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10 March, 2023

Student Voice on The Core Values

Student Voice on The Core Values  - Student Voice on The Core Values

As part of a premium international school, we encourage and support students in sharing their ideas and being a part of the process on how the school develops. This is done through a four-stage cycle across 4-5 weeks. This terms cycle started as always with each class holding a discussion on the theme. Everyone had an opportunity to share their ideas for which animals they wanted to represent each of BSG’s core values, identifying how the characteristics of these animals corresponded with the core values of responsibility, integrity, respect and commitment. The next step was for our newly elected class representatives to have a meeting to share the most popular ideas from each classroom with their reasons. The class reps voted on the strongest idea for their year group. After that, the newly elected student council met to discuss the animals that the class reps had agreed and after lots of discussion, the final vote was held.


In the coming weeks, during class discussions, the children will find out which animals the Student Council chose and discuss how these characters embody BSG’s core values.


Student Voice in Action

Year 6 were given a very special invitation. They were invited to design a logo for each of our student voice areas: the play leaders, the class representatives, and the student council. All the designs were submitted to student council who voted for the top three designs in each area. They were then handed to Mr Maunder and the primary leadership team, to make the final decision. Well done to Anna (6B), Hyojoon (6A) and Tristan (6C), whose designs were chosen. These designs will be further worked on by the children with the aim for a finalised design soon.