Languages are taught using practical, engaging and interactive methods including pair- and group-work, as well as traditional reading and writing activities. Where appropriate, teachers and students alike make use of technology to augment and accelerate students’ progress.  

At BSG, all EYFS and Primary students learn Mandarin Chinese from day one. This allows them to better relate to the life they see around them every day in China and to make the most of opportunities to interact with the host culture.  

In Pre-Nursery and Nursery, our young learners have four Chinese lessons per week with native speakers with a strong emphasis on developing verbal fluency and confidence.  In Reception, students have daily Chinese lessons.

In Years 1, 2 and 3 there are four Chinese lessons each week suitable for all learners, whether beginners or mother tongue speakers. As well as working on students’ speaking and listening skills, there is a gradual increase in time devoted to improving reading and writing in Chinese.  

From Years 4 to Year 6, students have three one-hour lessons of Chinese per week. In the Summer Term of Year 6, we will begin asking students and parents to begin to consider which language they would like to pursue in the secondary school. The MFL department will support this process with key information so that an informed choice can be made.

At Key Stage 3, students choose one language from Chinese, French or Spanish and follow a course based on the English National Curriculum which develops the four skills in listening and speaking, reading and writing. Where possible, every opportunity is taken to discuss the culture of the countries where the languages are spoken.  

In Key Stage 4, students continue their chosen specialist language and follow the Cambridge International IGCSE curriculum. Students are assessed externally in all four communication skills and the course covers the following five areas of study; Everyday Activities, Personal & Social Life, The World Around Us, The World of Work and The International World. Students of Chinese have the option to take IGCSE qualifications in Chinese as a First Language – for mother tongue speakers, as a Second Language for advanced near-native speakers or as a Foreign Language.  


Early YearsFoundationStage

Pre-Nursery and Nursery: 4 x40-minuteChinese lessons per week

Reception: Daily 40-minuteChinese lessons


Years 1 – 3:4 x40-minuteChinese lessons per week

Years 4 – 6:3 x60-minuteChinese lessons per week

Key Stage 3

Years 7-9:2 x70-minutelessons of either Chinese, French or Spanish. Students of Chinese grouped according to First, Second or Foreign Language.

Key Stage4

Years 10-11: 2 x 70-minute lessons per week. Students sit Cambridge IGSCE exams in either Chinese (First, Second or Foreign Language); French or Spanish.

Key Stage 5

Years 12-13:4x 70-minute lessons per week. Students sitEdexcel AS and A2 exams inChinese;or Edexcel International AS and A2 exams in eitherFrench or Spanish.


In Key Stage 5, students have the option to continue their chosen specialist language. French and Spanish language students follow the Edexcel International A Level and students of Chinese study the Edexcel A Level. In both courses, the following four topics are covered in Year 12; Youth Culture, The World Around Us, Health & Fitness and Education & Employment. In Year 13, the course content expands to add Customs, Traditions, Beliefs and Religions; National and International Events and Literature and the Arts.


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Cambridge English Programme
The Accelerated Learning Programme (ALPs) is for students aged 14-17 and offers a one-year intensive English course for those wishing to improve their language skills quickly before accessing our mainstream curriculum.
English as an Additional Language (EAL)
All the latest information for parents about our EAL programme is available to download.