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Tet Fayre 2015
BVIS Hanoi students with Connecting the Heart
Year 5 and Year 6's residential trip to Ba Vi
Anne Frank: A History for Today on display at BVIS Hanoi
Volleyball games with BIS and Concordia
500-word story competition
Accelerated Reader (AR)
Collège Champittet Summer Camp
The Secondary drama production "Cindy"
Year 9 & 10's amazing time at Sapa
Students' progress in the Accelerated Reader Scheme
International schools Gathered for a Friendly Athletic Competition
Year 5's IPC topic: Champions for Change
Victoria Kwakwa World Bank Assembly
Year 6's Forest School at Ecopark
Nord Anglia Education group
Exhibition Summary
Swimming As A Life Skill
Primary Prize Giving Assembly 2014-2015 Academic Year
BVIS Got Talent 2015
KS2 Robin Hood Production
A Challenge to Build Moving Cars in STEM Day
NAE Announcement: The Power of 41
The Benefits of A Bilingual Brain
[Infographic] Vietnamese Is One Of The World’s Most Spoken Languages
Changes To British Passport Services In Vietnam
The Effect of Music on The Brain Function and Bilingualism
The Importance of STEM Education
Schedule of Uniform Collection for New Academic Year 2015-16
Top 100 Fiction Books to Read Before Leaving Secondary School
What is British Vietnamese International School?
Parent Satisfaction Survey 2015: Key Summary of Findings
Child Protection Training for all
Mr Mark Sayer Weekly Update: Orientation Day
Council of International Schools Membership Visit 2015
Promoting Community Service
Sir John Jones
BVIS Science Week
Introducing our new Primary Heads of House
Mrs Sarah Wild Weekly Update 11th September
Message from Mr Perry Wild - PE Teacher
Visit from Dr Rebecca Lee
Why Does Some Food Taste Bad To Some People And Good To Others?
Interview With New PE Teachers
Mr Nicholas West Weekly Update 18th September
Mr Nicholas West Weekly Update 25th September
Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms (TESMC)
Volleyball Game Against UNIS
Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival: Promotion Code
Stories of the Feet Photography Contest
"My Grandparents and I" Essay Writing Contest
Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2015
Primary Celebrated ‘Book Week’
Year 7 Trip to Cuc Phuong
Year 8 Trip to Mai Chau
Year 2 Camping
BVIS Boys’ Team win U16 HAC Volleyball Championship
Community Service – Remembrance
Remembrance Day
Duke of Edinburgh Update
First Aid Course for Teachers
Interview With Mr Tony Mcmullen, Director of Admissions and Marketing
Year 4 Football Fun at Concordia
House Dodgeball Competition
Improved Performance by Key Stage 3 Girls Basketball Team
Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Club
Year 3 Trip to Thu Le Zoo and Lotte Tower
EYFS's Teddy Bears Picnic
Football Key Stage 3 against Wellspring
Mr Mark Sayer Weekly Update 20th November: Teachers' Day
Secondary Basketball Tournament Update
Choir Concert “Vui ca - Sing for Joy” - Hanoi Opera House
BVIS New Banners
Excellence in Bilingual Education
How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain
Council of International Schools (CIS) Pre-Accreditation Visit
Raising a Bilingual Child
Senior Maths Challenge
David Bowie - A True Legend
Speakers’ Corner
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition to Pu Luong - January 2016
Community: Saigon House's Trip to Blue Dragon Foundation
Environmental Issues in Antarctica
Key Stage 4 HAC Basketball Finals
Mrs Sarah Wild Weekly Update 19/2/2016
Secondary House Basketball Competitions
Year 7's Motte and Bailey Competition in History
Speakers' Corner: Digital Citizenship and Online Safety
Council of International Schools (CIS)'s Accreditation
F3 Trip to Kizciti
Secondary Football Tournaments
KS4 Football Update
Maths Olympiad 2016
Mrs Sarah Wild Weekly Update 11/3/2016
Speakers' Corner: Teenage Development
Secondary House football 2016
BVIS Staff Helped Out at The Friendship Village
"Dorothy In Wonderland" - Secondary Production on 7th April
