August 15, 2023

Fifth Grader plays piano to soothe homeless dogs at local rescue

Fifth Grader plays piano to soothe homeless dogs at local rescue-Wild Tunes - Yuvi-Yuvi
Yuvi, a Village fifth grader, loves music and dogs. Combining these passions, he came up with the idea of launching "Wild Tunes," a musical therapy program for shelter animals.

After conducting research, Yuvi learned about the soothing effect music can have on the anxiety level of animals. He discovered that music - especially classical, soft rock, jazz, and country - can reduce cortisol levels in animals, slowing their heartbeat and decreasing their stress levels, which is especially important for shelter animals who have been abandoned or rescued because of abusive owners.

"My goal is to help animals be less anxious and re-adapt to humans," said Yuvi.

Each week, his mom, Priyanka, takes him to Houston Pets Alive, where Yuvi plays soft, rhythmic music on his keyboard or kalimba, for dogs at the shelter. She credits The Village School with teaching Yuvi the importance of coming up with an idea, developing a plan to make it happen, and putting the plan into action.

The success of Wild Tunes has prompted interest from local and national news outlets, with Yuvi being interviewed by Houston local TV and Good Morning America.

Yuvi’s goal for “Wild Tunes” ... take the program to as many shelters as possible and get more children on board with the initiative.

“We are proud of Yuvi for envisioning and starting ‘Wild Tunes’ and can’t wait to see where it goes next,” said Priyanka.

The Village School is proud to have Yuvi as part of its student body where he can continue to have exceptional learning experiences and inspire other learners to pursue their dreams.