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13 August, 2021

Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2021

Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2021 BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia - virtual-graduation-ceremony-2021
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With the current COVID pandemic this feels like an uncertain time for all of us, but the current challenges will pass, and you shame that you have the skills, the resilience, the creativity, the determination, the ability to build and lean on a community that will help you to overcome this and other future challenges. I have no doubt at all with the benefit of such an education, you will have a very bright future ahead and the ability do whatever you put your mind to.
Ms. Emily Hamblin - Her Majesty’s UK Consul General and Director of Trade and Investment in Vietnam
Ms. Emily Hamblin - Her Majesty’s UK Consul General and Director of Trade and Investment in Vietnam
Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2021

On Friday 6th June 2021, our Year 13 students came together with their families, teachers, and special guests to celebrate their Virtual Graduation Ceremony which was livestreamed on Teams and YouTube. This great milestone in our student's challenging and joyful learning journey was fully marked with pride and appreciation at the ceremony. 

In his opening speech, Mr Simon Higham - BVIS HCMC Principal showed amazing praises and pride to Year 13 students with their resilience, grit and determination to overcome this challenging time along with the support from everyone at BVIS. Above all, he emphasised the importance of the love and support of a family, who have always been the solid fulcrum for their children’s development and success that student should be grateful for and cherish into the future.  

The BVIS Graduation Ceremony 2021 was honored to receive inspirational congratulations and encouragement from Ms. Emily Hamblin - Her Majesty’s UK Consul General and Director of Trade and Investment in Vietnam. She delivered an incredibly special message to celebrate the successes of our Year 13 students: "It’s wonderful to see BVIS and all of its community thriving in its 10th anniversary year.  Speaking of the future as well as congratulations, the other thing that I wanted to say was just how excited I am thinking of the future that is ahead for all of you graduating today." 

Our graduates, Khanh Vi and Thai Minh added in their own words, “The pandemic did not erase our teenage high school experience. It did not destroy our spirits and talents, it simply diverted them to new pursuits. We have to give ourselves credit because we pushed through the lack of motivation and self-doubt to come out on top, and that is what makes our class of 2021 the most special out of all.”   

BVIS HCMC Graduation 1

Tina and Vinh Toan continued the ceremony with a bilingual speech about the impassioned high school journey filled with experiences and memories at BVIS and deep appreciation towards their teachers and families.  

"To our class of 2021, we arrived as strangers and now leave as a big family, together we have survived through many exams, dramas and even this pandemic. Thank you everyone for always being together, supporting each other even in the hardest times and creating some of the most beautiful memories in life. A final message to all of you: give lights and by this, I mean to love one another and be positive because you never know one kind word or smile can turn someone’s day around and light them up." - Tina and Vinh Toan added.  

BVIS HCMC Graduation 2

Congratulations to the following students who received special prizes during the event. 

  • An Duong: Subject awards for Psychology and Vietnamese Humanities 
  • Kiet Ho: Subject award for Economics 
  • Vy Huynh: Subject award for Business Studies 
  • Minh Nguyen: Art Award in Drama for Excellence in Musical Theatre 
  • Phuc Nguyen: Subject award for Chemistry 
  • Ngoc Nguyen: Art Award for the Autonomous Artist 
  • Huy Nong: Sports Award for the Sports Personalities of the Year  
  • Toan Phan: Subject award for Vietnamese Literature 
  • Quan Quach: Subject award for Mathematics 
  • Linh Tran: Subject award for Art and Design 
  • Anh Tran:  Art Award for English for Critical Appreciation of Literature 
  • Hao Tran: Subject award for A level physical education 
  • Anh Tran: Subject award for Geography 
  • Dang Tran: Subject award for Computer science and Physic at BVIS 
  • Hieu Van: Art award in Media for Producer 
  • Minh Vu: Art Award in Media for Director 
  • Vi Doan: Bilingual Award 
  • Huong Huynh (Techna): Citizenship Award 
  • Minh Nguyen: Community Award 
  • Khue Huynh Anjela: Principal's Award 

Congratulations to Class of 2021! We can’t wait to see what future holds for you and all the very best in your university life!