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News image Metacognition: Helping Kids Unlock The Power of Thinking About Thinking-Metacognition-METACOGNITION - PAGE BREAK IMAGE Blog | Global Campus | Blog
Metacognition: Helping Kids Unlock The Power of Thinking About Thinking
How many times do you get to the end of a page in a book, or a work document, and realised you cannot remember a word you’ve read? It happens to us all.
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News image Nurturing Empowerment and Emotional Growth-Nurturing Empowerment and Emotional Growth-FOE 1 Blog | Blog | Elementary | Global Campus | Homepage Featured Article
Nurturing Empowerment and Emotional Growth: Transformative Initiatives at The Village School
With March marking Women's History Month, the Future of Education podcast seized the opportunity to spotlight The Village School counselor, Dana Sheridan, and her pioneering efforts in implementing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives. In these special episodes, Sheridan shares her invaluable insights, aligning perfectly with the podcast's dedication to equipping parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to support their children's holistic development.
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News image How A Storyteller Found His Stride-How A Storyteller Found His Stride-VS5 News | Middle School | Village In The Press
How A Storyteller Found His Stride
Vrisan Shah didn’t always enjoy writing, but his parents saw his talents and encouraged him to enter a writing contest when he was in third grade at The Village School. Three years later, he’s the author of three books.

"Initially, I didn't enjoy writing, but I always had stories swirling in my head," explained Vrisan Shah, now a sixth grader at The Village School. "When my parents suggested I enter a writing contest, I thought, 'Why not give it a try?'"
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News image Helping Kids See That They Matter For Who They Are And Not What They Achieve-Helping Kids See That They Matter For Who They Are And Not What They Achieve-INSIGHTS II Blog | Global Campus | Blog
Helping Kids See That They Matter For Who They Are And Not What They Achieve
Researchers and educators know about the importance of belonging, of feeling like we're part of a larger group that values, respects and cares for us. But mattering goes deeper. Mattering is mutual and creates a virtuous spiral: when we feel valued, we tend to value others.
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News image Cultural Acclimation Program-Cultural Acclimation Program-CAS 1 Blog | Elementary | Early Childhood | Global Campus | Homepage Featured Article | School Wide | Blog | featured
Navigating New Beginnings: Overcoming Challenges in Student Transitions to International Schools.

In the dynamic landscape of international education, the transition for students to a new country and school can present unique challenges. Recognizing the pressing need to address these issues, schools are adopting innovative strategies to ensure the successful integration of students from diverse cultural backgrounds. For families moving internationally what essential steps should schools implement to foster seamless transitions for international students, drawing inspiration from best practices in the field?

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News image Wild Tunes Concert-Wild Tunes Concert-Wild Tunes Concert 1 News | Elementary | Fine Arts | Homepage Featured Article
Soothing Shelter Animals Through Music: Fifth Grader Spearheads Fundraiser for Houston Pets Alive!
Animal lovers and welfare advocates of all ages and backgrounds gathered at Resurrection MCC in the Heights for the first-ever Wild Tunes concert – “Melodies of Gratitude” to raise money and awareness for shelter animals at Houston Pets Alive! (HPA!).  
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News image Head of School For A Day-Head of School For A Day-ARY 1 Blog | Elementary | School Wide
Third Grader Gets To Be Head of School For a Day and Helps Local Charity
Third grade student Ary Singh had the honor of being Head of School for the day, and he didn’t let his lack of managerial experience get in the way of making an impact.
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News image Insights - Issue 1-Insights - Issue 1-Knowledge 2 Blog | Global Campus | Homepage Featured Article | Blog
Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication offering a refreshingly honest view on the future of education
Nord Anglia Education has launched a groundbreaking education magazine called INSIGHTS. The new publication offers a comprehensive look into contemporary aspects of global education, tackling topics from mental wellbeing in young people to the role of technology, artificial intelligence in learning, and what the future of education will look like.
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News image Unlocking school year success: Expert tips for teacher-parent teamwork-Parent-Teacher Relationship-Mrs Cooks Class Blog | Blog | Village In The Press | Elementary
Unlocking school year success: Expert tips for teacher-parent teamwork

A strong parent-teacher relationship is crucial to a child's academic and personal development. When parents and teachers work together, it creates a support system benefiting the child in numerous ways, from improved academic performance to enhanced social skills and overall well-being. 