Mr Mark Sayer Weekly Update 25/3/2016
Secondary Girls’ House Football
Vietnam National Junior YOYO contest – CANIFA DUNCAN CUP
Mr Mark Sayer Weekly Update 8/4/2016
Year 8 BVIS Graffiti Workshop
Key Stage 3 Volleyball - First game of the season
Speakers' Corner: Early Years Development
The Launch of Project Penguin in Hanoi
International Dance Day 2016
Early Years Garden of BVIS
Swimming at BVIS
Open Morning for Prospective Parents 1st June
UK Junior Maths Challenge
Year 10's History Tour to Ho Chi Minh City
Year 1 Trip to Ethnology Museum
EYFS Sports’ Morning
Mr Nicholas West Weekly Update 27/5/2016
Swimming Gala at BIS
Year 2 Cinema trip
A Message from the Blue Dragon
Development of New Primary Building and Website
Mrs Sarah Wild Weekly Update 3/6/2016
Year 7 participated in the English Eloquence Competition
Speakers' Corner: Happiness = Success
Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition to Thac Ba Lake
Year 10 Geography Trip to Ba Vi
Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard, Geneva 2016
Year 11 Volunteered for Operation Smile Mission in Vietnam
Mr Mark Sayer Weekly Update 17/6/2016
Primary Production: 'Pied Piper of Hamelin' on 22nd June
Children Learn What They Live - By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D.
Federation of British international Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) Visit to BVIS Hanoi
Welcome back from Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO of Nord Anglia Education
EYFS's New Library
Caring for our Community: Blue Dragon Foundation
New subject in the BVIS curriculum: Computer Science
Primary Weekly Update 30/09/16 from Mr Nicholas West
Congratulations to newly formed Primary Student Council
How being bilingual rewires your brain
Psychology is one of the most fascinating sciences in the world today
Year 2's IPC Topic 'Hooray, let’s go on Holiday'
The importance of getting out of the classroom
Global Campus's Fan Fiction Writing Competition
Primary Weekly Update 28/10/16 from Mr Nicholas West
Speakers' Corner: Being A Friend With Your Child
Primary Weekly Update 04/11/16 from Mr Nicholas West
Secondary Weekly Update 04/11/16 from Mr Nick Lee
Secondary Weekly Update 18/11/16 from Mr. Nick Lee
Secondary Weekly Update 25/11/16 from Mr. Nick Lee
Community Garden ECA
Secondary Weekly Update 02/12/16 from Mr. Nick Lee
A Tale of Two Cities – Spotlight on Vietnam
Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) Volleyball Tournament
Primary's Student Council Update
Secondary Weekly Update 20/01/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
ECA - Ukulele
International A Levels - The Way To Top Universities
Love Enrichment Day - Marriott visit
Year 2 - IPC Transport Exit Point
FOBISIA Drama Festival at Bangkok
North East Asian Mathematics Competition, Tokyo – Japan
Parental Survey 2017
Nord Anglia’s Middle Leaders’ Programme
Year 6 Day in Secondary
How Art and Being a Creative Thinker Can Help Your Child to Improve in Maths and Literacy
Secondary Weekly Update 02/06/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
STEAM Enrichment Day
Signs that your child may be too stressed
What's the right age to get my child a tablet?
Experience from High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development
BVIS Hanoi students top UK average in IGCSE results for 2nd Year in a row
Principal Weekly Update 25/08/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer
Primary Weekly Update 01/09/2017 from Mr Nicholas West
Secondary Catering and Dining Hall
Primary Weekly Update 08/09/2017 from Mr Nicholas West
Principal’s Open Forum
Principal Weekly Update 15/09/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer
Secondary Weekly Update 22/09/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
Xích Lô Visit
Creating Room For Different Voices
Community events of Hogan Lovells At BVIS Hanoi
The Green Exchange – An Environmental Learning Activity
Seminar: Every child matters: Let’s speak up!
Moon Festival fun in the Early Years!
