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News image Secondary School House Captains Announced!-Secondary School House Captains Announced-houses image News | School Activities
Secondary School House Captains Announced

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new House Captains for the Secondary School. The four House Captains were carefully selected as representatives of the different elements and demonstrated values that we believe are important for our students to embody. These captains will be working closely with our House Coordinator, Mr. Hywel Ward, to organise house events, encourage participation, and ultimately create a strong sense of pride within each house.

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News image Years 7-9 BISS Talks 2024-Years 7-9 BISS Talks 2024-bisstalks2 News | School Activities
Years 7-9 BISS Talks 2024

As part of the Key Stage 3 pastoral programme, each pupil was tasked to prepare a speech on a topic they were passionate about. This activity took place during form time within the first term. Pupils chose a diverse array of topics ranging from sports and hobbies to global hot topics such as ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Plastic – The issue’, ‘Invest in your Sleep’ and ‘Anxiety’.

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News image The 2024 BISS Film Awards-2024 BISS Film Awards-bfa2024 News | School Activities
2024 BISS Film Awards

Lights, camera, action! The 2024 BISS Film Awards (BFAs) took place on Friday 12 April, leaving the audience spellbound with the cinematic artistry showcased by our student filmmakers.

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News image SISAC Football Girls D1 Plate Tournament-SISAC Football Girls D1 Plate Tournament-SISAC Football Girls D1 Plate Tournament2_11zon News | School Activities
SISAC Football Girls D1 Plate Tournament

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, our D1 girls' football team won the plate competition, culminating in a memorable send-off for our seniors.

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News image Year 2 Farm Trip-Year 2 Farm Visit-farm trip1 News | School Activities
Year 2 Farm Visit

Year 2 embarked on a captivating six-week journey to Evergreen Farm, immersing themselves in hands-on agricultural experiences. The programme aimed to educate students about farming practices, foster appreciation for nature, and cultivate essential life skills.

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News image Celebrating our Outstanding Athletes: The KS4 and KS5 BISS Lions Sports Awards-Celebrating our Outstanding Athletes at the Sports Awards-sports awards 20241 News | School Activities
Celebrating our Outstanding Athletes: The KS4 and KS5 BISS Lions Sports Awards

We are delighted to report on an exhilarating event that took place on Monday 8 April: the KS4 and KS5 BISS Lions Sports Awards. Organised by Year 12 students, the event was broadcasted as a live podcast. The occasion served to honour the graduating class of 2024, recognising their outstanding achievements as student athletes and celebrating the overall performance of teams representing the BISS Lions athletics programmes in the SISAC and ACAMIS leagues.

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News image Year 2 STEAM Showcase-Year 2 STEAM Showcase-steam show y22 News | School Activities
Year 2 STEAM Showcase

We are thrilled to share highlights from our Year 2 STEAM Showcase, which took place in conjunction with Recycling Week, Poetry Day and our STEAM unit on journeys through Earth’s different habitats. This term’s theme inspired our students to create incredible works of art and poetry, as well as informative posters.

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News image 2024 FOBISIA - Our Best Athletics Performance in 10 Years-2024 FOBISIA - Our Best Athletics Performance in 10 Years-fobisia-athletes News | School Activities
2024 FOBISIA - Our Best Athletics Performance in 10 Years

On the first day of the 2024 Under 13 FOBISIA Games, our student athletes rolled out of the opening ceremony with smiles and excitement, ready to compete in a compact athletics schedule in one of the highly competitive school groups. In Thailand's 38° heat and humidity, our BISS lions excelled in the competition as the medals came in and our BISS Lions’ hard work and dedication came to fruition. After 12 athletic events, our dedicated Lions came back with 20 medals! The best athletic performance as a squad in over 10 years!

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News image ECAs Newsletter - Term 2-ECAs Newsletter - Term 2-ECA T2 20242 News | School Activities
ECAs Update - 100+ activities taking place each term!

You may have just received the first-ever ECAs Newsletter by email. Here you can find the messages sent from each of our ECA leaders to find out how students got on this term.

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News image 7 Questions with BISS Alumni-7 Questions with BISS Alumni-Suzanne 3 - Revisiting BISS after university News | School Activities | Alumni | Homepage Featured Article
7 Questions with BISS Alumni - Vanessa & Suzanne

Vanessa and Suzanne Marton graduated from BISS in 2012, and both went on to study Law at the London School of Economics & Political Science and University of Oxford, respectively. We've caught up with them to see how they're getting on as successful lawyers, and asked seven questions reflecting on what made BISS special to them.

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News image World Theatre Day-World Theatre Day-IMG_7263 News | School Activities
World Theatre Day

As we celebrate World Theatre Day on Wednesday 27 March and Theatre in our Schools month throughout March, it's the perfect time to highlight the many benefits of studying Drama and Theatre and the value of performing arts in shaping our children to be ‘future ready’.

