March 06, 2023

The White House Acknowledges Second Grader at The Village School for Her Care and Concern for the Animals

The White House Acknowledges Second Grader - The White House Acknowledges Second Grader
"Small but mighty" is an accurate description of Aria R. A second grader at The Village School, Aria has developed an unmistakable passion for animals and wants to ensure they receive the respect they deserve.
Her love for four-legged creatures of all kinds stems from her relationship with her beloved beagle, Muffin. When Aria discovered that animals are sometimes used to test products for humans in her innovations class at Village, she became deeply concerned and wanted to use her voice to advocate for change. She turned to her dad for advice.

"My dad told me I needed to contact someone in a powerful position, so I took my concerns straight to the top and wrote a letter to the president of the United States," said Aria.

Aria's letter to the White House advocated ending animal testing and told the president if it continues, the food chain will likely collapse.

She wrote her letter, put it in the mail, and went on her way, leading the life of an active 8-year-old who enjoys dancing, singing, playing the piano, and tennis. Already fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Aria also busied herself continuing to learn Hindi.

While Aria was in her pajamas, ready for bed, her parents retrieved the mail one evening. Inside, there was an envelope from the White House addressed to her. It was a letter from the president in response to the letter she had sent not even two months earlier.

In the letter, the president commended Aria for using her voice to speak out about issues that are important to her. He also told her young people like Aria make him feel confident about the country's ability to overcome any challenges it faces.

"Receiving a letter from the president gave Aria validation for sharing her concerns and even more motivation to preserve and protect endangered animals," said Mari, Aria's mom. "I'm pleased The Village School teaches its students about real-world issues and encourages them to push for change."

Aria started attending Village when she was in kindergarten. In addition to exploring current affairs, Mari says the emphasis the school puts on diversity is something Aria will benefit from in the future.

"She's had the opportunity to meet kids from various backgrounds, which has really expanded her horizons," she said. "Activities like the International Food Festival and March of Nations expose the students to aspects of different cultures, which is invaluable."

The lessons and experiences she's gaining as a student at The Village School give Aria the confidence and skills to pave her path to forge change in our world.