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18 April, 2022

Hear from our alumni - Khang Nguyen, Class of 2018

We are delighted to hear from our Class of 2018 Alumnus Khang Nguyen (Harry) who is currently studying in his last year of MSc Physics and Astrophysics programme at the University of Birmingham, the UK.
Planning to pursue a long-term career in academic research, Harry is currently in the process of applying for a PhD in Astrophysics right now. His current research interest is anything related to Star Formations, and he is applying to establishments in the Europe.


Khang Nguyen, BVIS Class of 2018

The active learning environment at the University of Birmingham encouraged Harry to take part in different extra-curricular activities to meet many new international friends and exchange interesting knowledge and topics in life.
One opportunity that has allowed Harry to further flourish is the Birmingham Project in which he worked on a collaborative project with students all across campus, to explore social and environmental issues and to develop an innovative business solution. His team worked on a personalised and adaptive learning application for university students using Artificial Intelligence (called Project sensAI) with help from an industrial expert.
“I had a taste of what a professional working environment would look like, and how to deliver an effective business proposal”, shared Harry.
Whilst in university, Harry realised that the skills he has developed whilst at BVIS can be very applicable to everyday life and are very much transferable. Computing, leadership and communication skills are some of the most essential tools to succeed in this modern world and he was even surprised how much he has matured and developed over the past few years. Thanks to his pro activity across a variety of varied projects, Harry also explored his true interests so he can prepare much better for his academic research in the future.

Khang Nguyen, BVIS Class of 2018

Thank you Harry for sharing your inspirational journey of studying abroad in the UK, we wish you all the best success on your journey!