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12 April, 2024

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Update from the principal

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024 

Mr. Simon Higham, Principal

Dear Parents

Welcome to the final Weekly Highlights of Term 2.

Firstly, I would like to extend a specific welcome to all our new families that began their BVIS journey with us this week. We are extremely pleased to be able to support your child/ren’s learning and as mentioned on Monday, please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions – no matter how big or how small.

Highlights in the Highlights

This weekend, I would encourage you to talk with your son or daughter about what have been their highlights from this term. This is always a good way to help reflect upon the many successes and support the next steps for learning.

I would like to share my top 5 highlights from Term 2.

#5 - Residential Trips

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

It is always great to hear about the new experiences that have taken place and the long-lasting friendships that are made during our annual residential experiences across both Primary and Secondary. I look forward to hearing about the Year 3 sleepover next week and am particularly keen to hear about our new trip to Houston (and NASA) towards the end of Term 3.

#4 - Go Bulldogs

Term 2 has been extremely successful for our BVIS Bulldog squads both within the city and internationally through the FOBISIA games.

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

I have very much enjoyed supporting our teams across a wide range of sports and have enjoyed both the highs of winning and the antagonizing lows of being narrowly beaten – in the very last minute!
One highlight has been the passion to be the very best that each sportsperson can be when representing our school. Well done and thank you to everyone who has both participated and supported.

#3 - TET FairWeekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

With over 1,200 adults and children attending, this is the biggest event of the school year that celebrates our thriving Vietnamese culture across the whole school. Of course, I also enjoyed putting on my ao dai and the amazing food too!

#2 - Engaging and Connecting with our Wider Community

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Developing a strong, open and transparent working relationship with our wider community will always remain a top priority for our school. I strongly believe that a positive school culture, where children flourish has to be built upon a solid partnership between home and school.

It is always a highlight of mine to be at the gate each morning and welcome both new and existing parents to our school and I thank all of you for your ongoing support and advocacy.Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

It was pleasing to find in the 2024 Parent Satisfaction Survey that even more parents this year’s, compared to last year, would recommend our school to others. BVIS remains one of the highest-ranking schools across the whole of Nord Anglia Education for parent advocacy and for this, I am both proud of the present and excited for the future that lies ahead.

#1 - Our students, your children

Each day remains both a privilege and a pleasure to support our students and your children in their journey of learning.

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024
From interacting with our youngest students’ play in F1 through to discussing what we think is meant by ‘toxic masculinity’ with Year 10 to 13 students, these opportunities remain my overall highlight of this term. 

Remember, BVIS students are incredible in both what they do and the ways in which they do it! 

So, what are your highlights for Term 2? I would very much like to hear what they are so please feel free to share them with me either face to face on the gate in the morning or via an email. I look forward to reading them and learning more!

University Destinations

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

This time of year is both exciting and sad as our Year 13 students prepare to sit their final A level examinations, whilst also receiving their final offers for university placements across the world.

I congratulate each of our Year 13 cohort for being exceptional learners and role models for the rest of our school to look up to for inspiration and guidance. Furthermore, we have all been extremely impressed by the university offers that they have received for the top learning establishments worldwide.

This year:

- 1 in 2 of our students received offers for one of the top 50 universities worldwide.

- 39% of offers come from top universities in Australia.

- 23% of offers come from top universities in the USA, including those that are Ivy League.

- 19% of offers come from top universities in the UK, including offers from 14 different Russell Group establishments.

BVIS students have also gained excellent scholarships based upon their predicted academic outcomes and a wide variety of enrichment experiences. 

One such student is Quynh Lam (Apple), who has received offers to 8 separate US universities with a total scholarship value of 23.5 billion Vietnamese Dong or $979,600 usd.

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Read more about this incredible achievement in this post from our school website.

Should you have any questions or feedback relating to our school website or simply want to ask how to access a school prepared resource, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

No question is ever too big or small!

Contact Us

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Should you wish to contact your child’s Class Teacher(s) or Form Tutor directly, we encourage communication to be written in the language you most feel confident to use. 

Parents may also find it useful to contact their child’s class teacher(s) or form tutor directly for all individual queries about their academic work/social and emotional wellbeing in schoolIndividual contact details can be found in the Parents’ Handbooks or via our Primary/Secondary Receptionists.  

On behalf of everyone at our school, I wish you a very peaceful and relaxing Term 2 holiday, whatever you are doing and wherever you might be. 

We all look forward to welcoming you back for more in Term 3, from 8.00am on Thursday 2nd May.

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024 

Happy holidays!

