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News image BizLINK News | globaleducation | Global Education
They mean business
Teaching students to become entrepreneurs is empowering them with the skills and mindset to lead more successful, fulfilled lives.
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News image LINKIMAGE News | 1 | Drama | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus
Back to the Future: a Rosinka story
With the recent resurgence of 80s pop culture, Year Two were very excited to perform a stage adaption of the hit movie, ‘Back to the Future’. During our preparations, the teaching team were amazed that some of the children already knew some of the hit songs that were included in the script. It was a good sign.
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News image CreativityLINK News | globaleducation | Global Education
Unleash your creativity
Creativity isn’t a trait unique to those who pursue the arts. Educators say it’s a way of thinking that leads to imaginative and unique solutions to all types of real-world problems.
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News image PAChinaLINK News | globaleducation | Global Education
Back to the classics
Students learn far more playing in an orchestra than just learning to perfect the sounds of the music on their own.
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News image DSC_2126_linkimage News | steam | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus
It all adds up: Maths Day at ISM Rosinka
Maths Day is an annual event which is much anticipated by everyone. Every child had the opportunity to participate in maths-based activities and put the mathematical learning in to practice.
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News image Copy of IMG_9003_linkimage News | steam | Krylatskoe | Upper Primary
Maths, M&Ms and many-sided shapes!
An enjoyable day was spent with all things maths in Krylatskoe Upper Primary, ranging from mathematical challenges, psychedelic shapes and penalty shootouts.
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News image GOPR7140_linkimage News | steam | EYFS | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary
Magical Maths
For one bright spring day, maths activities took over Krylatskoe Lower Campus. From the moment the children arrived through the school gates until the end of the day, ISM Krylatskoe enjoyed a feast of maths-related challenges. The hardest problem of the day? Counting the smiles.
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News image DSC02485_LINK IMAGE2222 News | musicdrama | Global Education | Highlights | Music | Student Work and Success
ISM Musicians Shine in Bratislava
Eighteen ISM musicians graced the stage in Slovakia last week as they joined the first Nord Anglia / Juilliard School European and Middle East Regional Music Festival. Our young musicians had been practising for months in the run up to the Festival. Their hard work paid off as they delivered excellent performances!
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News image _MAX6857 LINK News | FEATURED ARTICLE | EYFS | Highlights | Rosinka Campus
Announcing a Full-Day Pre-Nursery
ISM Rosinka will welcome Full-Day Pre-Nursery pupils from August 2019. Children will be immersed in an English-speaking environment, whilst develop problem-solving skills, creativity and a love for learning.
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News image Camp_LINK News | globaleducation | Global Education
Taking the lead
It’s not just about fun for students at our summer camps. Through different activities they learn valuable life skills such as leadership, greater self-confidence, teamwork and time management
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News image IMG_2132_LINK2 News | 1 | Drama | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary
Year 1 Production: Alice The Musical
Year One recently entertained us all with their presentation of Lewis Carroll’s famous tale of Alice’s journey into Wonderland. As Alice follows a white rabbit into his burrow, she unlocks a door that leads both her and the audience into a bright and magical world of fantasy. It is a tale of flawed logic and immense fun, communicated in style, through the children’s fantastic performances.
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News image DSC_1785 copy_LINKIMAGE News | studentsuccess | art | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | Student Work and Success | Upper Primary
Rosinka Home Learning Exhibition
ISM Rosinka's Home Learning Projects have been incredible so far this year. Read this article to find out all about the brilliant projects at our Home Learning Exhibition.
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News image IMG_1894 LINKIMAGE News | charity | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Rosinka Campus | School Events
Red Nose Day: ISM students join in charity fun
ISM participated in the worldwide fundraising event ‘Red Nose Day’ and helped transform the lives of those who desperately need our help. The school held a range of events including bake sales, drawing competitions, lol-a-thon challenges and other contests. We had a fantastic day and raised over 600,000 Rubles!
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News image DSC_1886_LINKIMAGE News | globaleducation | Global Education | Secondary | steam | Student Work and Success
ISM students bring home wins from Euromath and Euroscience
As the winter shield of ice and snow continued to hold off the heat of the gradually emerging spring sunshine in Moscow, the 13th of March 2019 saw eight of our most aspiring Mathematicians jetting off for warmer climes. Indeed, the Cypriot sunshine proved to be an idyllic backdrop for our students to leave their mark on Euromath history. And what a mark they left, with Seonhu Jeon and Tahee Strein winning Euroscience and Lucia Hosein coming second in Euromath!
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News image Copy of IMG_0411 copyLINKIMAGE News | schoolevents | Krylatskoe | School Events | Upper Primary
A Truly Captivating Book Week
Book Week in Krylatskaya Upper Primary was our annual event to celebrate the joy of books, reading and story writing. This year’s theme was ‘Magic and Mystery’, with our guest author, Sam Gayton, visiting us from the United Kingdom.
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News image IMG_3523 copy_LINKIMAGE News | schoolevents | Krylatskoe | Lower Primary | School Events
Creativity Abounds at ISM Krylatskoe Lower Campus
Book Week 2019 was a resounding success at Krylatskoe Lower Campus. Samuel Gayton, a children’s writer inspired both the students and teachers with his engrossing storytelling and engaging creative writing tasks.
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News image DSC_1246LINKIMAGE News | schoolevents | EYFS | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | School Events | Upper Primary
Book Week 2019: Inspiring Storytelling
Book Week 2019 was a resounding success at ISM Rosinka. Kicking off the festivities, students celebrated their favourite books by designing and constructing t-shirt book reviews which highlighted both their creative ideas and the wide-range of literature enjoyed by the students of ISM.
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News image 02 ISM_Moscow_Rosinka_2019_227 _ LINK News | athletics | Highlights | Rosinka Campus | Sport
A New Day for Sport at ISM Rosinka
It has been another fantastic month full of sportsmanship at ISM Rosinka. From traditional sports, to dodgeball tournaments to outdoor education to kayaking, ISM has it all!
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News image 02 ae95e768a5a8447fb47d LINK News | globaleducation | Global Education | Highlights | Krylatskoe | Secondary | Student Work and Success
ISM students solved global issues at Model United Nations
Empowering our students to be world-changers is something central to every Nord Anglia Education school. We encourage our students to share their thoughts on pressing global issues and to be ambitious about their role in making our world a better place through global-mindedness and active leadership.
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News image 02 DSC_0512 LINK News | schoolevents | Lower Primary | Rosinka Campus | School Events | Upper Primary
ISM’s Got Talent 2019
On Friday the 8th of February, seventeen students from Year One to Year Six competed in the annual ‘ISM’s Got Talent’ event. They sang, danced and played a whole range of instruments in the hope of becoming the 2019 winner.
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