The success of our students in Advanced Placement courses makes colleges and universities aware that they have what it takes to succeed in an undergraduate academic environment.
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Since the 1998-99 school year, students at North Broward Preparatory School have enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  The AP program is a rigorous nationally defined curricula that challenges students with college level curriculum designed to reflect introductory courses at a college or university. The program was created by the College Board (the same organization that authors the SAT) in order to advance student opportunities in high school.

The Advanced Placement Program offers high school students the equivalent of a one-semester university-level course. AP teachers support students in learning environments that allow students to tackle curriculum ahead of their years.

Many universities reward the successful completion of an AP examination with exemptions from introductory-level classes and/or credits towards graduation.

Students take AP examinations in May.

Most of the AP exams combine multiple-choice questions with a free-response section in either essay or problem-solving format.

AP Studio Art and AP Music have other components, unique to these two disciplines. There is a fee for every AP examination, and this fee is indicated in the course description. Failure to sit for an AP exam may result in loss of credit for the class.


Course Descriptions


IB English

We do not offer an English AP course in the English department, as we have IB Standard Level and Higher Level honors courses. However, Higher Level IB students in both Language and Literature and Literature, can choose to register and take either the Lang and Composition or the Literature AP exam.

In English  HL IB classes, students will be developing the holistic skills that they need to approach the AP exam. We highly encourage our students, to take the AP exam, but it is not mandatory as IB students must sit for the IB exams in second year.

Academics High School


Benefits of AP Courses

The success of North Broward Preparatory School students in AP courses makes colleges and universities aware that they have what it takes to succeed in an undergraduate academic environment. When elite colleges and universities see AP on our students’ transcripts, they know that what each student experienced in a particular class has prepared them well for the challenges of college. Taking AP is an indication that the student is ready and equipped for the most rigorous classes North Broward Prep has to offer.

AP Courses teach the skills and habits of mind that most students first learn in college. North Broward AP students develop critical thinking, problem solving, time management, and communication skills. A strong work ethic, creativity, grit, and the ability to overcome obstacles are the rewards of success in these courses, along with potential college credit. For more information regarding how credits for qualifying scores are granted, you should visit colleges’ websites.


AP Exams

The cost of each AP exam is $94.00 which will be billed to the student’s account. For more details, please contact our AP coordinator, Ms. Wolpowitz.

The May 2020 adjusted exam calendar can be found here.


In our high school, students enjoy the academically stimulating environment where they can explore their interests, learn to collaborate, think critically, and prepare for the rigors of college and beyond. Your child will be able to build their own impressive schedule around honor classes, AP and IB classes, and other enrichment programs.

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