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News image STEAM Day Open Day-steam-and-innovation-open-house-Image Mandatory Blog | schoolwide | Elementary | Fine Arts | Early Childhood | High School | Middle School | School Wide
STEAM Day Open house
Discover how The Village School fosters a culture of academic excellence, cultivates advanced learning environments, and celebrates diversity by attending our open house events. Join us and learn how to grow your child's future at Village.
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News image Peer Mediation-Peer Mediation-Peer Med Blog | Village In The Press | Elementary | Blog
Peer Mediation…Students Helping Students with Conflict-Resolution
At The Village School, we are attempting to shift the mindset that mediation is for older individuals or adults. We are currently in year three of implementing a peer mediation program at the lower school campus, and timed to align with ‘Bullying Prevention Month’.
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News image From Toddlers to Teens...Combating Screen Time-Screen Time-Image_Villlage_Houston_2022_032 Blog | High School | Elementary | Early Childhood | Blog | Homepage Featured Article
From Toddlers to Teens...Combating Screen Time
The verdict is still out regarding how much screen time is safe for our kids. Often you may leave even more confused depending on who you talk to. Digital Citizenship Week is right around the corner in October, so no better time than now to well verse yourself in ways to create a positive culture around how we use media and technology in this ever-evolving digital world.
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News image Artificial Intelligence and education-Artificial Intelligence and education-NAE AI Blog Blog | Homepage Featured Article
Artificial Intelligence and education. Our perspective.
If you’re about to start reading this article – spoiler alert – it wasn’t written by ChatGPT. ChatGPT has made AI feel, well, real. In the blink of an eye awkward AI generated writing has now become more sophisticated and life-like. It’s almost, but not quite, like the real thing. But, what do we think as educators?
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News image Fifth Grader plays piano to soothe homeless dogs at local rescue-Wild Tunes - Yuvi-Yuvi News | Elementary | Village In The Press
Fifth Grader plays piano to soothe homeless dogs at local rescue
Yuvi, a Village fifth grader, loves music and dogs. Combining these passions, he came up with the idea of launching "Wild Tunes," a musical therapy program for shelter animals.
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News image Separation Anxiety - Not goodbye…but see you later. Coping with separation anxiety-Separation Anxiety-The Village School_Houston_Jan 2023_0154 Blog | School Wide | Homepage Featured Article
Not goodbye…but see you later. Coping with separation anxiety
For many children, going back to school is an exciting time, filled with the prospect of new adventures, fun, and friendships. Other children, however, may suffer from separation anxiety, especially if they spend a lot of time with their family over the summer break.
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News image Best of the Best Awards 2023-Best of the Best Awards 2023-BoB (1) News | Village In The Press | School Wide
Best of the Best Awards 2023
The Village School won the prestigious, Best Private School,  title at the Houston Chronicle’s Best of the Best Gala 2023.
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News image The Village School Students Excel at National Speech and Debate Tournament-NSDA tournament-NSDA 2 News | High School
The Village School Students Excel at National Speech and Debate Tournament
The Village School’s Speech and Debate teams went above and beyond at the National Speech and Debate Championship Tournament in Phoenix, AZ this month.
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News image The White House Acknowledges Second Grader-The White House Acknowledges Second Grader-Aria Pic 2 News | Elementary
The White House Acknowledges Second Grader at The Village School for Her Care and Concern for the Animals
"Small but mighty" is an accurate description of Aria R. A second grader at The Village School, Aria has developed an unmistakable passion for animals and wants to ensure they receive the respect they deserve.
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News image College Placement-Colleges our graduates attend-VIL_Houston_187.jpg Blog
College Placement
Village students matriculate at a distinguished list of colleges and universities. The following is a list of some of the most popular choices over the past five years.
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News image Protecting our most precious assets: our students and teachers-protecting-our-most-precious-assets-our-students-and-teachers-Untitled design 1 Blog | School Wide
Protecting our most precious assets: our students and teachers
As we prepare for the start of a new school year, parents and students may be apprehensive given what happened in Uvalde this past May. To put parents at ease, we have outlined what we have done and will continue to do to ensure The Village School is a safe environment for students to learn and grow.
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