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24 March, 2023

Together We Are Stronger

Together We Are Stronger-Together we are stronger-IMG_9239

At BSG, Global Citizenship is one of the educational themes that is central to our identity. Global Citizenship is an individual's awareness and understanding of the wider world and their place in it. Global citizens take an active role in their local, regional, national and global community and work with others  to make our planet more peaceful, sustainable and fairer.


BSG held a successful International Day charity event on Saturday, thanks to the hard work and dedication of supporters from across our whole school community. The event featured country stalls from Poland, China, Great Britain, Korea, China Taiwan, Ukraine, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Kuwait, and Malaysia, making it a truly diverse and inclusive affair.


The event was vibrant and full of energy, with global citizens of all ages from different countries  and backgrounds learning from each other while raising well-needed funds for BSG community partners Hopeful Hearts and Huiling School. It was heartening to see the whole community come together to support a good cause, and the parents, volunteers, and support group all demonstrated their generosity and compassion for others.


Pulling off an event like this required collaboration and teamwork, and the BSG community rose to the occasion. It's clear that the parents, volunteers, sponsors and the official BSG parent support group all played an essential role in making the charity event a success.


Together We Are Stronger-Together we are stronger 

Together We Are Stronger-Together we are stronger


Together We Are Stronger-Together we are stronger


A big thank you to all the amazing teachers and students who contributed to the International Day charity event too!

We couldn't have done it without your hard work, dedication, and creativity, especially after a long hiatus of over 3 years due to COVID restrictions. It was amazing to see everyone come together again, showcasing the resilience and determination of our school community.

Your efforts helped to raise funds for charity, and more importantly, you highlighted the diversity and richness of our school community.

Once again, thank you all for your fantastic contributions. We can't wait to see what you'll come up with for next year's International Day! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Together We Are Stronger-Together we are stronger