to call for changes that make everyone happier — like chartering over 40 distinctive clubs and after school activities, as well as communicating with the entire student body through our weekly NB Insider and our monthly student-lead Forum meetings.

On an international level, our NAE Student Advisory Board connects what’s happening at North Broward Prep to the world. Elected student leaders from across the globe discuss and decide on how we'll fund incredible social impact projects. Each year, up to $500,000 is awarded to student-led projects globally.
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At North Broward Prep, our students from Kindergarten onward learn the importance of giving back and being active members of society. They immerse themselves in the community by participating in various charities and causes — such as around mental health awareness, hunger and poverty, disaster relief, the global environment, and more. For example, for the American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge, our students raised an outstanding $236,000 — which made us the #1 fundraising school in the nation for this powerful healthcare need.

Our IB students especially engage with our community in response to different pressing issues as part of the core IB curriculum component known as CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). IB students design their own service projects while also connecting with global activities, helping them carve out tangible steps to create a better world.


At North Broward Prep, our social purpose is driven by our belief that education has the power to change the world. With our outstanding teachers and exceptional opportunities at NBPS, our students use this inspiring start in life as the foundation to go on and make a difference in the world beyond the classroom.

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