Secondary Weekly Update 06/10/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
Anti-Bullying / Friendship Week at BVIS Primary
Friendship and story time in the Early Years
Secondary Weekly Update 13/10/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
Student Success Stories
Primary Weekly Update 20/10/2017 from Mr Nicholas West
Principal Weekly Update 20/10/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer
Personal social and emotional development across the Early Years
Secondary Weekly Update 03/11/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
New IEYC units of work implemented in the Early Years
Juilliard Alumni Dr. Kimberly Patterson and Dr. Patrick Sutton Visit BVIS Hanoi
Principal Weekly Update 17/11/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer
Secondary Weekly Update 17/11/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
World Scholars Cup at Yale University
BVIS Hanoi wins Hanoi Open – Vietnam Schools Debating Championship
Empowering students for World Children’s Day
BVIS Hanoi Head Students
Phạm Nguyệt Minh - Awarded the Gold Cup for first prize in the Asia Pacific Arts Festival
Learners from BVIS Hanoi achieve top results in Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards
The Grand Opening of the New Soft Play room
Trần Lê Quang Tiến - A musical talent
Christmas Fun in the Early Years
Principal Weekly Update 08/12/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer
Secondary Weekly Update 08/12/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
Christmas Performance
Primary Weekly Update 15/12/2017 from Mr Nicholas West
Secondary Weekly Update 15/12/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee
New iEYC topics in the Early Years
Primary Weekly Update 12/01/2018 from Mr Nicholas West
Principal Weekly Update 12/01/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
ICT in the Early Years and upskilling the Early Years staff
Tet Celebrations in the Early Years
Primary Weekly Update 02/03/2018 from Mrs Sharon West
Secondary Weekly Update 02/03/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
World Book Day supporting your child’s reading in Early Years
Family Sports Day in the Early Years
Primary Weekly Update 09/03/2018 from Mrs Sharon West
Principal Weekly Update 09/03/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
Secondary Weekly Update 09/03/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
Science Week in the Early Years
Update FOBISIA U13 Trip
Following your children’s interests in the Early Years
Principal Weekly Update 23/03/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
Secondary Weekly Update 23/03/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
Countries Around the World in the Early Years
Secondary Weekly Update 30/03/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
International food and performance in the Early Years
Principal Weekly Update 11/05/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
Secondary Weekly Update 11/05/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
Stay and Play Phonics
Hooray for Swimming!!
Primary Weekly Update 18/05/2018 from Mrs Sharon West
Following the interests of your children
Principal Weekly Update 25/05/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
Superheroes, and how this can benefit young children’s learning.
Mathematical awareness in the Early Years’
Principal Weekly Update 15/06/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
Early Years end of year preparation
Primary Weekly Update 22/06/2018 from Mrs Sharon West
Primary Weekly Update 29/06/2018 from Mrs Sharon West
Secondary Weekly Update 29/06/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
Summer holiday time for the Early Years’
Student ambassadors to visit the UN in July
Principal Weekly Update 24/08/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
Stellar Examination Results For Students at BVIS Hanoi in IGCSE in 2017 - 2018
Principal Weekly Update 31/08/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
Secondary Weekly Update 31/08/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
2017/18 BVIS 국제 학교 학생들의 뛰어난 IGCSE 시험 결과
Primary Weekly Update 07/09/2018 from Dr Nici Wood
Why are routines important?
Results for Students at BVIS Hanoi in A level programme in 2017-2018
BVIS Hanoi 학생들의 2017-18학년도 A level 결과
Secondary Weekly Update 14/09/2018 from Mr. Nick Lee
‘World's Largest Lesson’ brings Sustainable Development Goals to life
Excellent Results of BVIS Hanoi in FOBISIA Online Maths Challenge 2018!!
