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06 November, 2023

Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication offering a refreshingly honest view on the future of education

Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication offering a refreshingly honest view on the future of education - Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication

LONDON, 26 OCTOBER 2023 – Leading international schools provider Nord Anglia Education today announced the launch of its groundbreaking new education magazine called INSIGHTS

The new publication offers a comprehensive look into hot-topic aspects of global education, tackling topics from emotional health in young people to the role of technology, artificial intelligence in learning, and what the future of education and wellbeing could look like. 

Lord David Puttnam, Chairman, Nord Anglia’s Education Advisory Board said: “We're proud to unveil the first edition of INSIGHTS, which is filled with informative articles and expert opinions. Our mission is to shed light on the complexities of modern education as we all strive to prepare the next generation for a rapidly changing world’. 

Principal Simon Higham from BVIS HCMC said: “Education is forever changing and evolving – that's what makes it so exciting to be part of. INSIGHTS tackles the hot topics within education today and encourages us to not only think but think differently. By doing this, we aim to ensure that every Nord Anglia Education student, receives the most effective, up to date education from teachers who both take time to think, and care at the same time.”  


While new articles are launching regularly, at its launch INSIGHTS’ articles explore how families can better prepare the next generation for success our rapidly changing world: 

  • 'In Pursuit of Happiness' delving into the essential role emotional wellbeing plays in the lives of our young learners, emphasising the role of emotional well-being for long term success. Various experts weigh in on the importance of family and schools promoting happiness, suggesting it may be a more significant predictor of adult well-being than academic achievement. 
  • 'The Fourth Education Revolution' pushes us to ponder the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in education and argues that AI could revolutionise education by offering more personalised learning experiences. It suggests that AI can address issues like social inequality a student mental health while also relieving teacher workload.  
  • 'Life in the Skills Locker' takes a turn towards the importance of soft skills, urging us to think beyond traditional academic metrics. This article highlights the importance of skills such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking for future success. Schools are gradually incorporating STEAM and problem-solving projects to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.  
  • 'Knowledge is Power?' questions the evolving role of memorisation in our age of information abundance. While foundational knowledge is essential the emphasis is on developing agile learners who can apply their knowledge in real world contexts.  
  • 'Social Purpose. Real World Value or Virtue Signalling?' challenges us to reconsider what authentic social impact looks like in educational settings. Driven by Gen Z’s interest in social and environmental causes, institutions are offering resources for impactful student-led initiatives.  

In addition to its collection of thought-provoking articles, INSIGHTS will also serve as a platform to share the latest research findings, interviews with educational leaders, and opinion pieces on best practices in teaching and learning. 

Read INSIGHTS online here and subscribe for the latest info.  

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