CDL Day: celebrating our new vision and mission - cdl-day-celebrating-our-new-vision-and-mission
Collège du Léman
30 March, 2022

CDL Day: celebrating our new vision and mission

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CDL Day: celebrating our new vision and mission A community-wide event on campus dedicated to all our students to celebrate our new vision and mission.

On 22nd March, we organised a community-wide event on campus dedicated to all our students from Pre-school to High School and our staff, to celebrate CDL's new vision and mission.

Our vision is to "shape generations that harness differences, changing our world for the better."

In everything we do, our mission is to "open doors for our students by creating a diverse and inclusive learning community that flourishes: Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno".


The day encompassed a variety of activities to bring the whole community together.

Opening Ceremony


The day began with an Opening Ceremony in which students watched a pre-recorded message from the Principals and fellow students to learn about our new vision and mission and what the day would entail.


Grand Prix Run


All students and staff members had the chance to participate in our traditional Grand Prix Run, running 1, 2, 3 or 4 laps of campus (depending on the age group).

Encouraged by and sometimes holding the hands of older students or staff members, even our youngest ones had the chance to enjoy their first Grand Prix Run and experience the fabulous cheering from the rest of the community.

Throughout the day, students of all ages ran for competition, but also for pleasure in our Fun run, some of them holding charity signs. Those who were not running warmly encouraged the runners in an incredible atmosphere. Our mascot Captain P was very supportive as well of course. One bicycle was always opening the race to ensure maximum safety for our runners.

Every runner who crossed the Finish line was able to appreciate the Grand Prix Finish line designed by our Grade 8 student Chetana who won the competition in Art classes.

School-wide Dance project


To celebrate the theme of Inclusion, students agreed that the song "Imagine" (J. Lennon) was a good match. They had the chance to practice a few movements before the event. On CDL Day, they were filmed while performing a dance that they had created.

We look forward to sharing the video with you soon.

Collaborative visual art piece


To create a lasting memory of this day, students and staff created a collaborative visual art piece that will be displayed on our campus, representing the team spirit that we value at CDL.

Each student received a piece of clay, cut and prepared the day before CDL Day by a team of helping students. Everyone had the chance to make a ring out of their piece of clay, and decorate it. These rings will be fired and glazed, and eventually, form the totem pole sculptures that we hope you can soon enjoy while being on campus. 

Closing Ceremony


Students watched the closing ceremony in their respective classrooms/ homerooms, streamed live from our Eiger auditorium.
The 3 fastest runners of all categories received prizes. It was the perfect moment for our community to be grateful for the day we just had.

We enjoyed the Andante from the Beethoven Symphony number 7 interpreted by the CDL Level Five and Six Orchestra directed by Mr Cain and our "Rocking Chihuahuas" BIL 3 rock band played their self-composed piece "Haunted House" to close the ceremony.

If you would like to watch a few videos about our CDL Day, check the "CDL Day" highlights on our Instagram account.

Thank you


We would like to extend a warm thank you to each member of the community who helped make our first CDL Day happen, whether it was through dancing, running, playing music, making art, handing out snacks or tote bags, recording the day, or helping in any way.  CDL Day has been a great success and we could not have done it without the help of so many students, parents, teachers, administrative staff members and our Parent Faculty Association.
After two years without any events, it was an immense joy to see the amazing energy and spirit of our community.