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Collège du Léman
02 May, 2023

International Diversity

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We are a community of students, families and teachers from many different cultures and countries.

More than 100 different nationalities call Collège du Léman home. However, it isn't just the diversity of the school that makes it international.

We have a global perspective in everything that we do. Every child leaves our school ready to embrace the world, not just with a firm grasp of languages but also with respect and understanding for different cultures.

Our academic programme encourages all students to learn multiple languages, and also supports those who may need to become more comfortable with our core classroom languages first. Our Global Campus initiative enables students from schools all over the world to work together and participate in projects. In addition, our extra-curricular programme gives your child the chance to travel to new communities, and learn the value of connecting with others in distant countries.

We have built a school community that is welcoming and supportive of everyone, regardless of their background. We encourage all students to be open to new experiences, and to exploring new thinking and new cultures. Our students learn to recognise that the world is a huge, diverse and exciting place, but that we are all part of one global community.