Global Campus - Creative Writing Competition 2018/2019 Launch
BVIS Hanoi's Team At KOTO Dream Ride 2018
The journey to inspire students with performing arts
A Masterclass with Prof. Paul Jensen from the University of Melbourne
An inspiring Enrichment Day made by promising future leaders
EYFS Weekly Updates 16/11/2018 from Ms. Julie Walton
Student Advice on Achieving Top Results in International Examinations
BVIS talents at World Scholar’s Championship Tournament
MIT Collaboration: An access to world-leading STEAM
Tanzania trip - An adventure of winning and giving
BVIS Hanoi handling IGCSE Certificates for Year 11 and 12 students
Global Campus check-in: how our students are connecting so far in 2018
BVIS Hanoi and Green ID collaboration for a Green Future
Year 11 & 9 A Level and IGCSE Options Evenings
EYFS Weekly Updates 30/11/2018 from Ms. Julie Walton
'Hack the Tube' with MIT
2018-19 Parent Satisfaction Survey is now live
The Amazing Bronze Duke of Edinburgh trip to Nam Cang
“LE CHAUFFAGE” Concert - A Journey to Live
Little Shop of Horrors - A ‘monster’ hit on the BVIS stage!
Le Chauffage Concert - Love is not about waiting!
What’s the problem?
Secondary Weekly Update 18/01/2019 from Mr. Nick Lee
BVIS students ready to play active role in environmental projects
BVIS Hanoi students to make traditional Chung cake with parents
BVIS students to have Maths ideas published on Cambridge's prestigious website
Amazing moments in BVIS Hanoi Sports Day 2019
BVIS Tet Assembly: Traditional Tet stage for Primary students
Leading by example
Students learn better when they learn together
BVIS Musician of the Year 2019 - Primary
Being in the discomfort zone
BVIS Secondary Film Competition
More universities in Vietnam granted Cambridge International Level A qualification
BVIS Hanoi achievements at U13 FOBISIA Sport Games
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition to Pu Luong - March 2019
Primary Weekly Update 08/03/2019 from Dr Nici Wood
The first ever Primary STEAM week at BVIS Hanoi
Smile Club to Support Medical Mission at the National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology
Does it matter which university you choose?
BVIS student becomes the Champion of International History Bee and Bowl
Nord Anglia Performing Arts Festival, Southeast Asia 2019
Secondary Weekly Update 12/04/2019 from Mr. Nick Lee
The Results of Parent Satisfaction Survey 2018-2019
The impact of a shared dream
Website Design Competition: Brand-new ICT playground for BVIS students
Congratulations on the success of the Volleyball Festival BVIS Hanoi 2019
Unique experience with Juilliard
The first Mathematics House Competition at BVIS Hanoi
All 9 BVIS teams heading to the WSC Global Round in Manila
BVIS students and Ring the Golden Bell competition
EYFS Weekly Updates 31/05/2019 from Ms. Julianna Walton
Secondary Weekly Update 31/05/2019 from Mr. Nick Lee
Primary Weekly Update 07/06/2019 from Dr Nici Wood
Colors of Art - Colors of Experience
EYFS Weekly Updates 14/06/2019 from Ms. Julianna Walton
BVIS Graduates Class 2019 - People of Determination
What if you had a magic lamp?
3 indispensable prep-steps before applying to university
Share the fun with the children in need
Student ambassadors heading to New York for UNICEF Summit
Meet the Teacher
Orientation Day
Student voice being heard
Vietnam National Day
Secondary Weekly Update (16/09-20/09) from Ms. Lisa Shuttleworth-Brown
Song for Peace 2019
Secondary Weekly Update (23/09-27/09)
Learning through play
Naomi Skinner – Running to make a change
Anna's journey to live
School Calendar (14/10-18/10)
Journey to conquer the highest mount in Africa
Secondary Weekly Update (14/10-18/10)
World-leading authority recognises Nord Anglia Education’s
Charity Jumble Sale for Anna
World Children's Day 2019
World Scholar Cup at Yale University Update Day 3 + 4 + 5
BVIS Ha Noi joins the celebration of 30 years’ anniversary of the Convention on the rights of child.
Hanoi Maths Olympiad
Poppy Appeal 2019
Secondary Christmas Market
Anna, You will always in our heart
“Le Chauffage 2” concert – Journey to love.
