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At our private middle school in Coconut Creek of Broward County, Florida, from 6th through 8th grade, our middle school students master the skills learned in their early grades and acquire the skills necessary to be successful in high school.  

 Your child will have the opportunity to assume more responsibility as they transition from class to class independently, take responsibility for their choices, and pursue their interests. 
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An Intro to North Broward Prep’s Middle School

There are several features that make NBPS Middle School one of the best private middle schools in South Florida: 

As one of only two Apple Distinguished Schools in South Florida, educational technology is integrated throughout the curriculum

Explore our Middle School Curriculum

At the heart of our students’ experiences is a traditional, challenging, and international middle school curriculum rooted in fundamentals which are presented by our engaging, caring professionals. 

Core subjects include:


We want our middle schoolers to uncover their passions, which is why we offer over 50 amazing electives—the most of any middle school in Broward County! Students can explore electives in STEAM, personal wellness, fitness, and fine and performing arts.

Project-based Learning

Project-based learning is incorporated into the middle school curriculum. For example, students in our science classes work to learn the science behind growing food, as well as the economic and social impacts of farming in our middle school garden. Working with hydroponic tower gardens, aquaponic garden systems, and raised-bed gardens, our students experience authentic, hands-on science. As a result of this innovative work, our students have been awarded the exciting Lexus Eco Challenge Award Stemming from their lessons and activities in the Middle School Garden.


Integrated Technology 

As an Apple Distinguished School, North Broward Prep has technology thoughtfully integrated throughout our curriculum. The Apple distinction is a demonstration of North Broward Prep’s commitment to innovation, leadership, and educational excellence and serves as an example of Apple’s vision of an exemplary learning environment.   


We know every child is unique and has their own goals, interests, talents, and areas of development. Our passionate teachers care about establishing a great relationship with your child, building up their strengths, and creating projects that help them grow more than they ever imagined possible.

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