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26 March, 2024

Excelling in Education: A Look into BSG's Exceptional Curriculum and Teaching

Excelling in Education: A Look into BSG's Exceptional Curriculum and Teaching-Curriculum-Image_BSG_Guangzhou_2023_DSC_3382

At BSG, we pride ourselves on offering an exemplary education that prepares our students for academic success and for lifelong learning and critical thinking. Central to our educational ethos is the implementation of the UK National Curriculum, a framework carefully crafted by leading education experts to ensure relevance and academic rigor since 1988.


The National Curriculum for England, often referred to as ‘The UK National Curriculum’, serves as one cornerstone of our educational approach. Through periodic revisions and updates, this curriculum has evolved to meet the changing demands of the modern world while staying true to its fundamental goal: ‘developing lively inquiring minds and an appetite for further knowledge that will last a lifetime’.


For our students, the UK National Curriculum offers unparalleled advantages. It provides clear benchmarks for academic excellence while allowing the flexibility necessary for tailoring education to individual interests and aspirations, particularly in our Sixth Form.


In our Sixth Form (Year 12 and Year 13), we meticulously align our teaching methods with the requirements of the A Level curriculum, outlined in the BSG Programmes of Study for each subject. With most students undertaking three or four A Levels, our pedagogy emphasises a deep understanding and mastery of the chosen subjects.


What distinguishes our approach is our commitment to cultivating not only knowledge but also the skills to use it effectively. Students are encouraged to explore their subjects deeply, interrogate conventional wisdom, and engage in robust discussions that mirror university-level seminars. Our small class sizes facilitate this dynamic exchange, allowing teachers to act as tutors guiding students through complex conversations challenging students to engage with and reflect upon course content.


At BSG, we also provide students with opportunities for independent study and research which equip students with the autonomy and resilience vital for success in higher education and beyond. Through extended project work and appropriate opportunities for self-directed learning, students develop the ability to navigate complex topics and pursue their intellectual and creative passions with confidence.


In essence, our teaching philosophy is built on the belief that education is not merely about the acquisition of facts but the cultivation of intellect and curiosity. By embracing the UK National Curriculum and enriching it with our innovative teaching methods, we ensure that every student at BSG emerges not only academically proficient but also intellectually empowered.


Choosing BSG for Sixth Form education is not just a step towards university; it's a transformative journey that equips students with the skills and mindset to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Join us at BSG, where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life.