Secondary Weekly Update (02/12-06/12)
School Muscial: Alice in Wonderland
1.5° Tet
Donation for Australia Bushfire Relief Fund
“Le Chauffage 2” concert – Journey to love
Special Partnership between HSBC and BVIS Hanoi
IGCSE Certificate Presentation Evening
The scholarship program "Hello Summer" 2020
BVIS Hanoi student's poem is 'Highly Commended' at NAE Competition
Virtual house Challenge: House Crest
Vietnam Sumdog Online: Maths Competition
List of universities have sent offers to our students
BVIS student will be at World Schools Debating Championship 2020
Thank you teacher!
What are students saying after coming back to school?
A short assessed recital for A-Level Music students
Secondary Summer Photography Competition
Graduation Class of 2020
Interview with Sasu and Tuan Dung: What do we know how to become a great debater?
New Students' Induction Day
Primary Weekly Update (31/08 - 04/09)
NAE News September 10, 2020
Introducing our new Secondary Heads of House and House Captains
Finding use for the useless | A case study on student entrepreneurship
EYFS & Primary Weekly Update (14/09 - 18/09)
Secondary Weekly Update (14/09-18/09)
BVIS Hanoi students achieved fantastic results in IGCSE and A Level examination
NAE News September 17, 2020
Primary Weekly Update (21/09 - 25/09)
Secondary Weekly Update (21/09-25/09)
Why are books important in life?
Primary Weekly Update (28/09 - 02/10)
International Week (05/10-09/10)
NAE News 22 October 2020
Sports Week (05/10-09/10)
An interview with the Head Students: We are ready to face new challenges!
Interview with Lee Hanol: A path to success
Central Vietnam: Flood Relief Appeal
Primary Weekly Update (26/10 - 30/10)
Secondary Weekly Update (26/10-30/10)
Vietnamese Teachers' Day 20/11
Our visit to Vietnam-Cuba hospital
Secondary Weekly Update (30/11-04/12)
Lifelong learning: professional development at Nord Anglia Education
International Winter Festival
Seussical Jr. - The Musical
Primary Weekly Update (11/01-15/01)
Secondary Weekly Update (11/01-15/01)
Our impressive numbers on Community activities in Term 1
Secondary Weekly Update (25/01-29/01)
Secondary Weekly Update (01/02 - 05/02)
Secondary Daily Virtual School Update 22/02/2021
Why are real-world events so important to STEAM education?
Secondary Daily VSE Update 26/02/2021
How does our university counsellor help your child to apply and secure a place at university?
World Book Day
BVIS Hanoi’s students are recognised for their outstanding achievements in UKMT challenges!
Our students' success in NAE's global contest
Making decisions about university and future careers: when is the right time?
Four ways our teachers help your child to meet their university expectations
Why is International A Level the right pathway before university abroad?
Supporting students to integrate and develop in an international learning environment
What are the top benefits of an international education at a Nord Anglia school?
What is it like to transition your children between Nord Anglia schools?
Our Timetable for Virtual School Experience
BVIS Hanoi's student entered a UNESCO Art Competition
BVIS wear masks - Covid, go away!
First IPC Entry Points of the school year
The first BVIS student in top 100 Global Campus's Leaderboard
Secondary House Leadership Team
Moon Festival in Primary
Nord Anglia's tech-enabled learning and development programme achieves global accolade for third year running
Ask the Artist – Norbert De La Cruz III
BVIS Hanoi students record outstanding results despite the unpredictable challenges of the pandemic
MIT challenge - Tropical Cyclones
Year 6 students joined FOBISIA Maths Competition
STEAM learning soars in popularity, Nord Anglia data shows
Interview with Minh Anh: What do you know about amazing women in Science?
