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News image Build Better 1st MIT Challenge Launches at BSY-Build Better 1st MIT challenge launches at BSY-MIT Challenge News
Build Better 1st MIT challenge launches at BSY
Exciting News! BSY is launching our first MIT challenge of the year. Join our students and teachers on an incredible journey to transform STEAM education with Nord Anglia Education and MIT.
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News image BSY Sports News Flash-BSY sports news flash-BSY Sports News
BSY sports news flash

What a week it's been for our BSY Bears in the world of sports!

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News image Expatriate Teaching at BSY-Expatriate Teaching at BSY-Expatriate Teachers Blog
Expatriate Teaching at BSY
Beyond borders elevating education with expat expertise at BSY

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News image What is EYFS-What is EYFS-What is EYFS Blog
What is EYFS
Foundations of brilliance unveiling the magic of early years education at BSY

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News image BSY House System-House System at BSY-Houses Blog
House System at BSY
Unlocking excellence through the house system at BSY

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News image BSY Family Fiesta-BSY family fiesta-FFF News
BSY family fiesta

BSY family fiesta: an afternoon of fun, food, and community spirit

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News image NAE UNICEF Summit Empowers Future Leaders-NAE UNICEF summit empowers future leaders-UNICEF News
NAE UNICEF summit empowers future leaders

BSY students inspiring journey at NAE UNICEF summit 2023

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News image Exploring Early Years at The British School Yangon-Exploring Early Years at The British School Yangon-EYFS Blog
Exploring Early Years at The British School Yangon

Exploring Early Years at The British School Yangon: where children's safety and happiness rule!

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News image Homework-Homework-Girls smiling with teacher Blog

Homework is an integral part of learning and studies have consistently shown it has positive outcomes to a child’s overall learning.

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News image Year 13 Graduation-Year 13 Graduation-Students holding up their awards News | studentwork | Student Work and Success
Year 13 Graduation
On Thursday, May 26th the British School Yangon held its first ever Year 13 graduation!
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News image Return to competitive sports-Return to competitive sports-Boys running for the ball News | sport
Return to competitive sports
A lot of exciting developments are happening at BSY and for our student athletes, nothing is perhaps more exciting than a return to competitive sports in Yangon!
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