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12 March, 2021

ISM Rosinka Science Week 2021

ISM Rosinka Science Week 2021 This term at the International School of Moscow Rosinka, our students have shown an enthusiastic attitude towards the challenges presented by plastic pollution. 374C3EDC42CC480B99E479E3AC374439_1_105_c

During Science Week, students had the chance to explore scientific principles that extended beyond the curriculum, and relished the challenge of applying them to the real world.

The primary purpose of Science Week was to encourage excitement and enthusiasm and raise awareness, demonstrating the significance of Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology subjects and their implications in the real world. At ISM Rosinka, Science lessons focused on tackling the impact of plastic pollution on the planet – revolving around researching information, experimenting on the impact of plastic on planet Earth and developing new and innovative methods for reducing or recycling plastic.


Younger year groups focused on recycling plastic by making containers and buckets, as well as examining the properties of different types of plastic. Older year groups, in their turn, created ecologically friendly items, including eco gardens. Students carried out in-depth research into the extent of the plastic impact on the environment and thought about ways of improving this in the future.


Throughout the week, we held two home-learning competitions: Plastic Fantastic and a Poster Competition. The goal of these competitions was to raise awareness, promote recycling, and find creative ways to improve plastic consumption at school, national, and international levels. The entries we received turned out to be very innovative. And it was excellent to see the level of enthusiasm and passion displayed by our students as they put forward their incredible proposals. Our Eco Committee members certainly have lots of fresh ideas and are looking forward to implementing them!