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June 24, 2021

Culture of Champions

Culture of Champions | The Village School - Culture of champions
At The Village School, our Culture of Champions focuses, not on the winning of championships, but on the processes of building a strong foundation through a culture that ultimately creates peak academic and physical performance for our learners on a consistent basis. This culture permeates our campus and informs our actions and decisions, creating an X-Factor that is not present on other campuses.

Our Culture of Champions focuses our shared and our individual goals into a here and now context, into project-oriented objectives that illuminate our path forward together, toward the support and achievement of our collective talents. Our Culture prepares our students for the high performance life of their own choosing. 

At Village, our academic learning environment provides a safe space for our students to learn, to develop and practice the skills they need for success. Here, students learn that their journey through life is filled with obstacles. These obstacles provide opportunities for them to courageously embrace the challenge, learn how to navigate their way through these obstacles, to step up — and into — the next level of their potential, and ultimately to forge ahead without giving up.

No Excuses

At Village, our students refuse to offer excuses, blame others, or to justify poor performance. Instead, as Vikings, our students embrace setbacks as opportunities to learn, to grow, and to develop the mental and physical toughness that leads to a life worth living. Our Culture of Champions supports our learners through: Commitment, Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity, Authenticity, Trust, Respect, Courage, Compassion, Humility, Leadership, and Service.

Vikings do not try. This implies the possibility of failure. Failure only occurs when we stop working toward our objectives. When our students encounter obstacles and continue to work through them, they will find success. Our Vikings do not try, they do.