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January 16, 2018

NB artists work honored and used to help protect our oceans

Guardian of the Deep
NB artists work honored and used to help protect our oceans
NB artists work honored and used to help protect our oceans NB artists Zhaoyu and Rebecca receive honors in the Bow Seat 2017 Ocean Awareness Student Contest Art Category.  Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs works to inspire the next generation of ocean caretakers through education and engagement with the arts, science, and advocacy.
Congratulations to Zhaoyu Liu Gr 12!


Zhaoyu won the Distinguished Honorable Mention Award in the 2017 Ocean Awareness Student Contest Art Category. 

As a Distinguished Honorable Mention Award winner, he won a $250 cash award. The judges felt his submission was impressive and stood out from the nearly 1,900 high school entries from around the world. We are incredibly proud of his accomplishment!

Zhaoyu will be featured on, and personally be featured on Bowseat's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over the next several months. You can follow on social media (@fromthebowseat) to see his work showcased so you can share it with your friends and family.

Of his work “Guardian of the Deep" Zhaoyu says: "We all have a common homeland---the Earth. This is the place we live and laugh together. However, a cold-blooded killer gradually destroys this peace: water pollution. As the society becomes more developed, a great many relentless factories pollute our environment. All the poisonous chemicals, metals, and sewage were poured into our lovely rivers, and ocean. Fish are crying, losing their livable habitat. As one part of the Earth, I realize it is time to do something for our Earth! I decided to take out my art tools, and make a painting to rouse people’s souls and help them gain their consciousness of protecting our ocean.

The painting was made by color pencil and watercolor. The girl in this painting is the guardian of the ocean. She is trying to hold the fish in her hand to tell all the people that it is time to use our hands to protect theses animals instead of destroying their homeland. The serious greenhouse effect is leading to the melting of ice and rising of the sea level. The melting ice cubes in the painting represent the rising ocean temperature. The falling ice cubes tells us we have to make a move to stop the ice from melting. The pattern behind the girl is a star inside a circle. It represents connection, and tells us that protecting our earth is not a job done by one person. Instead, everyone in the earth should work together to reduce the pollution and make our earth better"

Congratulations to Rebecca Fain Gr 12!


Rebecca's piece "Killer" is the Featured Artist for December 2017 on Bow Seat!

Rebecca's work explores: "Who is to blame for such a rise in ocean pollution over the past years? Usually, we blame other people, factories, trash companies, or even governments. But who are these people? It is difficult to recognize, but they are you. You, me, them, and all the people on this beautiful planet are the ones to blame for this pollution. Regardless of whether or not you directly pollute or liter in the ocean, you are the one who’s trash is taken by these companies and you are the one who factories are manufacturing for. Ocean pollution cannot and will not end until our world collectively recognizes the pressing issue at hand and joins together in effort to protect the ocean and the beautiful creatures living in it. Through my piece, I hope to convey the importance of this message by portraying the beauty of the ocean and its interaction with nature."

Well done Rebecca!