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19 July, 2020

A song written from the heart and dedicated to all BVIS teachers upon graduation

A song written from the heart and dedicated to all BVIS teachers upon graduation | BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia - a-song-written-from-the-heart-and-dedicated-to-all-bvis-teachers-upon-graduation
A song written from the heart and dedicated to all BVIS teachers upon graduation BVISHCMCYear13Graduation 532

Year 13 Graduation is the ultimate milestone for our BVIS students and highlights an emotional goodbye to the school community and in particular, the teachers that have supported them through this incredible journey. During the Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2020 that was formally held at BVIS HCMC on June 13th 2020, Tran Ai Cao Khoa (Year 13) performed her unique song, written to thank her supportive and caring teachers, which impressed all the attendees.


Cao Khoa is one of the outstanding BVIS graduates this year. In 2019, Cambridge Assessment International Education recognised her excellent Pre-AS Level achievement for the subject of Music. With her passion for The Arts and a desire to show gratitude to BVIS staff, Cao Khoa wrote the song “All for you” by herself and performed a duet during the ceremony. A series of meaningful messages within the lyrics evoked the emotions of the attendees, especially the staff and her friends who had been with Cao Khoa over the past few years.


Cao Khoa receives the High Achievement Award in Vietnam for Cambridge International AS level Music in 2019


Joining BVIS since 2012, Cao Khoa had an opportunity to develop her language proficiency in both English and Vietnamese thanks to the smooth transition between the Primary international bilingual curriculum and Secondary IGCSE & A Level program. She chose to express her song in English for she wanted to show her gratefulness to both British and Vietnamese staff, to whom she said, “your dedication and inspiration had encouraged me to continuously deepen my knowledge."

“Music can help to innovate the pedagogical method through promoting the ability to gain cultural knowledge and develop important skills such as creativity, critical thinking and teamwork. Thanks to the partnership with Julliard, our unique Music curriculum has brought an artistic inspiration and feelings for BVIS students in general and Cao Khoa in particular. I was very impressed when listening to her song in the ceremony,” said Georgina Hardiman, a Music teacher.


Cao Khoa, an active member of BVIS girl football team


In addition to her passion about arts, Cao Khoa actively joined a variety of sporting clubs, national and international debate contests, and especially community projects at BVIS. The extra-curricular experiences helped her to develop independent skills, confidence and leadership skills, teamwork and time management skills that are highly sought after by university admission teams. With her perfect academic record and an impressive IELTS score of 8.0, Cao Khoa has received many offers from well-known universities including Toronto University (1st Rank in Canada in accordance with the assessment of QS World Ranking 2020) and the $20,000 scholarship from Concordia University. Due to the current complicated COVID-19 situation, Cao Khoa is planning to study Digital Marketing at RMIT HCMC. She has also planned to win an RMIT scholarship once she officially receives her A Level results in August.



We all wish Cao Khoa, the very best in your future learning journey! We’re proud of what you have achieved with us.