Parking registration for the 2024-2025 school year will open June 10, 2024. To be eligible for student parking, your student must have a current, valid driver’s license (not a learner’s permit) to register for parking.
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Early Dismissal Procedure

A parent/guardian wishing to arrange early dismissal for a student(s) must complete and submit this Student Early Dismissal Form at least one hour prior to the time of dismissal or up to 5 days in advance. Early dismissals will end 35 minutes prior to the end of each school day. In the event of an emergency that results in the need to pick up a student early, and the early dismissal form has not yet been submitted, please contact the Dean's Office for High School, Middle School Office or Lower School Office for assistance, depending on which division your child is in. 

Early Dismissal for Student Drivers: A student must be signed out by a parent in person, or by having a parent complete the Student Early Dismissal Form. The school will not accept parental permission for early dismissal by telephone, email or fax.


Additional Parent Parking Decals 

For parents needing an additional parking decal, click on this link to complete an application. All Upper School students will come to the Dean's Office to pick up the additional decals once they have been approved. Lower School parents will pick up additional decals at the Lower School Office.


Student Parking Decals 

Welcome to the NBPS Student Parking Registration Form. Both parking lots associated with the Global Wellness Center and the NE parking lot next to the International Village will be made available to student drivers. All three different parking areas will be treated as one lot. There is no designated senior, junior, or sophomore parking lot. Students will be able to park on a first come, first serve basis. We will be rotating the colors of the decals for the upcoming year and students will receive a teal decal. There will be approximately 300 parking spots available for student drivers for the 24-25 school year. NBPS may determine there are more student parking spots available than originally planned, however once the online registration form is closed then there are no more spots available.

Students may drive and park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right. As such, the following processes and restrictions apply to students driving a vehicle to campus:


Each vehicle must have an application form completed, accepted, and on file with NBPS. A picture of the student's current and valid driver's license must be submitted with this application. Learner's permits will not be accepted. You may use this link to apply.

Parking Restrictions
Access to Vehicles

During the school day, vehicles and student parking lots are off limits to students without a pass from the Dean's office.

Driving On or Leaving Campus

If a student is reported for driving in an unsafe or inconsiderate manner on campus, or violating any laws related to driving on or while leaving campus, a student's driving privilege may be revoked. When on campus:


Any student who exercises driving and parking privileges gives consent to school authorities to conduct a search of the vehicle and its contents without notice or consent, and without a search warrant, irrespective of vehicle ownership. School authorities will conduct vehicle searches whenever there is reasonable suspicion to believe that illegal and/or unauthorized materials or contraband may be contained within.