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29 March, 2022

ISM Book Week 2022

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Overall, we had a fantastic week celebrating books and children walked away with a renewed love of reading.
Rebecca Tivey
Year 4 Teacher, and one of the organizers of the 'Book Week' on ISM Rosinka Campuses.
ISM Book Week 2022 ISM Book Week presents a unique opportunity for students to celebrate the world of imagination and learning that literature presents. IMG_4799

ISM Book Week presents a unique opportunity to for students to celebrate the world of imagination and learning that literature presents. 

Upper Campus

Our Upper Campus was awash with enthusiasm and excitement for the variety of books that students were going to be learning about during Book Week. An extensive range of books were studied during this week, from ‘Greek Myths’ to ‘Once’ to ‘Salamander Dream’! The feeling on campus was palpable, with students incredibly involved in decorating their classes and enjoying developing their analysis and comprehension skills with their books. The door decorations really brightened the corridor and emphasised the beauty and magic of reading. At the end of the week, we had a costume dress up day, where the students showed off their creativity by dressing up as a wide range of excellent book characters!

Lower Campus

In the lead-up to this special week, each class set the tone by decorating their class entrances according to their book of choice. Class room entrances to worlds of adventure included imposing castle doors in the style of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, jungle-themed doors leading to the home of the Enormous Crocodile, and spooky caves that invited students to join a scary Bear Hunt. From the moment they entered their rooms, children were transported to a world of literary delight. Treated to hot chocolates and marshmallow in special ‘Book Cafes’, children were delighted by the enthusiastic storytelling of their teachers. They even came to school in their pyjamas for our ‘reading for relaxation’ celebration on Thursday. 

All the while, the children explored new and creative ways to explore the meanings behind books. STEAM projects included coloured landscapes, shoebox dioramas and medieval weapons. The children also interpreted stories through role-plays and music. And of course, children became authors by writing stories of their very own. 

In classic British tradition, we rounded out Book Week by dressing up as our favourite book-themed characters. Harry Potter was a favourite as always, and we also saw many pirates, princesses, jungle animals and more. 


Rosinka Campuses

Children on ISM Rosinka Campuses had great fun exploring their class books, studying brilliant literary masterpieces such as ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and the ‘Mister Men’ series in Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1, as well as ‘The Witches’ and ‘The Island at the End of Everything’ in KS2. With dedicated time for reading and engaging, creative activities related to their class's book, they really immersed themselves in the stories and even the classrooms got into the spirit! Each door was decorated with characters and events from the class book. A special mention must go to the Year 2 classroom doors with their Dr Seuss and Magic School Bus themes that really brightened up our corridors! We also enjoyed a dress-up day, where children (and teachers) came dressed as their favourite book characters.