Welcome to our page dedicated to the large Extracurricular programme we have on offer for our students.
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Extracurricular Programme Brochure 2023-2024

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Download our Extracurricular Programme brochure for detailed information on group activities, private lessons, and to view our terms and conditions. Our detailed schedules for Pre-school, Primary, and Secondary activities outline days, times, and prices for each group activity. 

Important Update for Semester 2: For cancellations, please email between 9th and 17th December 2023; for registrations, visit SchoolsBuddy from 18th December at 9:00 am until 7th January 2024. Registrations for our Private Lessons and Childcare Plus are open year-round.

Extracurricular Activities | Collège du Léman - Ski


We offer our PS3 and Primary students the opportunity to join a series of daily ski outings at a nearby resort. Group lessons, led by qualified instructors, accommodate various skill levels, specifically focusing on beginners and low-intermediate students to ensure they receive the necessary support and guidance to develop their skills. Please note that registrations for the 2023/24 ski programme are now closed.

More information about dates and levels here . Terms and Conditions here.



Your child’s star will shine brightly at Collège du Léman, as they express their creativity through music, drama, and dance. From an early age, every student is encouraged to learn an instrument, sing, and dance. As they get older – and discover their own strengths and passions – your child can join our orchestras, ensembles, and bands, enjoy classical and contemporary dance, or immerse themselves in the rhythms of world music.

Terms and Conditions
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Learning at Collège du Léman takes place everywhere, every single day. Outside of lessons, your child can learn multiple languages, including French and German. We also run homework and exam preparation groups, debate and future leaders’ clubs, and opportunities to mentor and become role models for their peers.

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A wide range of creative, technological, and wellbeing activities nurture emerging passions, and offer exciting ways for our students to enjoy new experiences. Our younger children draw and paint, sculpt and carve, and experiment with robotics, while our Middle and High School students debate, DJ, bake, and reduce stress through activities like dynamic relaxation and mindfulness.

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Students of all ages and abilities make the most of our facilities and stunning surroundings, as they experience the joys of getting active and achieving their personal best. Alongside traditional team and individual sports like badminton, basketball, football, and tennis, we also offer unique activities like sailing on Lake Geneva and snowboarding in the Alps.

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Whatever your child loves to do, there’s an outstanding experience for them at Collège du Léman.
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Private Lessons

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Holiday Camps
Our October camps are online.
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Childcare Plus