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News image Nord Anglia Regional Mathematics Challenge 2024-Nord Anglia Regional Mathematics Challenge 2024-reg maths 2024 1 News | School Activities
Nord Anglia Regional Mathematics Challenge 2024

BISS Puxi recently hosted the Nord Anglia Regional Mathematics Challenge, a two-day competition involving several of our International and Bilingual schools in China. The event featured a Primary (Years 5 and 6) and Secondary (Years 7 and 8) section, each with a range of problem-solving questions, puzzles and challenges, as well as an individual question paper for students to attempt.

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News image ACAMIS Junior Swimming 2024-ACAMIS Junior Swimming 2024-swim acamis jr News | School Activities
ACAMIS Junior Swimming 2024

The BISS swim team had a fabulous weekend of swimming at ACAMIS Junior 2024 hosted by Xi’an International School. The event was a resounding success with more than 100 volunteer staff involved in organising the swimming gala for more than 24 schools with 440 swimmers and 400 spectators. Xi’an International School shared their wonderful facilities and gave all visiting schools a very warm welcome. The Mayor of Xi’an also attended the opening ceremony, making this event the biggest our team has taken part in in recent years.

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News image The Duke of Edinburgh IA Qualifying Adventurous Journey-The Duke of Edinburgh IA Qualifying Adventurous Journey-DOE 1 News | School Activities
The Duke of Edinburgh IA Qualifying Adventurous Journey

We are excited to share with you a recap of the recent camping and hiking Adventurous Journey for The Duke of Edinburgh International Award that took place on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 March. Our students embarked on a memorable two-day expedition in Moganshan, Zhejiang Province, where they hiked through bamboo forests, conquered elevations of 750 metres, and camped under the stars for one night.

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News image Work Experience Information Evening-Work Experience Information Evening-Andrew-Joy News | School Activities
Work Experience Information Evening

At the Work Experience Information Evening for Year 10 Parents, held on 21 March, parents gained insights into the upcoming Work Experience Programme for their children. Led by Mr Andrew Joy, Head of Secondary, Ms Doshila Neergheen, Year 10 Leader, and Mr Alexander Olya, Head of Higher Education and Careers Guidance, the session provided an overview of the objectives, logistics and benefits of the work experience initiative.

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News image BHGT24 - Never Give Up On Your Dreams-BHGT24 - Never Give Up On Your Dreams-bhgt auditions News | School Activities
BHGT24 - Never Give Up On Your Dreams

As an educator, it is never easy to deliver the news to students that they have not been successful in a competition or talent show. Last week, I had to do just that to over 100 students as part of our school's talent show. What struck me the most was the courage and vulnerability these students had shown by putting themselves out there in the first place.

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News image Empowering Future Scientists-Empowering Future Scientists-Science Fair 2 News | School Activities
Empowering Future Scientists: A Reflection on the Year 9 Science Fair

On Thursday 14 March, the Well of Knowledge in the Hamilton Centre was buzzing with the vibrant energy of eager young minds, showcasing their scientific prowess. From 13:45 to 15:30, this space was transformed into a hub of innovation and inquiry, playing host to the eagerly anticipated Year 9 Science Fair. This event, the culmination of nearly two months of meticulous preparation and dedication, stood as a testament to the relentless curiosity and collaborative spirit of our Year 9 pupils.

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News image BISS Lions Den Finale-BISS Lions Den Finale-lion den 1 News | School Activities
Harnessing Collaboration and Innovation: The BISS Lions’ Den Finale

On 15 March, the stage was set for a display of collaborative genius at the ‘BISS Lions’ Den’ finale, held in Stage One. This pivotal event marked the culmination of the IB Collaborative Science Project, an initiative that required Year 12 students to meld their diverse scientific expertise to create solutions for sustainability challenges.

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News image Pi Day Celebrations in Secondary Mathematics-Pi Day Celebrations in Secondary Mathematics-pi 1 News | School Activities
Pi Day Celebrations in Secondary Mathematics

Our Secondary students recently celebrated Pi Day with the Mathematics Department. Pi Day is a day when mathematicians all over the world commemorate the irrational and fascinating digits of the mathematical constant π. Derived from the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, π is found in many other interesting places, such as sharing the first few digits of Albert Einstein’s birthday, who was born on March 14 1879 (3.14).

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News image Year 5 Space Showcase-Year 5 Space Showcase-space 1 News | School Activities
Year 5 Space Showcase

The DVC Centre was abuzz with excitement on Friday afternoon, as Year 5 students took centre stage at the highly anticipated Space Showcase. The event showcased the remarkable work and learning undertaken by these young enthusiasts in their exploration of outer space.

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