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The Village School
November 28, 2023

Third Grader Gets To Be Head of School For a Day and Helps Local Charity

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Third grade student Ary Singh had the honor of being Head of School for the day, and he didn’t let his lack of managerial experience get in the way of making an impact.

Dressed smartly in shirt, tie and jacket, Ary arrived at school ready to get to work. After being shown to his desk and viewing the day's agenda, his first job was to initiate a fire drill scheduled for that day, a big responsibility for even the most seasoned academic administrator. “The fire drill is important to practice because if there is a fire everyone needs to know what to do,” said Ary after a successful practice run. 

Next up was the morning announcements, which were delivered in conjunction with regular Head of School Bill Delbrugge. Ary took this opportunity to introduce one of his campus wide initiatives; installing suggestion boxes around the school, encouraging everyone to share their ideas on making the Village School even better. The result? A flood of creative suggestions from students and staff alike, proving that great ideas can come from the most unexpected places.

But Ary's day wasn't all about paperwork and announcements. Drawing inspiration from a personal experience, Ary spearheaded a project close to his heart – decorating lunch bags for 'Kids Meals,' a charity that had touched him deeply the previous year. The response was incredible! The entire school community, from Pre-K students to High School faculty, came together to create over a thousand beautifully decorated lunch bags, producing a vibrant canvas of creativity and kindness.

Joined by his mom and Head of School Bill Delbrugge, Ary personally delivered the decorated bags to 'Kids Meals' headquarters. The Chief Executive was moved by the gesture, emphasizing the impact a small act of kindness can have on a larger community, and thanked everyone at The Village School for getting involved.

Ary Singh had not just taken on responsibilities but had shown us the power of compassion, unity, and the joy that comes from making a positive impact. When asked about how he felt about being Head of School for the day, Ary said, “I think I helped a lot of kids with the lunch bags and that people enjoyed decorating them. I would like to be Head of School again because I got to talk to lots of people I don’t usually get to talk to.”


Head of School For A Day-Head of School For A Day