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23 December, 2021

4 Questions with Teacher Monica Daryani

4 Questions with Monica Daryani Monica has over 20 years' teaching experience, and will be our founding teacher here at NAISGZ.

Meet Monica Daryani, our founding teacher and Chief DSL, who has been with the British School of Guangzhou for 15 years, helping the development of the school and building the Learning Support department. With her nurturing character and wealth of experience, Monica inspires her students and their ambitions — something she intends to bring to our new campus.

Name: Monica Daryani

Country of Residence: China

Country of Origin: India and Taiwan SAR

Places I’ve lived: Taipei (Taiwan SAR), Boston & New York City (USA), London (U.K.)

1. What do you enjoy about teaching?

Having been in the field of education for over 20 years, the best part about teaching is the continual process of learning that goes hand in hand with it. As an educator, you are constantly learning too and there is never a dull moment within this wonderful journey we call ‘teaching and learning’! It is a truly rewarding experience to be able to provide a multitude of opportunities and unique challenges for students where they can tap onto their own potential. To see children especially at Early Years growing not only in height but in their confidence and social/emotional skills, is something that I value and see as the stepping stone for our students to then be able to embrace all aspects of their learning.

2. How would you describe Guangzhou? (1-3 sentences)

It’s full of growth and opportunities and it’s been fascinating to watch how much has changed and developed since I first visited in 2003. Remarkably, I have seen areas that were once rice paddy fields develop into skyscrapers! As an expatriate, the rapid expansion of the city has enabled it to become extremely easy to live in. It offers a multitude of experiences from cultural to social and somewhere along the way of having lived here for over 15 years, it has become home.

3. What do you do with your family for fun in Guangzhou?

We love exploring the diverse international cuisines that Guangzhou has to offer and originally coming from India, we revel in having some of those delicious options here in China too. Our son loves ‘drama’ and it has been amazing having the Opera House open up in Guangzhou, where we now take full advantage and go and watch the variety of performances from all over the world at the hub of the city. We’re also very fortunate to have some of our immediate family and close friends live in and around Guangzhou, so we try our best to spend some quality time with our loved ones.

4. What do you feel are BSG’s best qualities?

The school exudes warmth and has a very welcoming close-knit community, which is the perfect foundation for the innovative learning that takes place every day. The rapport we strive to build amongst staff, students and parents has always struck a positive chord for me. From the moment I started teaching at BSG, I knew that this was a place where I wanted our son to grow and develop his own potential, not only from an academic standpoint, but also having the whole-rounded approach where he can understand and embrace aspects of a globally and diverse world we currently live in. BSG (now NAIS) continues to be a place where I feel lucky enough to say that I truly look forward to coming to work everyday!