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14 April, 2022

Hear from our alumni - Magda Nguyen, Class of 2018

We are more than jubilant to have a sound connection with Magda Nguyen - BVIS Class of 2018 Alumni, who is currently studying in her last year of a bachelor's Global Communications degree at the American University of Paris, France.
Talking about what she loved most about studying abroad, Magda excitedly shared: “I love how diverse the city is, I have met people that came from all over the world! My favourite thing to do in Paris is riding around the city on my bike, looking at the beautiful culture and unique western scenery. Especially in spring and summer, the weather is genuinely nice that people love sitting at terraces, outdoor drinking and picnicking, the most popular pleasure here. France is located right in the heart of Europe, so traveling to the surrounding countries is remarkably simple and fast.”
Coming to France is a great chance for Magda to learn directly from Parisians how to cherish every little joy in life. Besides her busy studies at university, Magda also spent time working part-time at a Corsican restaurant where she observed and learned about the dynamism and constant innovation of the food industry.

Magda Nguyen, Class of 2018

The university program has allowed Magda to practice self-discipline and independence as students will have to organise and arrange their own learning. Magda said that the American University of Paris has helped her to take one step closer to her passion and better understand future directions. The curriculum helps her to develop an understanding of and the capacity to apply research methods, including historical, textual, qualitative, quantitative for students to conduct and present research.
“After graduating at the end of 2022, I'm hoping to open a business in 2023 with my university colleagues. We have been coming up with business plans and financial plans and hopefully, by next year, we'd be able to make it happen” - Magda stated.
Thank you, Magda, for sharing your inspirational journey of studying abroad in Paris, we wish you all the best success on your journey!