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News image The Importance of Good Questions - The Importance of Good Questions News | From the Principal | Learning Advice
The Importance of Good Questions

Asking children questions is an essential part of teaching and learning practice at the British school of Guangzhou. During the course of any week, teachers will ask dozens, if not hundreds, of questions designed to provoke deeper thinking around lesson content and subject areas in all parts of the school.

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News image secondary News | learningadvice | Academic Achievement | Homepage Featured Article | Learning Advice | School News
What is the British Curriculum?
The English National Curriculum is currently used in 45% of all international schools that teach the English language.
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News image Monica_BSG_5696 News | SchoolNews | Homepage Featured Article | Learning Advice | School News
4 Questions with Teacher Monica Daryani
Monica has over 20 years' teaching experience, and will be our founding teacher here at NAISGZ.
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News image LemanChengdu2 Blog | SchoolNews | Learning Advice | School News
Virtual University Fair
Here are the opportunities to learn about some of the best destinations for your university studies.
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News image Bethany_School Production Blog | learningadvice | Learning Advice | Life in Guangzhou | School News
What's It Like To Be A 'Third Culture Kid'?
BSG alumni reflect honestly about their experiences of growing up in several countries, and whether it has helped them to become 'global citizens'.
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