BVIS Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Mrs Mary McAloon, Head of Primary

Green Week

This week in primary we have been considering how our choices can impact the environment and how we can improve these for a more sustainable future on our planet.  Monday 22nd April is ‘Earth Day’ where communities around the world demonstrate support for environmental protection.  This is an annual event that first occurred in 1970 and this year’s efforts are focused on the theme ‘Planet vs Plastics’.
Throughout the week, we continue to support our community partners, Limloop by collecting clean and untorn plastic bags.  We also continued to support Saigon Xanh by fundraising to purchase the resources needed to carry out the organisation’s work in clearing the Saigon River.  Saigon Xanh paid primary a visit during the Green Week launch assembly last Friday to share the amazing work that they do to clean up the river around the city.  The volunteers wear waterproof clothing and protective gloves as they enter the water and remove the debris that is found due to people disposing of waste in the river.  An amazing voluntary commitment to support our environment and combat the issue of plastic on our planet.

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024
Limloop will receive the plastic bags that we have collected this week and use these to produce new innovative products such as pencil cases, tote bags and laptop bags.  These will be brought into school after the holidays for our BVIS community to purchase – look out for the upcoming sale at school as all proceeds go straight to Limloop where all workers are physically disabled.  
Thank you to all who supported Green Week by donating your used, clean and untorn plastic bags.  Next Monday 15th April, students are invited to wear green clothes to raise awareness, alongside this, all students are welcome to donate towards the Saigon Xanh fundraising mission as they wear green with pride.  

You can read more about Earth Day and what people around the world are involved in at this website:

 Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024  

EYFS invite their families to play

This week we held, ‘Stay Play and Learn All Together (SPLAT)’ sessions in our EYFS classes for parents to join.  The classrooms and extended learning spaces were set up with activities and games for the students to explore and experience together with their parents.  Each activity focused on one of the prime areas of learning in the EYFS curriculum, ‘Physical Development’.  Before their classroom doors opened, the students were filled with excitement to show their loved ones how they learn and develop at school.  
The purpose of these sessions is to reinforce the importance of building the necessary foundation blocks during a child’s early years for a successful learning journey ahead in primary.  In addition, parents were offered ‘top tips’ as a takeaway of how to reinforce the particular learning skills and development that their children need at this age to be best prepared for an enriched academic learning journey.
Thank you to all our families who joined the classrooms this week, I know the children and teaching team enjoyed sharing their daily routines and special elements of their learning and development.

 Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Y4 Production

A story about a little girl and her adventure to explore a different world beyond reality.
Year 4 students started to learn about portal stories during Term 1.  They then carried their learning into Term 2 by retelling their twist on a famous portal story in a special whole year group production.  The students have worked hard to learn their lines, songs and actions for each scene of the production.  Most importantly, what can be seen by the teaching team is how much they have grown in confidence and courage throughout their journey to the final performance.  On Friday Year 4 showed the whole of primary and their families the commitment and hard work they had given to create such an excellent performance; they took the audience from one world to another through their portal story on stage.  
The Year 4 production also gave a message to all – it is good to keep an open mind, step back and look at the world, it is full of wonder and surprise!

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Y6 Visit Eureka: An Interactive Science Experience

This week, Y6 had their day trip out of school to Eureka: An Interactive Science Experience where students explored scientific concepts related to biology.  Students could learn about how the body works by interacting with activities related to health, digestion and the human heart. The visit was planned to inspire and engage students in preparation for their final topic in science for their primary years which is all about the human body.  The concepts that they were introduced to will be explored further during their science lessons in term 3.  Teachers were extremely proud of how our oldest primary students represented BVIS during their visit.

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Upcoming Events

  1. 15/4/24  Dress in green for Green Week 

  2. 17/4/24 @11:30am – Term 2 Ends 

  3. 02/05/24 @08:25am – Term 3 Begins 

  4. 06/05/24 – Block 2 Club resume

BVIS Weekly Highlights


Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Mr Toby Bate, Head of Secondary   

An Update from our Psychology Team

Our Year 12 AS Level students are not only studying hard, but also utilizing a range of revision activities both in class and at home. Their commitment to their studies is truly inspiring. If parents or guardians wish to know more about how they can support these diligent students at home, please do not hesitate to contact their class teachers. We’re all in this together. Good luck, students!