BVIS Hanoi students in Top 4 Global Campus Leaderboard - Term 1A
KS3 - How to design an Iron Man
Juilliard Music Specialist - Virtual Visit from 'Erin Wright'
Order photos from Picture Day
NAE Virtual Young Musician of the Year
4 NAE schools in Vietnam organize Virtual University Webinars with universities around the world
KS3 Project Day: Black History Month
Secondary Virtual Christmas Concert
Global Campus: How to enter 'World Children's Day Poster Design Competition'
Highlight of the Week (15.11-19.11)
Vietnamese Teachers' Day 2021
World Children’s Day 2021
EdTech empowering teachers’ professional growth
Foster Well-being and Resilience in Virtual School Experience -24/11/2021
Foster Well-being and Resilience in Virtual School Experience
New Facilities & Upgrades: A Safe and Modern learning environment awaits all BVIS Hanoi students
Pandemic a “great disruptor” for education: EDUtech Asia 2021
Highlights of the Week (22.11-26.11)
Parent Satisfaction Survey 21/22
Highlights of the Week (29.11-03.12)
Nord Anglia Education pledges $500,000 to empower student changemakers in Asia
Secondary Virtual Music Lunch
Forbes: 'Creative, Flexible, Global: What Millennial Parents Want From Schools'
Christmas Week (13/12 - 17/12)
Nord Anglia Education launches 8th International Teacher Recruitment Fair
Creative activities attract record number of students, Nord Anglia data shows
BVIS Hanoi's exclusive offers for HSBC Premier customers
Five ways to raise resilient children
'Tet ShoeBoxes' project
Year in review: Top 10 major BVIS Hanoi's events of 2021
Forbes: 'Five Ed Tech Trends To Look Out For In 2022'
Tet Shoeboxes: Early Year and Year 1 students’ meaningful gift for disadvantaged children living in Hanoi
BVIS Students receive Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards
6 must-have features of outstanding schools
BVIS Buzz Newsletter: Edition 1 in March 2022
How our university counsellor helps BVIS Hanoi students secure their first-choice university
Bao Ngoc – Time balance is the key to pass the IGCSE exam
Tuan Phong – Organising notes effectively to prepare for the IGCSE exam
Students of BVIS Hanoi officially received IGCSE certificates
HoSeong and road to King’s College London
BVIS Hanoi received Well-being Award For Schools from UK for outstanding physical and mental health work
BVIS Hanoi’ students won high achievements in World Scholar Cup Regional Round 2022
BVIS Hanoi welcomes new Principal - Mr. Paul Holyome
Secondary Weekly Updates (15/8 - 19/8)
Secondary Weekly Updates (22/8 - 26/8)
Trường BVIS Hà Nội đạt điểm xuất sắc trong kỳ thi A Level và học sinh ưu tú đỗ Đại học Oxford
Ngoc Tue (Class of 2022) – now a student at King’s College London
DaYoon (Class of 2022) – Entering the University of Edinburgh
Secondary Weekly Updates (5/9 - 9/9)
Dan Chi (Class of 2022) – An alumni who achieved three A*’s in A Level examination
Nha Truc (Class of 2022) – First student of BVIS Hanoi study at Oxford University
BVIS Hanoi's exclusive offers for HSBC Premier customers until 2023
Student Leadership teams officially debuted (AY 22 - 23)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (3/10 - 7/10)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (10/10 - 14/10)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (31/10 - 4/11)
Secondary Weekly Updates (31/10 - 4/11)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (7/11 - 11/11)
Principal's update (28/11 - 2/12)
Principal's update (5/12 - 9/12)
BVIS students joined building community garden in Hanoi
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (4/1 - 6/1)
Secondary Weekly Updates (4/1 - 6/1)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (9/1 - 13/1)
Principal's update (9/1 - 13/1)
Secondary Weekly Updates (9/1 - 13/1)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (1/2 - 3/2)
Principal's update (1/2 - 3/2)
Secondary Weekly Updates (1/2 - 3/2)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (6/2 - 10/2)
Principal's update (6/2 - 10/2)
Secondary Weekly Updates (6/2 - 10/2)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (13/2 - 17/2)
Principal's update (13/2 - 17/2)
Secondary Weekly Updates (13/2 - 17/2)
