Explore our various Lower School clubs and activities to keep your child active and engaged.
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NBPS Student Government Association 

Lower School Student Government Association is comprised of elected representatives from grades 3-5. Student government meets once per week to organize and implement school wide community service projects and to support school initiatives in conjunction with PSTA and Upper School Student Government. Through SGA, students learn the importance of civic responsibility, service and commitment.

Mandarin Chit-Chat 

Lower School students meet weekly with Upper School native Mandarin speakers to put their Mandarin language studies into practice. With teacher supervision, our lower school Mandarin students work to improve their skills and vocabulary through authentic conversation and dialogue with native speaking students as guides.

Ecology Club  

Members in grades 4-5 meet weekly, under the direction of our lower school science teacher, to collect recycled materials, help maintain garden and pond learning spaces, and develop ecologically sound programs and practices for the Lower School.

Choir Club Choir 

This club is open to 4th and 5th grade students who are interested in learning to sing in many musical styles including Popular, Broadway, Jazz, Classical and Concert. Choir Club students learn choreography to many of their selections, and will even tap into their instrumental skills by adding drums and other percussion to their singing! Choir Club students perform at various school and local events.

Strings Club 

Strings Club is open to all Lower School strings students in grades 1-5. Violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists spend two hours a week after school practicing new music, reviewing known music, as well as playing music games.

Jazz Band Club 

Band students who join Jazz Band Club have an opportunity to experience music making and band in a whole new way. Jazz band students learn to play jazz music from the greats during their weekly sessions. Lower School Jazz Band members perform at several school concerts throughout the year.