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024 

An Update from our Computer Science Team

This week our Year 7 students have finished their Microbit Fitness App project in Computer Science. Over the last term our students have planned, designed and programmed their own Microbit Fitness Tracker to monitor various health goals. The straps created were made from various resources, ranging from card, string, pipe cleaners and recycled clothing material. Throughout this unit they have learned about the importance of staying fit, whilst linking in computational thinking aspects such as decomposition by breaking down different problems and abstraction by removing unnecessary information from their app design. There were some very creative designs, from trackers fixed to wrists, feet, and even diamond Microbit necklaces!
 Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024
 Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Model UN Conference

Last weekend, some of our Year 10 and Year 11 students attended the Model UN Conference at Renaissance International School.  Every one of them passionately debated pressing issues- including nuclear proliferation, capital punishment and the Israel-Gaza Conflict. Through months of research, they mastered their countries' policies and diplomatic finesse which fostered their resilience, empathy and collaboration. As the conference concluded, delegates left with newfound confidence and a commitment to positive change. Well done to all students who put in such hard work throughout this process. A special congratulations to Chip who won the award for best delegate in her category!
Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

University Guidance Seminar

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

On Thursday this week, our current Year 13 students, who have secured university offers from esteemed institutions in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, took the lead in hosting a seminar on the intricacies of the university application process.

Navigating the journey to higher education can be an exhilarating yet daunting task, and at BVIS, we recognise the importance of providing comprehensive guidance to our students and their families. With this in mind, our Year 13 students generously shared their personal experiences, triumphs, and the valuable lessons learned throughout their application journey.
Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024
Their firsthand perspectives offered invaluable insights to both students and parents, empowering them with the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully navigate the application process independently.

During the seminar, we delved into various aspects of the application journey, including:

- Different application requirements for different countries.

- Insights into the application process and admission criteria.

- Factors to consider when choosing a university or major.

Poetry Slam

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

On Monday 15th April we will host our annual Poetry Slam competition. Slam Poetry is an energetic artistic competition where poets present spoken word poetry to a live audience and a panel of judges. Dynamic and spirited, slams are energetic, personal, and theatrical presentations, and this event showcases the wonderful talents of our students in Years 7-9, who have worked hard to create their own poem. This year, we explore the topics of adventure, power and conflict and culture.  We’re particularly excited for this event as we look to welcome parents, who can come and observe the power and emotion that can be evoked in a range of poems. We can’t wait for the event, and we’re really looking forward to hosting the parents and seeing the incredible performances!

Live Lunch - April

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

This week saw another fabulous Live Lunch, with a focus on KS5 performances sharing the theme of ‘Happiness’. This included a dance from a super Y13 girl group, wonderful bands and a crooner moment with Peter’s interpretation of ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra. Well-done to all those involved and to the superbly supportive audience.

House Sways

Please enjoy the House Sways that are put together by our House student leaders.

First News Champions 

This week's First News Champions are: 
Year 9 –  Max Nguyen                                              
Year 8 – Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen
Year 7 – Nguyen Hoang Bao   

A special congratulations to Nguyen Hoang Bao who was the champion across the whole school!

Bedrock Champions

This week’s bedrock champions are:                                   

Year 12 – Angel Truong 
Year 10 – Phung Minh Hien                                  
Year 10 – Michelle Kao     
Year 9 – Cherry Le                                      
Year 8 – Lee HaMi         
Year 7 – Sue Pham                    
Congratulations to all the above students who came up on top in their respective year groups. A special well done to Mraz who once again achieved the highest Bedrock points total across the whole of Secondary!

Sparx Maths Champions

Students earn XP by completing tasks in their Sparx Homework
Compulsory Tasks earn 60-80XP
XP Boost Tasks earn 120-150XP
Target Tasks earn 120-150XP
Independent Learning Tasks earn 100XP
Students reach a new Sparx Level every 10000XP

Top XP earners this week are:

Year Group Name Class 

Alice Nguyen

 8 Anna Quach 8zMat2
 9 The Hy Hua
 10 Emma Nguyen 10zMat2y

Champion of the Week

This week’s champion student is:

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024

Well done to Bella (9I)!

Champion Tutor Group

This week's Champion tutor group is...
Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024 
A huge well done again to everyone in 7I who worked together to achieve more housepoint than any other tutor group last week.

Housepoint Update

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024
Housepoint totals will now be hidden until the final assembly before the end of Term 2, when the champions will be officially announced. Has anyone managed to catch Saigon?

Upcoming Events

  1. 15th April: KS3 Poetry Slam

  2. 17th April @ 11:30am: Term 2 ends 

  3. 2nd May: Term 3 starts

  4. 6th May: Block 2 Club resume

  5. 8th May: Puberty Seminar

Child Protection

The health, safety and wellbeing of our students remains the number one priority at BVIS HCMC.

Should you have a concern for the welfare of any child in our school, please refer to our Safeguarding poster below: 

Weekly Highlights 12/04/2024 - Weekly Highlights 12 04 2024