Principal's update (20/2 - 24/2)
Secondary Weekly Updates (20/2 - 24/2)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (20/2 - 24/2)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (27/2 - 3/3)
Principal's update (27/2 - 3/3)
Secondary Weekly Updates (27/2 - 3/3)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (6/3 - 10/3)
Principal's update (6/3 - 10/3)
Secondary Weekly Updates (6/3 - 10/3)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (13/3 - 17/3)
Principal's update (13/3 - 17/3)
Secondary Weekly Updates (13/3 -17/3)
CIS Community Survey results 2023
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (20/3 - 24/3)
Principal's update (20/3 - 24/3)
Secondary Weekly Updates (20/03 - 24/03)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (10/4 - 14/4)
Principal's update (10/4 - 14/4)
Secondary Weekly Updates (10/4 - 14/4)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (17/4 - 21/4)
Principal's update (17/4 - 21/4)
Secondary Weekly Updates (17/4 - 21/4)
Principal's update (24/4 - 27/4)
Secondary Weekly Updates (24/4 - 27/4)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (24/4 - 28/4)
BVIS Hanoi to host the World Scholar's Cup 2023 - Skittles Round
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (1/5 - 5/5)
Secondary Weekly Updates (8/5 - 12/5)
Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (8/5 - 12/5)
Principal's update (8/5 - 12/5)
Weekly Updates on 25/08/2023
Community Run 2023 is back
Weekly Updates on 31/08/2023
Weekly Updates on 8/9/2023
Weekly Updates on 15/9/2023
Fun Run 2023 registration instruction
Weekly Updates on 22/9/2023
Weekly Updates on 29/9/2023
Weekly Updates on 13/10/2023
10 good things about being a member school of Nord Anglia Education
Weekly Updates on 27/10/2023
Weekly Updates on 6/10/2023
Weekly Updates on 3/11/2023
10 Good Reasons To Be In EYFS of BVIS Hanoi
Weekly Updates on 10/11/2023
10 Good Reasons To Be In Secondary of BVIS Hanoi
Weekly Updates on 17/11/2023
Weekly Updates on 24/11/2023
BVIS Hanoi 2013-2023 - A decade of love
Weekly Updates on 01/12/2023
Weekly Updates on 15/12/2023
10 Outstanding BVIS Graduates
Weekly Updates on 8/12/2023
BVIS Hanoi Celebrating Excellence: IGCSE 2023 Certificate Ceremony
The Importance of Little Dragons Pre-School
IGNITE: BVIS Student Magazine, Term 1 Edition!
Weekly Updates on 19/01/2024
Weekly Updates on 26/01/2024
Weekly Updates on 02/02/2024
The importance of teaching mother tongue language in education
BVIS Hanoi received a congratulatory letter from CEO of FOBISIA.
Why is critical thinking important?
Weekly Updates on 02/02/2024
BVIS Hanoi students achieved phenomenal results at the UKMT Competition
Weekly Updates on 07/062024
Weekly Updates on 14/06/2024
BVIS Hanoi Class of 2024 graduates with pride
Weekly Updates on 21/06/2024
Student ambassadors from BVIS Hanoi joined the Nord Anglia Education-UNICEF Student Summit in Houston, Texas
Weekly Updates on 08/03/2024
Weekly Updates on 15/03/2024
Weekly Updates on 22/03/2024
Weekly Updates on 29/03/2024
Happy students achieve more: a revolutionary shift on the importance of wellbeing in Vietnam
Fostering critical thinking in the age of AI
How to teach AI to children

Weekly Updates on 05/04/2024
Weekly Updates on 12/04/2024
BVIS Hanoi awarded International School Award for Community Development projects
International expert: play-based learning is the future of early years education in Vietnam
The power of wellbeing in education strengthens in Vietnam through Nord Anglia Education
Weekly Updates on 10/05/2024
Weekly Updates on 17/05/2024
Weekly Updates on 24/05/2024
Weekly Updates on 31/05/2024
Spreading the Happiness through Giving: A heartfelt charity trip to Bac Giang by the BVIS Hanoi community
An Inspiring Journey of BVIS Hanoi's Community Engagement Initiatives: Xom Phao’s project
BVIS Hanoi has achieved International re-accreditation status with CIS/WASC
Empowering vulnerable communities in Hanoi through student-led English teaching in Vietnam
Nord Anglia Education schools in Hanoi champion inclusivity and the importance of belonging on World Day of Cultural Diversity
Trip to Tanzania: An adventure of Winning and Giving