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    Our school offers an environment of respect, intercultural understanding and integrity, where everyone is involved, valued and successful; a community where individuals make a difference.

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    Our students have achieved strong results in the IB Diploma Programme. BISB’s initial average score this year is 2½ points higher than the IB global average, maintaining the gap between ourselves and other IB schools around the world.

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Poetry Showcase

06 March 2019

This week we celebrated the creative achievements of thirteen students in Year 7 and 8 who wrote and performed their own poems. Inspired by renowned slam poets such as Sarah Kay and Harry Baker, they took to the stage to perform in a poetry showcase to students in Year 10.  The topics ranged from thoughts on self-acceptance to defying gender stereotypes. It was great to see such heartfelt, imaginative and thoughtful performances! 

  • poetry showcase
  • poetry showcase
  • poetry showcase
  • poetry showcase

The Other Side by Izabella Lakatos and Rebeka Rea

I want you to know one thing
I want you to know there`s always another side to see
It`s not always just right and wrong, good or bad
That is only an angle that is shown

There is another side
A side that is unknown
A side which everyone pretends not to know
A side which nobody wants to know and see
A side, another side
Another side filled in with the truth, darkness and shame
Covered in by the layer of perfection

They want us to cover our true layer inside
Our layer of mind
Our layer of wind
Our layer of what`s truly happening inside

I want you to know one thing
I want you to know there is always another side to see
The side which borders are build up of the bricks of reality
Covered in by the layer of impeccability

The layer of impeccability
People live in it like reality
That`s what truly causes anxiety
Don`t be afraid to know and see
Don`t be afraid to live at the other side and see
The true side of reality
Although nobody bothers to see
That’s why the other side is just another fantasy.

Scarecrow Love by Karen Fan 

A figure of a man in the sea of sunflowers
It seems so close that we can touch
But it’s as far as your heart to my heart
Your beauty is different from the sunflowers
Because they grow in my mind, you don’t
Where is my sun?
Without it, my children all look down
I’m scared, for not be able to cover the wind, the rain and the storm
I‘m scared, the sun won’t be there tomorrow
I’m scared, I‘ll miss the moment to meet her

That man lay on the sea but never sank into it
His heart is made of a diamond
Shines as bright as a sun
However, it’s empty inside
He wants her to break it into pieces
So at least he knows the hurt can make him feel alive
Or colour his heart into black
Pretend he’s strong.

He saved all the space for her
Because he won’t feel love again
No one cannot live without someone
She was so perfect in his imagination
Now it’s time to wake up from this dream
That’s the scarecrow’s love.

Paper Man by Mercedes Cernadas

I want you to know one thing,
I was walking by the park listening
To children laugh, eating ice cream
And me…

Lonely, Hopeless, with no mouth,
No heart and no life.
The storm,
Blowing my hopes and dreams away.
I felt blown away, the children stop
Laughing and their ice cream started
To melt like the sun is burning
And me…

I felt like dying, I felt nothing more than
Pain. Everything that I have left is
pain and pain in my body.  But,
Nothing else.

Is like every single day I feel that
someone is shooting me as hard as
possible trying to hurt me. Well,
they already did.
And me…

Finding love, someday, somewhere,
But I just need love and hopes for me.
I am just the person who deserves better
love , better life and better heart. I just need
These things. But, nothing else. And me...

I am a poor old paper man, walking and
Walking every single day of my poor, lonely,
Hopeless life. Losing papers of me, losing
hopes , losing feelings and losing love.
And me…

Every step of my journey loses something.
But that’s not all.
Every day of my life, gets
Bad to worst.
Every day of my mood loses hopes, Dreams.
I am just trying to fit in this world.
But I  can’t.

The storm is becoming scarier and scarier.
Every single day, I feel nothing more than pain.
Just a lonely, hopeless.
old man walking by the street with nothing
but pain.