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News image BISS Student Talks 2023 - BISS Student Talks 2023 News | Community
BISS Student Talks 2023
As part of the Key Stage 3 pastoral programme, each pupil was tasked to prepare a speech on a topic they were passionate about. This activity took place during form time within the first term. Pupils chose a diverse array of topics ranging from sports and hobbies to global hot topics such as ‘Misconceptions’, ‘The value of life’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Cancel culture’.
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News image Wellington MUN Conference - Wellington MUN Conference News | Community
Wellington MUN Conference
‘Conflict: Healing the scars of the past’. This was the bold theme underpinning debates in the three committees running at the Wellington MUN on 24 and 25 March. The committees: Security Council; Human Rights Council and the General Assembly for beginners constituted of delegates from five international schools in Shanghai. Eighteen delegates and two chairs representing BISS Puxi were all raring to go as the excitement of socialising and collaborating with other like-minded delegates reached fever-pitch.
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News image What a journey - What a journey News | Community
What a journey
We often describe the learning journey of a student as being when they are in the midst of being at school. Recent research suggests that the learning begins whilst in the womb. The foetus is exposed to a range of sensory experiences, such as sound, light, and touch, which can influence their development. For example, research has shown that babies can recognise their mother's voice and respond to certain sounds in the environment while still in the womb.
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News image World Poetry Day - World Poetry Day News | Community
World Poetry Day
In English lessons on Tuesday, students were celebrating World Poetry Day by crafting and performing their own compositions, in addition to testing their literary knowledge through participating in a fun poetry quiz.
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News image A Parent Workshop on Talk for Writing - A Parent Workshop on Talk for Writing News | Community
A Parent Workshop on Talk for Writing
The Year 3 children have been engaging in the exciting ‘Talk for Writing’ genre of non-chronological report writing. The text titled ‘How do people survive in the desert?’ was the starting point to sharpen and develop the children’s writing skills of the non-chronological report.
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News image The Primary Playground Buddies - Playground Buddies News | Community
The Primary Playground Buddies
As the school year continues, we are proud to highlight the important role that our Year 5 and Year 6 students are playing as playground buddies. These students have put themselves forward for this responsibility and are now serving as role models for younger children in our school.
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News image A Parent Workshop on the White Rose Maths Scheme - White Rose Maths Scheme News | Community
A Parent Workshop on the White Rose Maths Scheme
Mathematics is an essential subject that provides a foundation for many other subjects and is crucial for success in everyday life. As such, it is important for schools to provide a strong Maths education for their students. One way that BISS is doing this is through the implementation of the White Rose Maths scheme. Recently, James Callan, our Maths Leader, held a Maths parent workshop to inform parents about the White Rose scheme and how it is implemented across different year groups.
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News image Changfeng Ocean Park - Changfeng Ocean Park News | Community
Changfeng Ocean Park
Last week, Year One students were very excited to go on their first educational visit of the year! Excursions out of school are such a valuable part of our students’ education and learning experience, and we are delighted that we can now resume such activities.
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News image BISS Ambassadors in the Secondary School - BISS Ambassadors in the Secondary School News | Community
BISS Ambassadors in the Secondary School
At the start of Term 2, students across the Secondary School were encouraged to apply for a Prefect Role. The rationale behind a Prefect is the following: A Prefect employs the core values of courtesy, respect, and responsibility. Prefects are ambassadors for the school and are excellent role models for other students. Their function is to represent the student body at school events and to act as role models upholding our value system.
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News image Share a Dream - share-a-dream News | Community
Share a Dream
At BISS Puxi, we believe in supporting and encouraging students to develop not only academically but also holistically through the engagement of local and global issues. Linking to one of our five pillars, ‘internationalism’, we emphasise the importance of becoming a global citizen who makes informed decisions and contributes to the local and wider community.
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News image Nord Anglia Maths Challenge - nord-anglia-maths-challenge News | Community
Nord Anglia Maths Challenge
The Nord Anglia Maths Challenge was held from Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 January for students in Years 5 to 8. Our family of schools in the China region were invited to take part and we had some brilliant entries from colleagues across the Nord Anglia community. The central theme was Mathematics in China and the Lunar New Year Calendar!
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News image News Default Image News | Community
Celebrating the Chinese New Year
Wishing you prosperity! Please bring me my ‘hongbao’! BISS is alive once again with a blaze of red as students and teachers have donned festive red or Chinese outfits to bring in luck for the Year of the Tiger.
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News image News Default Image News | Community
Year 12 Enrichment Day
On Friday 21 January, our Year 12 students enjoyed a series of enrichment workshops. We started the day by looking at how students can maximise their success in the IBDP – this mirrored the parent workshop that ran on Monday 17 January.
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News image Succeeding on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - succeeding-on-the-international-baccalaureate-diploma-programme News | Community
Succeeding on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
On Monday 17 January, we were able to invite our Year 12 Parents and their sons and daughters into school. They attended a workshop designed to help parents to understand what their sons and daughters will be doing in school in the coming months.
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News image Codefest with Oakridge International School in Bangalore - codefest-with-oakridge-international-school-in-bangalore News | Community
Codefest with Oakridge International School in Bangalore
Last week, our school was invited by Oakridge International School in Bangalore (NAE) to take part in a 24-hour Codefest, from 1pm on Saturday 22 until 1pm on Sunday 23 January. Students needed to decide on a program idea related to a list of given topics and then, brainstorm their idea before the competition. They were only given the 24 hours window to write the code.
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News image Exploring the virtual world in the classroom - exploring-the-virtual-world-in-the-classroom News | Community
Exploring the virtual world in the classroom
If you've watched the news, you have probably seen stories about Virtual Reality and wondered what you can do with it. As a school, we have wondered the same thing! So, a few years ago we bought some VR headsets to trial them and see how they can be used in education. We had a look at which one was the easiest to use and also reviewed which applications were available on each device. In January this year, the first Year 7 students had the opportunity to start learning how to do 3D modelling in Virtual Reality.
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News image IBDP Information Session - ibdp-information-session News | Community
IBDP Information Session
On Tuesday 11 January, our Year 11 students and their parents were invited to attend the IBDP Information Session and Subject Fair. The students have just started to think about their move into the IB Academy next year and we are keen to support them with their option choices. One of the benefits to the students of being given the opportunity to think about next year is to offer them additional motivation in this very challenging next two terms.
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News image Tennis at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus - tennis-at-the-british-international-school-shanghai-puxi-campus News | Community
Tennis at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus
On behalf of the sportED Tennis team, we would like to offer a general summary of tennis activities happening this year on the fantastic five court facility we have at the school.
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News image Competitive Sports Opportunities - competitive-sports-opportunities News | Community
Competitive Sports Opportunities
The BISS Lions Sports programme offers a multitude of exciting opportunities to take part in sports events within Shanghai and further afield in China and Asia. There is usually a charge for these events, which covers transportation, accommodation, food and entry fees.
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News image Our Sports Programme - our-sports-programme News | Community
Our Sports Programme
At the beginning of a new school year, it is always an opportunity for a fresh start, one for all of us. That is especially the case in the international school setting, when we often spend our summer holidays travelling around the world.
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