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News image 'My Shanghai' authors visit BISS - My Shanghai Authors Visit BISS News | School Activities
'My Shanghai' authors visit BISS

We were thrilled to welcome Angela and Zhen-Lei, the authors of 'My Shanghai', to our school. They visited our Early Years students and enchanted them with their wonderful story. 'My Shanghai' took our students on an enchanting journey through the city, from the break of dawn until the city lights danced against the night sky.

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News image BISS becomes pilot school for global 'Metacognition Research Project' - BISS Pilot School Metacognition Research News | School Activities
BISS becomes pilot school for global 'Metacognition Research Project'

Nord Anglia Education has announced the official launch of its ‘Metacognition Research Project’ in partnership with the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College (US), and BISS is one of 27 pilot schools chosen for this pioneering approach worldwide. BISS' Deputy Head (Pastoral), Emma James, takes us through what this projects means for the school and our students.

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News image Bringing Learning to Life: Ancient Egypt - Ancient Egypt News | School Activities
Bringing Learning to Life: Ancient Egypt

The Year 3 school trip to the Ancient Egypt exhibition at Meet You Museum was a highly enriching and educational experience for the students. The trip was aimed at complementing their STEAM learning by providing them with an opportunity to witness high-quality artefacts from ancient Egypt.

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News image Lunar New Year Celebrated by Korean Community - Lunar New Year Celebrated by Korean Community News | School Activities
Lunar New Year Celebrated by Korean Community

This week, we had a number of activities to mark Korean New Year. While we regularly celebrate the Chinese New Year festival, it is also good to recognise that lunar new year is part of the cultural identify for many other nationalities, so this was an excellent opportunity for our Korean community to share some of their traditions.

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News image BISS Immerses in CNY Celebrations - BISS Immerses in CNY Celebrations News | School Activities
BISS Immerses in CNY Celebrations

As educators, we recognize the profound learning benefits that come from embracing cultural celebrations such as Chinese New Year within our international school community here in China. Beyond the glittering festivities and vibrant traditions, this annual event offers invaluable opportunities for our students to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and enhance their global perspectives.

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News image MIT Challenge: Build Better Plants! - MIT Challenge Build Better Plants News | School Activities
MIT Challenge: Build Better Plants!

This term, the Primary School students enthusiastically embraced the MIT Challenge: Build Better Plants! The challenge centred around designing plants equipped to thrive in the face of climate change scenarios. The initiative aimed not only to cultivate scientific curiosity but also to instil a sense of responsibility towards our planet in our young minds.

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News image Top New York Trombonist Visits BISS! - Top Trombonist Visits BISS News | School Activities
Top New York Trombonist Visits BISS!

In January, BISS Puxi was delighted to welcome Brian Drye to the school. Brian is BISS Puxi’s Juilliard Music Curriculum Specialist. He spent two days with BISS staff and students and focused on providing professional development to the members of the Music Department.

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News image Practicing Chinese at RT Mart - Practicing Chinese at RT Mart News | School Activities
Practicing Chinese at RT Mart

Year 9 students in Ms Sena Piao’s class have been to RT Mart today to practice their oral skills. The students have been learning language from the topic of shopping and food. At the supermarket, they were set tasks to complete. They had to ask the RT Mart staff some questions in Chinese in order to find out about certain items and their prices. All of the items were of a specific brand and weight and so, the students needed to communicate with the staff in order to find the correct items.

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News image Nurturing Bright Futures: Our Students' Hands-On Contributions in Tanzania  - BISS Tanzania Expedition 2024 News | School Activities
Nurturing Bright Futures: Our Students' Hands-On Contributions in Tanzania

Working alongside one of our partner charities in Tanzania, Seeway, our students engaged in a highly rewarding programme of sustainable service work, to improve the health and long-term prospects of children and their families in Tanzania. Last week, our students worked with project partners across the globe providing new educational facilities with Seeway Tanzania and improvements to local families in most need.

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News image China Art Museum Visit - China Art Museum Visit News | School Activities
China Art Museum Visit

On Tuesday 30 January, the Year 10 to Year 13 Art students visited The China Art Museum. The museum is housed in the China Pavilion building, formerly of the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. An appropriately impressive choice of venue for the Year 11 artists who received their exam paper today with the theme of “Power”.

