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News image Graduation Ceremony 2020 | BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia - graduation-ceremony-2020 News | artlearning | Art | Mĩ Thuật | Head of Secondary | Trưởng cơ sở Trung học | parents | Dành cho phụ huynh
Graduation Ceremony 2020
On Saturday 13th June 2020, our Year 13 students came together with their families, teachers, and special guests to celebrate their Graduation Event. The ceremony was filled with pride and joy as it marked a great milestone in our students’ challenging and learning focused journey at school.
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News image Tet Tree Decoration Competition - tet-tree-decoration-competition Blog | secondarynews | Head of Secondary | Trưởng cơ sở Trung học
Tet Tree Decoration Competition
The Vietnamese Lunar New Year, Tết, arrives again with joy and excitement filling the warmth atmosphere. Every year in BVIS, we celebrate in the spirit of Tết by organising meaningful events such as Tết Festival, Tet Assembly and a competition between houses- the Tet Tree Decoration. This year, starting from 11th January, students from years 7 to 13, are coming down to the football field during Break and Lunch time to help decorating the trees for their house teams.
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