Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
15 June, 2022

Unique Bilingual School

Our school is very special because we are the only bilingual school in Vietnam that has a licence to teach an international curriculum and deliver international qualifications.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum of England. We have also embedded Vietnamese subjects in our programme to offer our students the best from both types of education.

Our students graduate with International A Level Qualifications, which are not only recognised by all top universities in the world, but are also well respected and highly regarded by leading universities.

Praise for Our Bilingual Education

In January 2016, BVIS was awarded full Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation and became the first bilingual school in Vietnam to receive this prestigious international accreditation. We are particularly pleased to have received our full accreditation just a few years after the school was established, which is highly unusual and a great testimony to the quality of the school.

As part of their assessment report, CIS have particularly commended the following areas related to bilingual education:

  • The Head of Primary for the design of the school’s curriculum to support bilingualism and, subsequently, the school’s mission
  • The Primary Teachers and Teaching Assistants for their implementation of translanguaging strategies and their collaboration to support bilingualism
  • The Senior Leadership Team and Teachers for prioritising language practices that support bilingual instruction
  • The Senior Leadership Team for their commitment to the BVIS mission, especially in regards to language acquisition
  • The Principal for the appointment of a Whole School Language Coordinator to address the needs of aligning Primary and Secondary language support programs
  • The school’s Staff for an equal and highly collaborative partnership between Vietnamese Staff and those of other nationalities