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Collège du Léman
14 June, 2023

Our Talented Young Reporters

Our Talented Young Reporters-Our Talented Young Reporters-Jeunes Reporters Collège du Léman Maturité

Celebrating an Impressive Prize in the Young Reporters for the Environment Competition

For the second consecutive year, our Seconde Maturité students actively participated in the renowned Young Reporters for the Environment competition. Spanning across 43 countries, this remarkable initiative empowers Secondary students to showcase their environmental commitment through thought-provoking reports. It serves as a platform for our students to shed light on local endeavors that resonate with their values and align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Recognising the paramount importance of these issues, our students embraced the opportunity with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. Collaborating in groups of two or three, they reached out to various local businesses whose principles and challenges captivated their attention. These ventures included responsible initiatives like crafting belts from recycled tires, producing biodegradable chewing gum free of plastic and additives, and promoting sustainable building and renovation materials. 

Emulating authentic journalists, they ventured to the actual sites to conduct interviews with the individuals spearheading these projects, unearthing their inspiring stories. Far beyond a mere academic exercise, these encounters became genuine moments of connection. In the years to come, when our aspiring journalists embark on establishing their own enterprises, choosing business partners, or shaping their career paths, they will undoubtedly recall these vivid examples and draw inspiration from them.

Building upon their research and firsthand experiences, each group meticulously crafted their articles, resulting in resounding success. We are thrilled to announce that Elena F. and Scarlett O.-B. garnered an honorable mention for their exemplary report on the detrimental impact of laundry detergent on the environment. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them and all the participants who showcased their unwavering dedication.