Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence! BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia-class-of-2021-follow-your-passion-with-confidence-Nord Anglia Education
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20 August, 2021

Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence!

Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence! BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia-class-of-2021-follow-your-passion-with-confidence-BVIS HCMC Class of 2021 Graduation
Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence!

BVIS graduates go on to study at universities accross the globe, and we are very proud of their achievements. Please see below our university placements, and meet some of our Class of 2021 graduates.

Pham Hoai Tran

Take ambition as motivation, our #Classof2021 Alumna Hoai Tran has proudly received an excellent offer to major in Psychology from 4 universities in the UK namely the University of Warwick, University of Glasgow, Lancaster University and University of Sussex. Hoai Tran has chosen the University of Warwick, which is ranked #61 worldwide and #10 in the UK according to QS World ranking Universities, as the next destination in her ambitious learning journey.

Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence! BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia-class-of-2021-follow-your-passion-with-confidence-Pham Hoai Tran Final
To meet the requirements and depth of Psychology major in University, Hoai Tran chose Mathematics, Economics and Psychology for her A Level Programmes at BVIS. The outstanding achievement that Hoai Tram achieved today has been made possible from her tireless learning process and the support of her teachers and friends.

When it comes to her learning journey with BVIS, Hoai Tram shared; "BVIS has provided me with many treasured memories. It is a safe and friendly learning environment that has taught me independence, tenacity in study and life, as well as given me the precious friendships.”

With the good strength of collaboration and understanding with others, Hoai Tran is passionate about understanding human thoughts, feelings and behaviours. She wishes to have a deeper understanding on psychological ailments such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. This innovative scientific field has given Tran the motivation for future learning and increasing her enthusiasm for this specialist subject area.

Nguyen Tam Phuc 

Tam Phuc proudly received an excellent offers majoring in Chemical Engineering from 7 universities in the US including UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Davis, Boston University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Penn State University and the University of California. Our #Classof2021 Alumnus Tam Phuc has chosen the University of California, which is ranked #48 worldwide and #27 in the US according to QS World University ranking 2021, as the next destination in his ambitious learning journey.
Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence! BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia-class-of-2021-follow-your-passion-with-confidence-Nguyen tam Phuc En
Tam Phuc’s outstanding achievements that were confirmed today is not only made from his hard-working effort but also supportive collaboration with teachers and friends.

The profound knowledge of the 3 A Level subjects including Maths, Physics and Chemistry and important skills that Phuc accumulated from A Level programme has well equipped him for his future major at university. As a successful student, Tam Phuc wanted to send a message to all BVIS students saying: "The balance between studying and experiencing life is a must, remember to have a blast before IGCSEs and A levels come to you."

Sharing about Chemical Engineering, Tam Phuc shared that his passion comes from his family's profound roots in engineering and the goal to continue in his father's footsteps by building the largest solar farm in Vietnam.

Choi Seung Bin 

Seung Bin has been accepted to the 6 institutions including the University of Edinburgh (UK), University of the Arts London (UK), University of Brighton (UK), Savannah College of Art and Design (US), California College of the Arts (US) and School of the Art Institute of Chicago (US). After careful consideration, Seung Bin has chosen to attend CCA (California College of the Arts) ranked #29 QS World University Rankings by Subject with his Creative Achievement Award scholarship of 108,000 USD.

Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence! BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia-class-of-2021-follow-your-passion-with-confidence-Choi Seung Bin Final 1

Seung Bin joined BVIS HCMC in 2019 with a specific interest in the rigorous A Level programme. Choosing Art and Design, Physics and Mathematics within the rigorous A Level programme allowed Seung Bin to follow his passions for an Art & Design major at university. Seung Bin’s achievement is amazing as admissions to US colleges/universities are very challenging this year with the increased volume of applications around the world due to COVID-19.

Overall, Seung Bin found the BVIS HCMC learning environment very friendly and supportive with great friends and teachers.

Seung Bin has a deep appreciation towards the creative teaching approach from teachers, especially Ms Emily Lavender, who helped him to develop a love for learning and express himself creativity – a factor he is sure that helped to persuade CCA to grant him such a generous scholarship.

Tran Ho Van Anh

Van Anh 's success story has been nurtured from her inspiring journey at BVIS. Van Anh shared that out of all the fun and memorable experiences, the one that contributed the most to her growth would be being House Captain at BVIS. Van Anh believes that: "Being House Captain was truly a one-of-a-kind experience." The opportunity to meet and work with other talented and passionate members of the house helped Van Anh to significantly strengthen her skills for higher level study.

Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence! BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia-class-of-2021-follow-your-passion-with-confidence-Tran Ho Van Anh Final
Choosing English Literature, Business, and Psychology for her A Level course, Vân Anh wanted to follow her dream to study the Culinary Arts as a major at university. She shows her deep enthusiasm for English Literature as: "English Literature is beyond just analysing words, it's exploring societies recorded under the lens of the people who are living through said communities, as well as learning to understand life from different perspectives".

Van Anh expresses that: "My passion in Culinary Arts comes from my love for storytelling. To me, food has always been a bridge built to connect people and bring everyone together. Sharing has always been a big part of my life, which is why I want to spread to others the comfort of food and show them the happiness that food could bring for them like it does for me."

Tran Quang Thien Dang

Thien Dang has superbly received 10 offers and 2 scholarships from universities in the US and Canada namely University of Massachusetts – Amherst with $64000 scholarship University of Illinois at Chicago with $40000 scholarship; University of Toronto; Texas A&M University; Purdue University; Pennsylvania State University; University of Massachusetts at Boston; University of Texas at Dallas, University of California - Santa Cruz and Michigan State University with the invitation to join Honors College.

Class of 2021 - Follow your passion with confidence! BVIS HCMC | Nord Anglia-class-of-2021-follow-your-passion-with-confidence-Tran Quang Thien Dang p Trai
Considering these attractive offers from prestigious universities, Thien Dang decided to study Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, ranked #20 world-wide according to US News, with the scholarship of $64,000!

Thien Dang has marked his journey at BVIS with many outstanding achievements, such as the Gold medal in Saigon Young Mathematics, Gold medal in UKMT Mathematics; 2 Silver medals, 1 Gold medal and 1 Gold ticket at the Southeast Asian Maths Tournament - SEAMC; Silver Medal at World Maths Competition - WMC. Specially, Thien Dang was also awarded the highest score in Mathematics by CAIE IGCSE International Examinations held in June 2019.

When asked about his motivations, Thien Dang shared,” One of my first impressions when I got into BVIS was the school aims to encourage students to be ambitious. It’s just meaningful and beneficial for young people to embrace themselves and be ready for new challenges all the time. This has helped me to raise my confidence and boost my sense of achievement even more.”

In the AS Level exam 2020, Thien Dang has excellently received 3 total A* for Maths, Physics and Computer Science to conquer the Artificial Intelligence major at university. Sharing about the Computer Science major as well as future plans, Thien Dang said: “Artificial intelligence (AI) gives people automation, contributing to improve productivity in many fields such as manufacturing, service, medical and so on. I hope that after completing my study program and returning home, I will be one of the young people with ambitions and progressive elites who have been studied abroad to contribute to the evolution of my homeland and the development of Vietnam's Information of technology industry"


Congratulations to all of our #Classof2021 for your successes. BVIS has enjoyed successfully guiding you to this point in your educational journey. Wherever you are, we know that the future looks bright! Remember to always follow your passions and have a lot of fun at University!