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News image Top University Offers Achieved - University Offers 2024 News | School Activities
Top University Offers Achieved

The British International School Shanghai proudly celebrates the remarkable achievements of its IB Diploma students as they receive an array of extraordinary university offers. Among these stellar offers, a shining pinnacle stands tall—the University of Oxford, a testament to the exceptional academic prowess cultivated within the school's walls.

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News image Battle of the Bands Rocks the House - Battle of the Bands News | School Activities
Battle of the Bands Rocks the House!

The Battle of the Bands concert, which took place last Friday, was a showcase of musical talent at our school. Four bands, each with their own unique sound, took to the stage to perform one song each, creating an electric atmosphere in the Auditorium. Our three judges evaluated performances for first, second and third places, while the audience actively participated by selecting their favourite band for the coveted Audience Choice Award.

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News image Concordia MUN (CISSMUN) Conference - CISSMUN News | School Activities
Concordia MUN (CISSMUN) Conference

Nothing has been more exciting for Model United Nations delegates than the resumption of face-to-face simulations not only in Shanghai but across the country as well. One such conference that is back on its feet after a three-year hiatus is the Concordia MUN (CISSMUN) conference whose 13th annual iteration was held from 19 to 21 January 2024. Based on the theme “The Age of Acceleration”, the conference attracted over 700 delegates from China and beyond.

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News image Pawsitively Impactful: Nurturing Stray Lives with the help of PAWS - Pawsitively Impactful News | School Activities
Pawsitively Impactful: Nurturing Stray Lives with the help of PAWS

Welcome to this, our first PAWS blog, where we delve into the heart of our organisation's journey and share the strides we're making to protect and improve the lives of stray animals in Shanghai.

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News image Shanghai Swim League Success - Shanghai Swim League News | School Activities | Sport
Shanghai Swim League Success

The BISS Lions swimming team participated in Round 3 of the Shanghai Swim League from the 19-21 January, hosted by Nanjing International School, with over 600 competitors. The two-day event epitomised the commitment of our swimming team and their parents to the programme, as the time invested at swimming events is huge. The students put on fantastic individual and team performances, demonstrating solidarity, when supporting their peers across the course of the weekend.

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News image Play Dates: A Nursery Community Project - Play Dates News | School Activities
Play Dates: A Nursery Community Project

As a parent, you want your child to grow up to be happy, confident and well-adjusted adults. One of the most important factors in achieving this is developing strong social skills. Play is a powerful tool for children to develop these skills. It allows them to begin to understand the world around them. When children play together, the benefits are endless.

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News image Celebrating Maths Appreciation Day - Maths Day News | School Activities
Celebrating Maths Appreciation Day

On 19 January, the Primary School hosted an exciting Maths Appreciation Day. The day’s activities aimed to encourage the students to appreciate the fascinating world of mathematics. The day started with an engaging discussion and presentation about where maths is used in in our daily lives, highlighting the omnipresence of the subject. Without maths, the world around us wouldn’t exist as we know it today since technology, engineering, medicine, etc. are all dependent on mathematical calculations! With this, the students gained a deeper understanding of the beauty and relevance of maths.

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News image  A Day at SGS Analytical Laboratories - A Day at SGS Analytical Laboratories News | School Activities
A Day at SGS Analytical Laboratories

At BISS, we believe that true education extends beyond the traditional classroom, reaching into the real-world applications of the subjects our students study. On 17 January 2024, the Year 13 IB Chemistry trip to the SGS Analytical Laboratories in Pudong, Shanghai, stood as a testament to our commitment to providing holistic learning experiences.

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News image IGCSE Ceremony - IGCSE Ceremony News | School Activities
IGCSE Ceremony

Last Wednesday, we held a special ceremony to recognise the achievements of the cohort of students who completed their IGCSE programme at the end of last academic year. This was an opportunity to reflect upon the significance of this educational milestone as well as to present their IGCSE certificates from the respective examination boards.

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News image IB Spanish Workshop - IB Spanish Workshop News | School Activities
IB Spanish Workshop

On Friday 19 January BISS Puxi hosted an IB Spanish B Workshop for Spanish teachers in the region. The event was led by Ms Díaz Fernández and Dr Cattell. The purpose of the initiative was to draw on expertise and to share best practice in order to enrich the student experience of the Spanish B course and to enhance academic outcomes. The event began with an opening address from Dr Cattell, who then led a session on how to prepare students for the standard-level oral examination.

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