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29 November, 2022

UNICEF World Children's Day

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UNICEF World Children's Day Children are no longer satisfied with learning how to be the ‘leaders of tomorrow’. They want to make a difference today. Learn how ISM celebrates World Children's Day IMG_9852 1

UNICEF and Nord Anglia share a special partnership, through which we develop freely accessible learning materials regarding UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals. By embedding these into education around the world, we will have a genuine roadmap that leads towards a better world for our children.

World Children’s Day is UNICEF’s annual day of action to promote togetherness and awareness among children worldwide. Through our celebrations, we recognise that we’re all responsible for making the world a place in which children can thrive.

With our Nord Anglia partnership and shared values, World Children’s Day takes a special place in our calendar. Children wear blue throughout the day as an expression of our shared goals across many nations of origin. From our youngest children to our oldest, children learnt about UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals and how they make a difference to our future. To turn their learning into action, children raised money and voted which particular development goal their funds would pursue. Their voices are important, and they were very thoughtful in choosing their priorities. In the end, the children voted that our funds should help protect the health of our ocean habitats.


In other corners of our school, children completed lessons on the Sustainable Development Goals that were produced by students themselves. Each lesson contained specific videos, activities and forms for the students to discuss with their peers at other Nord Anglia schools around the world. Children completed STEAM challenges to imagine solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Our community actions will not stop at this event. All across the International School of Moscow, children will now start our Christmas ‘Giving Tree’ program. In this way, we can share happiness around Russia during the holiday period.

Together, our entire school family can be a positive influence. We all learn how we can make a difference and then we take action! This is the spirit of World Children’s Day, and it is the perfect gateway into the joy of Christmas and New Year.